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As we reach the junction between this week and the last, we look back upon a packed week of blog posts that brought us interviews with our President and CEO Andy House, and Mr. Takashi Sogabe, the designer of PlayStation Vita. We also got the scoop on the first details of Mortal Kombat on PS Vita, the opening of the Starhawk Public Beta (how are you getting on with it?), first look at the WipEout 2048 opening movie and the unveiling of Resident Evil 6.

Next week we’re going to be in similarly fine fettle and, while I don’t want to drop a pile of spoilers on you, posts we have taking shape include a beginner’s guide to BlazBlue, a competition to win a PS Vita with a pile of games and an appearance from a well-known wearer of bow-ties…

Here’s your recap:

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Still waiting for a Jurassic Park code, getting no luck from the forum or customer services.

“and an appearance from a well-known wearer of bow-ties…”
So the Doctor Who game? Looking forward to that.

Starhawk beta is actually very fun too, fancy a game when you have the time James?


you know as soon as i see that awaiting moderation thing the first thing i do is copy and paste what i wrote.

i’ll keep bringing this up if it takes until next christmas, and beyond, until everybody has what they paid for in fact, i promise you that.


37 pages and still nobody has received the games they paid for. -Mix-Minis-transfer-problems/td-p/14516579/highlight/true/page/37
but no, you carry on ignoring it, and everybody waiting for other games they were promised like the Jurassic Park games they were promised for buying a year sub for plus.
that’s standard policy isn’t it?
just ignore it and hope it’ll go away.

i told you, there’s no language there you can object to so tyou’re obviously just trying to cover up your crime.

need i remind you?

    James Gallagher 23 January, 2012 @ 10:18 am    

    I’ve just called around a few people and the latest info I have on the minis problems is still to email your Online ID and a description of the issue to your local customer support (link: However, the teams are aware that the solutions so far aren’t working out for everyone so they’re looking into other routes. This is the latest info at 10:17am on Monday; I’ve asked to be kept in the loop and will let you know if I hear more.
11. Your customers’ rights when they buy goods online, by telephone or by mail order
The law also applies to goods sold online, by telephone or by mail order. This includes goods sold by television, text message and fax or through a newspaper or magazine order form.

The goods must
match their description
be of satisfactory quality
be fit for purpose.

what you have done is illegal.
you’ve broken the law, you’re not going to brush this under the carpet.


and that’s not me telling you, that’s the government.
that’s the government telling you the laws you have to obey if you want to be able to operate in the uk.

you may be able to try to ignore me, but i wouldn’t ignore them.


What is happening with the Playstation Unwrapped prizes?

Player42791 21 January, 2012 @ 6:04 pm   8

Do you know if there’s a number/email address to contact with regards to the PSN competitions from
Got a TV just after christmas but that was only half of the prize.


Can you tell me why Gravity Rush won’t be getting a physical release for EU?


because scee are useless Zantam?
just a guess.

already scee are showing what kind of service EU vita owners can expect.

solarwind12 22 January, 2012 @ 8:56 am   11

@ HazelAM
I think your doing a good job, and i hope that you keep it up, it’s about time somebody quoted the Law to sce/sony, as they must believe we’re all uneducated school/fan-boys who will Allow injustice’s to just slide by, Now i am not saying i look at sony in the same light as say a mugger, but your post about the disappointed kids over xmas not being able to play their psp games, well as sony are now ‘trying’ to use licence changes, I do look on that as Criminal.. And as a few people have said these type of ‘white collar’ allegded crimes are in some ways worse than the usual (scum) mugging/burgling ones… not that i am actually saying this you understand… but multi-billion pound companies stealing from normal people kinda is as bad as a skint criminal doing whatever.. Anyway keep doing what you are and i know you do this for everone, so i tip my cap to you… am not sure if this will be allowed, though i know if i used my normal id it definitely wouldn’t.

Skookie30 22 January, 2012 @ 10:03 am   12

I’m really glad that hazel put that up, i been telling SCEE for ages about the in-differences between the 3 regions 1 region out do the other with content.

it falls under fair trade act for consumers, how can it be fair that 1 of 3 region not getting a fair share of content.

example 20 SCEA games – 12 SCEE games, or how about 8 ps2 classics SCEA – 0 ps2 classics SCEE.

they brushing this under the carpet, & now this disgraceful.

1 last note i maybe won’t to be online tomorrow for few days but i see got things to clear up town. a chat with a bank clerk is 1 of them. 😀


Richy, first of all, thanks for the message you sent me, it was hilarious.
“leave sony alone”, classic.

do we have a budding Chris Crocker here?

anyway, the government’s job is to protect its citizens.
one of the ways they do that is by making laws.
like the Sale of Goods Act.
sony can do it’s job, so long as they don’t break the law.

but they did.
so i bring up the law.

if this was a simple mistake, well, i’d be pretty critical, not denying that, but not at this level.

the thing is, scee crossed the line.
when they tried to change the license after the fact they committed fraud.
i’ve had companies try this crap with me before.
once they took that step, well then, there was no way i was ever going to let this go.

incompetence is one thing, and i’ll always be critical of that wherever i find it, but this, this is criminal.
this is unacceptable.

these companies think they can violate our rights on a whim, but i’m telling them, and everybody else, they cannot.


If you can’t solve problems give money back, so 20 euro’s for who’s not getting a jurrassic park voucher, and the money for the mini pick ‘n mix.


The link for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath at Portuguese PS store isn’t working, can you fix that please!?



What are you moaning about now.

Seriously it is like the Other OS talk a while back talking about the Sale of Goods Act etc etc.

We all know how that turned out and this will more than likely end the same way.

ruinereraser 22 January, 2012 @ 5:05 pm   17

You know that there’s seriously something very wrong with SCEE and this blog – when you write long post that supports HazelAM and has no offensive language – but then awaits moderation and is eventually deleted.

Thanks SCEE, now go support SOPA, PIPA and ACTA, looks like you’ve finally turned your back to the customers. I’m not buying any of your new hardware until your customer support is more proffessional and civilised.



Did you have links in your post?

Linking to another site requires moderation and its the weekend so it will take longer.

If Sony did have something against HazelAM supporters why do Sony let HazelAM post at all?

scottsymons1985 22 January, 2012 @ 6:22 pm   19

What?! A Doctor Who game?! No doubt that’ll suck turkey ball sack!

scottsymons1985 22 January, 2012 @ 6:23 pm   20

*Cue the crap visuals and bad acting! lol.

DARKSCORPONOXR 22 January, 2012 @ 10:05 pm   21

zzZ… all this negative moanin

ruinereraser 22 January, 2012 @ 10:35 pm   22

@Lucreto – no links in my removed post, it was visible to me for some time for me as “awaiting moderation” but then dissapeared, so I assume it got deleted.

There would be no moaning if SCEE would finally got their act together. But as for now it seems like it’s run by too few people who care less and less about their customers. Maybe it time to close it down, go for global store and let it run by SCEA folks – at least they know their job.


@ ruinereraser

It wouldn’t be any better under SCEA. SCEA have responsibility over 4 stores in one country with 2 or 3 languages with 2 or 3 counties laws.

SCEE has 24 store in countries covering all of Europe, Australia and the Middle East. That is 37 countries with dozens of language and each country with its own bureaucracy and each game has to be tested to each countries standards and censorship laws. That takes time.

SCEE has a harder job than SCEA. SCEE staff could be breaking their backs trying to get the content to us. James not responding to comment because as he is in meeting organising events, getting developers to give free codes for the debate topic and getting articles for the blog. I expect if you compare James from Gamecom 2011 to this years event he would have aged terribly. XD

Martingutten 23 January, 2012 @ 10:26 am   24

Any news on why Arc the Lad is not in the Norwegian store? Monkeypawngames didnæt seem to know anything about this themself, so is it scee (again) who has done something wrong? =)

DARKSCORPONOXR 23 January, 2012 @ 10:46 am   25

why moan about companies n their products, just dont buy into them in future… back to discussin games, what games are everyone excited about?

Skookie30 23 January, 2012 @ 10:46 am   26

if it make SCEE feel any better if i have won the uk LOTTO i wouldn’t mind donate funds, you know what they say “size does matter” big team outways small team.

& many many happy faces. 🙂

but alas you say scee got other countries so it hard to get content but they’re have given us content but not for all example videostore.

so why can’t SCEE not do that with content another example take germany they’re not got all games on they’re store.

as for SOPA & PIPA i’m certainly not for it. we got our own problems here in uk Capping benifits i can see where this is coming.

many many tearful children loseing out of child benifits, more of “at my wits end” statements.

you read it here 1st & yes i’m against it too.

Skookie30 23 January, 2012 @ 10:49 am   27

*going not coming 😀


@ Lucreto.

that doesn’t explain why so many times we see the same title or content on all the other machines release just fine in europe.

so many developers and so many games, and they all only had problems with the eu ps3 versions?

i don’t think so.
there is only one exclusive common element and that is scee.

and this current minis issue is not a regional thing, other than the fact scee are involved.

what i cannot stand here is the way they tried to quietly change the license.

thank you for the reply James, but i still want to know what on earth scee were thinking when they pulled this stunt with the license.

changing the license to make it look like scee had delivered on their promise and getting staff like Rabid on the forum to tell people that the games are working as they were intended.

who there thought they could get away with that?

ask your legal department, they’ll tell you the license as it was when the games were bought is what applies here.


the description said the games were usable on two PS3s and two portable devices.
that’s what we were promised, and that’s what we’re legally entitled to, no matter what that sham license you put out says.

it seems to me like nobody is even trying to fix this issue.
any attempt to contact customer services gets you nowhere, or the promise of a call back which never happens.

the one or two people that have got something just got a code for a new set.
but they can’t get the games they actually wanted and they still have that one machine restriction.

how much does scee make on those 0844 calls anyway?
i know you make money on them, that’s what the 0844 numbers do.

the way scee have handled this from the mess up in the first, place, ignoring it, and then trying to con us with some illegal license change has been nothing but an insult to every single customer.

you tell whoever’s in charge here that they need to get this mess sorted pretty quickly before it becomes a matter for either the courts or the law.
because if it does come to that, it’ll cost more than £3.19 a customer



For one thing SCEE, SCEA and SCEJ are all different companys. Each with its own President and rules. They don’t interact on a day to day basis.

Unlike Microsoft they do all the work at the same time and they release it when they are good and ready globally. The European region for MS is different than Sonys. SCEE deals with countries under more regulation within SCEE and wait until its approved there before releasing it. MS leave these countries out of it and get them approved later.

Nintendo Europe has the same problems as SCEE on a lot of titles.

Player42791 23 January, 2012 @ 3:09 pm   31

Sorry not trying to be a pest, but
do you know if there’s a number/email address to contact with regards to the PSN competitions from
Got a TV just after christmas but that was only half of the prize

    James Gallagher 24 January, 2012 @ 10:35 am    

    I’ll ask someone to get in touch with you via email and find out what has happened. Could you tell me which competition it was and also confirm that you entered with the same PSN ID as you are commenting with here?

38 pages and counting.

even if somebody there is trying to fix this, and i don’t believe there is, there is no excuse for this attempt at conning your customers with the license change.

why do i not believe anybody is actually trying to fix this?
because you changed the license to make it look like there wasn’t any problem.

how many thousands of people have you conned out of their money with this?

Player42791 24 January, 2012 @ 11:08 am   33

It was actually my gf’s entry that won.
It was the after hours athlete’s competition.
This one
She never got an email to tell her she’d won so we didn’t actually find out ’till the tv arrived a few weeks ago.
Her PSN ID is rozpoz. They’ll probably have to email her but that’s fine:p

    James Gallagher 24 January, 2012 @ 12:14 pm    

    OK thanks, I passed this on to the team responsible for those competitions and they will be in touch with her. Hope this gets resolved for you very soon.

Player42791 24 January, 2012 @ 2:35 pm   34

Thanks James 🙂


Hi James,

Question: Me being a big time baseball fan is it possible to get the blog posts from mlb the show 12 to our Europe blog?

Do you have any news on a release in Europe or is my best bet importing the game?

I bought a new ps3 slim and after I transferred the data through connection off a ethernet cable.. I tried to sync ending up with the error code 80711008. Do you have any idea how I can fix that.


The trophy error is cleared thanks to a tip from a friend. Just rebuild your PS3 database enough how to’s online.. Sync fixed..

So how about MLB the show 12 for Europe.. 🙂