Action And Comedy On VideoStore Of PlayStation Store

We all love the thrill of watching a great action film and so far this year we have been spoiled for choice as more and more releases have found their way onto VideoStore of PlayStation Store. Whether you like your action funny or nail-bitingly serious, we’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping you firmly stuck to your sofa and at this time of cold weather and January blues, where would you rather be?!

XMen 1st Class UK Transformers DOTM UK

Highlights for us have been without a doubt Transformers: Dark of the Moon and X-Men: First Class, both examples of action films at their absolute best with mind-blowing special effects, adrenaline-fueled chases and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley running around saving the world. Some people say these films are perhaps a case of style over substance, but when movies are this visually arresting and so easily available, who cares!

The Hangover Pt II UK

It’s not all about the serious stuff, and one film that everyone’s been talking about, before and after it was released, is The Hangover 2. The formula may be similar but we’re not complaining as Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug find themselves in Thailand, once again their heads are pounding only this time they’ve lost the brother of the bride! Hilarious from start to finish and seeing the return of the one and only Mr Chow, this is a film to be watched over and over and luckily this is exactly what you can do thanks to VideoStore of PlayStation Store, enjoy!

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Whooa great films that so good that needs to be repeated twice. 🙂

great stuff only SCEE can pull this thing off lol 😉

but seriously i like to buy/rent xmen 1st class to get my xmen fix for this year, i didn’t enjoy the last xmen although they’re keep it open at the end.

but films spin-off of TV & video games uselessly put me off.


Ms. Giuliano,

Ms Guiliano,

May I ask why this post has been flagged in the Irish country channel (Countries: …,IE, …)?

As I’m sure you know (then again, maybe not), there is no PS Video Store in Ireland. 

I don’t expect a reply. After all, you’ve ignored Irish customers, not to mention a host of other “unimportant” European regions, for over a year now. No update, no apology for breaking your promise of rolling out to more countries in 2011.) Why break with tradition now and actually engage with your paying customers?

A suggestion? The least you can do is maybe take care not to rub our noses in it. 


    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:19 am    

    Hello Bridiesan,

    you are right, this was a mistake and we will fix it asap.
    Sadly there is no Video Store in Ireland ….YET.
    Hard to believe I know, but it will come, and trust me, this has nothing to do with “important” or ” not important” countries!!!

    We are working on it, sorry to give the same answer again and again but it’s the trueth!

    Thanks for your patience


Martingutten 23 January, 2012 @ 10:23 am   3

Remember the time House told us we would get Video store in 2010? yeah… 2010 has been a very long year indeed. But, that is how SCEE does things. My own fault for beliving in people.

Btw, good work on getting PS2 games in 2011, as you said you would! Btw, good work on getting PS2 games in 2011, as you said you would! Trust is the key to a successful and profitable company.

    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:21 am    

    We don’t deal with Games I am afraid !
    We are in charge of movies ( Video Store) and Music Unlimited so I can talk just about our services…
    BTW – Music Unlimited has been launched in the Scandi countries in December, we will follow with the Video Store soon, it’s a promise!


FYI the videostore link in the blog post does not work; also when using the log in short cut at the bottom of posts it redirects to a PSN is undergoing maintenance page?!

On a different note, who is responsible for putting content on the videostore? Do publishers propose content to Playstation?

    James Gallagher 23 January, 2012 @ 10:37 am    

    I fixed the link and tested the log in with my PSN account and it is working fine for me.


Any news on if the really odd gaps of TV shows is going to be sorted? Some people might like to watch season 1 then jump to season 6, but I don’t.

somethingatt 23 January, 2012 @ 11:06 am   6

@BiosNova: What are you talking about, that makes great sense. These ‘content providers’ are doing a great job in pleasing the customers with ‘great prices’ and ‘great availability’ in the online space so you should just bend over and watch the over-priced shows how they tell you to watch it, ok?

Oh and don’t pirate.

(satirical comment)

dazzy_t123 23 January, 2012 @ 11:07 am   7

how about skipping straight to dcs low budget US trash an add some better titles, some good stuff on there just needs more
question James
: why is most content buy only, surely every thing can also be rental, ie all the latest and greatest titles are buy only
thnx in advance

    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:27 am    

    Hello !
    We agree on different deals with differnt movies providers, so unfortunately we can’t always have the movie for rental on day one or for long periods of time.
    Generally the provider decides what’s the VOD ( rental ) window for a movie and we must stick to such request.


@brodiesan comment no.2 forget about the stupid video store NETFLIX beat sony to it.and we should have known better to belive sony when they said 2011 anyway you might not get to read this because it will probably get removed just like all the coments us irish put up to complain about how sony dont look after the smaller countries.just get netflix its alot cheaper and you just stream the movies rather than download them. JUST buy an xbox at least they have a video store in ireland.

    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:29 am    

    I don’t recall us having removed any message from the Blog (even the complaints or unpleasant comments), so not sure what you are referring to? – as long as you don’t swear and your language is appropriate and not rude, we respect all opinions and give you free space on this page.


at last, video store posts on the blog, i hope they’re going to be a regular feature, like every week not once a month.


i was pretty happy to see tv shows finally make it to europe, parts of it at least.
but i’d like to see the option to buy a whole season of a show, ideally for less than the cost of buying each episode individually.

because as it is, it could get too expensive to buy a season of some shows.

i thought the last Transformers film was pretty damn cool, but i doubt i’ll be getting it off the store, i’m planning on getting the Bluray version like i have the first two.

it’s worth a look though for anybody who likes big action films.

    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:30 am    

    We will try to publish this blog regularly, I am happy you find it interesting.

    Bear with us, we released the TV series just in December, so the catalogue is still growing.
    We plan to have much much more available in the next few months !


chrisandsheva 23 January, 2012 @ 2:38 pm   10

It’s good that we have access to movies and tv shows, but i can’t afford the luxury of just buying them, well not on top of my gaming outlay, so obviously i would like to see more ‘for rental’ options for the newer releases, and maybe even the tv shows, with a discount (as mentioned above) for the whole season, though am not sure how the time frame would work for that.. Also slightly off topic why can’t Lovefilm or Netflix allow pay in advance rolling monthly contracts?.. Even if from there own sites as obviously this would clash with the video stores business, it’s just that i mostly never use my cards for services like these, so would love a alternate way of buying them.


WHEN are we getting our promised video store. Just be honest with us. If we will never get it SAY IT TO US.

We in the Scandinavian countries have been promised sense late 2009.

    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:32 am    

    We released Music Unlimited in the Scandi Countries just a month ago, I hope this shows you we are working towards having both digital services ( Music and Videos ) with you shortly.

    Video Store to follow as soon as we override some technical challenges, it’s a promise !


I´m with kivi95, you guys promised and don´t deliver.
Playstation 3 was to be able to do everything but unfortunately not in all countries. You guys lied to us!

Connor_mufc_1985 23 January, 2012 @ 4:12 pm   13

I watch films on the internet for free long before they go up on the video store:)

Brodiesan 23 January, 2012 @ 4:28 pm   14


I will donate €100 to a charity of your choosing if you announce (before the end of January 2011) when the PlayStation Video Store will be rolled out to the remaining European countries alluded to in this comment by Andrew House, President and Group CEO of SCE:

Responding to the question of when, he said:

“[…]I don’t have any more information to share with you. All I can say is that we will be rolling out more stores later this year.

This statement is from May 2010.

SCEE, you have not been honest with your loyal customers. To remain silent for so long regarding this issue (other than the infrequent and cursory “We’re trying hard to launch in more countries” lip service) is wholly unacceptable. Your closest rival can launch a similar service in these forgotten countries. We, at least, are entitled to an explanation, an apology, but most of all DATES of when the service will be rolled out.

Yours, the rest of Europe you like to forget about.

    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:37 am    

    Hello !
    I fully understand your frustration.
    I hope you will appreciate that sometimes plans needs to be amended simply because we encounter technical challenges that push release dates further.
    If the Store in your country is not live yet, this doesn’t mean we are not working night and day to make it happen asap.
    It just means that for some technical reasons maybe we are still working towards it.
    We would like to see our customers all happy and satisfied, this is why we are here.
    Nobody is trying to upset our Irish friends on purpose!!!! ;o)

Brodiesan 23 January, 2012 @ 4:29 pm   15

Before January 2012 even.

Carnivius_Prime 23 January, 2012 @ 4:48 pm   16

Really enjoyed X-Men First Class and loved Dark of the Moon (no better series for awesome robot battles)

    Cristina Giuliano 24 January, 2012 @ 11:40 am    

    I love positive comments ! Thank you Carinius!!!
    This should be the place where to share opinion about movies with movie fans, shame it is becoming just a platform to complaint !!! ;o(

Tophitman23 23 January, 2012 @ 5:20 pm   17

How come there is no closed captions or subtitles for any of the movies that are on the PSN video service? I mean, its 2012 Sony….Dont leave the deaf/hard of hearing people in the dark.

extralife_psx 23 January, 2012 @ 5:40 pm   18

wonderfull to see nordic countries, still don’t have the video store 😛
way to go! let’s see if we get it before the end of the ps3 era 😛
this has to be the worst multimedia hub ever, still love the games though 🙂


Will we ever be able to browse the entire catalogue via the website?

WrestleBlog 24 January, 2012 @ 12:42 pm   20

Is this going to be one of those “regular” video store blog posts that don’t get another post for another year? LOL!

On a serious note, I do love that TV Shows have finally made it to our Video Store, but I do agree that you need to offer season passes/bundles/boxsets at a reduced price in comparison to individual episodes, because as it stands right now the cost is just too high.

Please post a weekly Heads Up Video Store blog post like the Game Store guys do. Thanks.


i’d be surprised if somebody with the ID Carnivius_Prime wasn’t a fan of the Transformers movies. ^_^

the latest rumour i heard about the movies is Bey will be directing at least one more, and it’ll be the first part of a trilogy leading up to a confrontation with Unicron.

any fans from the 80s should be happy to hear that news.

are we going to see the Transformers Prime series on the store any time soon?

nfskingrlinworld 24 January, 2012 @ 8:51 pm   22

great 2 moves