PlayStation Home: Yeti Sighting In Winter Event Space

PlayStation Home is offline from 8AM GMT on Wednesday 25th January for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

Reports of a mysterious cave opening up down by the water in the Winter Event space are rife this week, along with suspected sightings of what some have claimed to be an abominable snowman. Hunters and other enthusiasts are flocking to the area to see if they can catch a glimpse of the mythical yetis in the hopes of bringing back evidence of their existence. Extreme caution is advised to all those intrepid enough to go in search of the yetis and the government is advising that anyone attempting to face them stock up on precautionary ammo and other supplies at the store located at the site.

Here’s an unsubstantiated picture sent in by a local hunter, allegedly in support of these wild claims.


Inside, away from the colder regions of Home, Cucumber aren’t just about eye-popping colours (although there are still some of those in their latest collection). They also have a strong desire to create useable sets that will help you set the scene in your apartment. With Dolly’s Diner, that scene was of a bustling 1950s diner. These latest bedroom ranges are more subtle, but they still allow the creation of a complete, unified look.

Lockwood_Cucumber_PeacefulBeds_012612_1280x720 Lockwood_Cucumber_ModernBeds_012612_1280x720

Whether the look you’re aiming to achieve is one of contemporary chic, or peaceful comfort that expresses your personality, Cucumber has the furniture for you. Large double beds in a variety of colours with matching drawers and lamps are available in store now!

In other furniture news: it’s that time again! Yes that’s right, MyDeco are back with some more tantalising and tasty treats to decorate your apartments with. Quench your thirst for fruity furniture with the very inviting watermelon chair. Or jazz up your wall with a pair of luscious KissMe Neon Lips. And if you’re feeling a little tired after your trip to the Shopping Centre, why not end the day in the new Xtreme Hot Jacuzzi! Other furniture updates from SCE this week include some sleek and stylish pieces in Modern and Round Rattan styles, or turn your apartment into your very own chocolate factory with the Sweet Treats range which includes Candy Floss Rugs, Donut chairs, and Cake Couches to name a few. Tasty!

Modern_Rattan_1280x720 SweetTreats_1280x720

Attention, Novus Prime: Vindication fans! Our friends over at Hellfire Games are now giving away EU-region codes for their exclusive Pirate Chainsword avatar item! Originally salvaged from the ruins of an old pirate stronghold, the Novus Prime engineers have re-examined and perfected the pirate technology to bring you this fantastic new item. Since no pilot should ever be caught unarmed, Hellfire Games has decided to outfit everyone with this weapon absolutely free. All you’ve got to do is head over to their promo page and join the Hellfire Games mailing list. Not only will you get a voucher for your own Pirate Chainsword, but you’ll also be kept in the loop about future updates and more free items from the Hellfire Games team.

In the Threads store you can find a selection of new hairstyles to let your avatar stand out from the crowd, ranging from short and spiky to long and wavy styles, and plenty more in between. Alter Ego sees the arrival of more Urban Camo costumes – check out these increasingly inventive disguises and sneak up on your friends undetected.

If you’re looking for a new companion then head to the Stuff store where you can find an adorable fainting goat, a white tiger cub, a miniature robot or a cute dragon who will loyally follow you anywhere you go.


That wraps it up for this week. See you in Home…if the yeti doesn’t get you first!

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With all due respect… Home is boring as hell. Sorry.

loonytoon1982 24 January, 2012 @ 16:36

Hey James,

Is there any word on if Quests 2 and 3 will be made available in the Winter Event Space? This is something that has been an issue amongst the users of Home ever since the end of December. There has been nothing said officially regarding if this is to be fixed, if it was an oversight or if we weren’t to be expecting this to happen at all.

Any info in regards to that would be very helpful.

James Gallagher 24 January, 2012 @ 17:16

I just spoke with the dev team and they are still working with the questing tools to try and get those live. Sorry it’s not better news…

Can’t support the hunting of yeti’s.All they are trying to do is breed.I remember the outbreak on Piney Ridge back in 05,I can still here their song now :(

i’m sorry to break this to ppl Yeti/big-Foot doesn’t exist, it a myth unles yeti/big-Foot stomping up behind you & Kill you then it real.

you are safe to know it a myth.

@james i haven’t seen the SCEA home blog post yet, but when is home going into next phase & lose it’s beta status.

thanks :)

Not much stuff this week. Also have the Playstation Unwrapped prizes been sent out yet?

Hmm the quests 2 and 3 didn’t even got available, not sure if this new mini-game will…

I went to the novus prime page and it only allows you to pick US as your region :(

James Gallagher 24 January, 2012 @ 17:30

I just emailed Hellfire to ask for advice. Will get back to you when they reply.

James Gallagher 25 January, 2012 @ 10:50

They got back to me and it seems that they were still working on updating their site when this went live. They’re all set up to give out EU codes now so head over.


Connor_mufc_1985 24 January, 2012 @ 17:23

Why do all ps home games have inverted aiming ? should be an option to at least change it because of inverted aiming the games suck .

James Gallagher 25 January, 2012 @ 11:03

That’s an interesting question. I had a play around and many games (like the new Yeti one) have the option to invert aiming. For others, such as Novus Prime, if you change your native camera settings in the options menu on the Start Pad, the game should detect that change and adjust the controls accordingly.

Hope that helps.

Another Quest probably doomed to fail????

hi james is there any hope of ever getting skyrim or fallout costumes on home??

James Gallagher 25 January, 2012 @ 11:04

Nothing in the plans I’m afraid.

kinda have to agree with orton (at the moment)

since 2012 started its all about companions and clothes! i aint been on home much lately due to there STILL bieng not enough games!

i love ps home but its got soo boaring and that huge update, that was just new spaces! Please ps home team put new games in home!

Immortal-Wolf- 24 January, 2012 @ 18:33

Hey  James

christmas holiday from 2010 was better than this christmas holiday 2011 as winter holiday space epic fail to playstation home loyal customers as EU playstation home has major slow update issues its time your playstation home team get of your bumms put more effort into playstation home!

nfskingrlinworld 24 January, 2012 @ 19:25

cool cooming out :)


James-where will see info. about your e-mail reply from Hellfire that you mentioned?

James Gallagher 25 January, 2012 @ 10:54

They got back to me over night and their site has been updated so you can head over now and register as an EU user.

When will be the new Clubhouse designs availabe like the US ones?

1st off all im having alot of question and hope to get answers.

1. is there any info about the quest’s..?
2. when do we get the new clubhouse.?
3. when do we get new personal space’s like USA has..?
4. Why do we in EU get a small update against a huge update for USA..?

James Gallagher 25 January, 2012 @ 11:05

Which clubhouses and personal spaces were you after? We quite often get the same spaces come to EU once we have had a little more time to localise them.

matthewgardiner 24 January, 2012 @ 20:29

yes i agree sony seem to think that they can just give NA all the best updates and the best we can hope for is to get these updates months down the line i used to be a huge fan of home nowadays i pop on for 5mins once on a blue moom thanks to sonys bad form


The FREE Novus Prime Pirate Chainsword link is now working for EU everyone – Get yours now! :)

SirJake_Brookes 24 January, 2012 @ 21:52

Well another good update and I love PSH and James is home square going to be updated for 14Th February

James Gallagher 25 January, 2012 @ 11:05

I hear there might be something romantic happening in Pier Park…

Novus Prime for EU works i just got mine… So it works! YAY!

I haven’t been a regular visitor to Home after the first 12 months of daily visits … I must have a look in to see if the picture frames have arrived yet.

ok thas disappointing but ty for answering james if yous did ever get them on home i know they would sell really well

why is there no store update 2day??

SirJake_Brookes 25 January, 2012 @ 14:37

James thanks for reply


Thanks for answering my query. I’ll check out the NV website now.


Will the ps vita get a play station home or something similar

Kill all yeti’s they want our hot chocolate with marshmellows , I will fight till death !!!

ppl that go on a ps home valentines space need to go find a real bf/gf
sry but its true ppl

InDaFunkyHouse 28 January, 2012 @ 16:52

has this maintenance been finished then? as I cant even get on the store it tells me its still offline, sick to the back teeth of this why does the store always have to go offline!

the-extreme900 29 January, 2012 @ 02:43

sry to say but people are saying that they are getting bored and they would like a theme park place with rollercoasters and so would i so if you could i would like you to do this a make more games wih better prizes.

Blood-Red-RoseUK 29 January, 2012 @ 13:25

When will the spirit quest games become available for the Edo space, anyone?

the-extreme900 29 January, 2012 @ 19:53

oh and i found out that a few people iv talked to is complaining that the people who are making up gangs are not happy because the people in the gangs are trying to act clever by being racist and perverted and tbh im sick of it to.

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