The Jak And Daxter Trilogy Hits On Feb 22nd With Over 100 Trophies To Collect


The wait is almost over, Jak and Daxter fans. I’m happy to announce that The Jak and Daxter Trilogy launches in Europe on February 22nd. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to score the first three installments of the Jak and Daxter trilogy in one complete PS3 Blu-ray package for just €39.99 (RRP)

Each game has been fully remastered to feature 720p HD visuals and stereoscopic 3D functionality, and one of the coolest new additions to the titles in The Jak and Daxter Trilogy is the introduction of PSN trophy support.

When the series debuted on PS2 over 10 years ago, we didn’t have trophies; so for our jump to PS3, Mass Media crafted custom trophies for you to earn for all three titles in the collection. The team at Mass Media has created intricate trophies, each featuring a unique variation on a design theme based around its mission type. There are over 100 to collect including three platinums, so all of you completionists will have hours of trophy hunting fun to look forward to.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the trophies that you’ll definitely be coveting for your collection:

Pedal to the MetalDestroy Metal Kor at NestGold
Purple PainNavigate the Purple Precursor RingsBronze
The Super OrberatorCollect 2000 Precursor OrbsGold
TestosteronePass the Tests of ManhoodSilver
Just the Artifacts Ma’amFind 3 Artifacts in Mountain TempleBronze
What’s That Smell?Escort Men Through SewersBronze
The Beast BeaterDestroy Metal Head BeastsBronze
Gate Crasher MasherDefend Spargus’ Front GateBronze
Pedal to the MetalDestroy Metal Kor at NestGold



Be sure to track them all down when The Jak and Daxter Trilogy launches on February 22nd. Happy hunting!

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100+ trophies :O Trophy hoarders dream :P

Can’t wait.

A_Nonny_Moose 24 January, 2012 @ 17:35

Still disappointed that this is only 720p.

officer_cartman 24 January, 2012 @ 17:36

i agree Paul or should i say phits dream :-P

Very cool design on the trophies. I will definitely get this, but considering it’s same day as Vita releases, I might wait a little while, but really looking forward to play them. February 22nd is the sickest gaming day for me this year, pretty sure of that!

It should be Full HD but I can’t wait to get it anyway! :)

drop the price of the collection to £20 and I’ll buy it :)

I never played it but I heard it was good.
I´m never impressed with this kind off updated old games for the PS3. They never make the extra mile to give is hiress textures so everything looks blury dispite the 720P and they ask a lot of money for it. Lets wait and see…


i have been waiting for this forever some of the best games i played on ps2 now where is the gta trilogy hd collection come sony and rockstar the world wants it

X1X-HARD-STYLE 24 January, 2012 @ 17:51

Hells yeh

Yay, a cover art for an HD collection that isn’t rubbish

Carnivius_Prime 24 January, 2012 @ 17:52

Will there be a PSN download version of these as well? I kinda like having all my PS2-HD games in the same folder plus I just prefer downloadables over discs these days for convienence and less clutter.

@bodthekiller speak for yourself. Couldn’t care less about GTA but I’d be quite happy if Rockstar upgraded The Warriors and Bully to PS3 standards.


The only HD collection I’m gonna get. Can’t wait!

fredrikselvig 24 January, 2012 @ 17:55

Jax and Daxter was the first game I got for PS2. Sadly, I was stupid enough to sell it at a time. Now I can play it again. Thank you :)


Definitely getting this! Only played the first game and loved it!


I’m awfully tempted to get this despite playing the three of them to death!

I’ll probably sell my originals on and that’ll easily raise the money needed for this HD collection.


So… No plans to release it on Vita?


Omg, I love you Evan :)

Cannot wait.


Also, looking forward to trying out my favourite franchise in 3D!


@#13 Dude, you should totally get Sly Collection, you’re missing a lot of fun and great games ;)

Guri_Tricolor 24 January, 2012 @ 18:03

Awesome! This bring back sweet memories!
I’ll get it for sure!

cannot wait!



very nice , Will this be released on the PSN?

This is amazing! I was literally talking with a friend about wanting something like this to be released yesterday!

I don’t care if the gaming industry are spying on me now, because if they do stuff like this, I’m happy!

At this rate, I’m not going to have any PS2 games left as they’ve all have been re-done on the PS3!

Thanks guys!

Sorry for the Double-post, but thinking about it, will there be plans to have Jak-X: Combat Racing released as well? It’s the only one I have, but haven’t completed because I’m scared of it correupting my memory card!


mehh zzz where ratchet and clank hd collection?

woah! the price is abit heavy! how much is that in £? someone answer please

but 100 trophys? thats good enough



Jak & Daxter is way better.


@27 that whats you think but i perfer ratchet and clank tryed J&D1 didant like it
crash was way better then J&D tbh its what i think

DAVEGADGETBOY 24 January, 2012 @ 19:01

Can’t wait for this game, hope there’s plans for a ratchet and clank hd remake.

@ DAVIE222 it’s £29.99 on

LagunaHeartly 24 January, 2012 @ 19:09

No jak X? okay(

pre-ordered my copy just now really looking forward to it…….. but uh can iz haz Ratchet&Clank collectionz plz :-P

nfskingrlinworld 24 January, 2012 @ 19:38

cool player all jak the games :)

@26 & 29, save yourselves 2 quid and pay £27.99 at Amazon or ShopTo :)

Or wait until the price drops to about £10 like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia.

Nice, the first one is one of my all time favorites.


This and vita on the same day, t’is a good day to own PlayStation consoles

DAVEGADGETBOY 24 January, 2012 @ 20:45

May be 22nd for the rest of europe but says 24th for us in the uk


@30 That is what everybody thought when they first played Jak1. Go back to it, then realise how wrong you are. The Ratchet games are decent too but jumping from planet to planet in 3 games just starts to look the same. Also the story and animation is no where near as genius as the Jak series.

I wish SONY owned the ‘TimeSplitters’ games :-( I would LOVE all 3 of them in HD for the PS3. Shame i can’t play my PS2 discs on my PS3 to :-(

+ Hopefully the R&C PS2 games will come to the PS3 soon in HD anyway;)

great games if u never played on ps2 !

i am waiting monsterhunter portabel 3 hd on ps3 ( only intrest in hd remakes )
not need tropies ore online conection .
need only to play singelplayer game . to long we europe need to wait reason sony vs capcom ,
+ i hope next monster hunter portabel 4 ore other sub name = play on ps vita + on ps3.+ tropies en real online .

Seriously, why do people still complain about full HD. 720p is still much better than the original PS2 footage, there are comparisons on YT that confirm this. Besides, regardless of the quality getting the trilogy on PS3 is more than enough for me.

As for the trophies, it seems like you can platinum all three games just by completing them. Sure there are over 100 but it is 3 long games. Are there any trophies that you can possibly miss in a playthrough, not including any story missions from the first game? Like “Collect all Precursor Orbs in Jak 1” “Reach (Insert score) on (Insert mini-game) in Jak II/3” or “Unlock all Dark powers in Jak II”?


We need a ratchet and clank collection of 1,2 and 3 then I will pay the money because r and c. And this are the best playstation fanchise of all time


They must all have gigantic tv’s :p

Here’s the full list for the first game

HaRRy-HatCHeT 24 January, 2012 @ 23:49

A trophy hunters dream :) I know this is abit off topic but it’s to do with HD Collections. I have heard & read that the Silent Hill HD Collection has been delayed til March because people have complained about the new voiceovers. So they’ve decided that when the game comes out you’ll be able to choose between the new & old voiceovers??? Is this true??? To be honest, I’m not too keen on the new voiceovers, they don’t give that depth & emotion like the originals did so I’m really hoping this is true :)

The first time i played J&D: TPL i marvelled at the wooden bridges and how they sprung when you ran across them.. and back..and across again.. and back again .. . Truly a landmark game for me and i’ve always preferred how Jak looked in the original. I wasn’t so keen on the GTA influence in the sequels but was happy that much of the superb platforming gameplay of the original was still present.
Those kind of platforming games were a staple of the PS2 era for me and despite R&C’s valiant efforts it still seems like this generation of consoles has been missing something. Glad to see someone got sense ;) and i’m really looking forward to playing them again!

The american cover is nicer… anyway, looking forward to play it =)


Immortal-Wolf- 25 January, 2012 @ 05:09

Shame Jac&Dex only 720p video qualitie but DMC collection HD will have over 130 trophys plus 1080p video qualitie.

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