Ubisoft PS Vita Week – Asphalt: Injection Fuels The Fire

Asphalt: Injection for PS Vita

Personally, I think racing games shine on handheld devices. Think of it this way: you’re commuting home from work and sitting on a bus or a train. Though your progress may be pokey, your mind is completely focused on the blistering competition between your Bugatti Super Sport and everyone else on the track. For that short time, you completely forget about your commute. So, if your mind works like mine, you should definitely be excited for the arcade racing action of Asphalt: Injection.

Asphalt: Injection boasts ten game modes spanning the tried-and-true Race mode to more signature game modes including Cop Chase and Beat ‘Em All (focused on take downs). This, along with 20 different leagues to conquer and multiplayer via local and Wifi, will keep handheld racing fans entertained for a long time.

Asphalt: Injection for PS Vita Asphalt: Injection for PS Vita

Gameloft has also leveraged the unique features of PS Vita to create an easily accessible and social game. Asphalt: Injection has six different control schemes that take advantage of the dual analog sticks, the rear touch screen, or the accelerometer. This makes it simple for anyone to pick up and race against their friends (or computer-controlled opponents). The game also harnesses PS Vita’s social features, enabling players to enter the Live Area screen where they can view what vehicles their friends have purchased, what tracks they have unlocked, their leaderboard rankings, and more.

Racing fans can hit the track in Asphalt: Injection on February 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you all on the course!

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Wow! So you can, like, play against actual other people online?

isnt that just a “rehash” of previous games?!

that modnation guy will never live that down


Sounds like the sort of game I may pick up if i play a decent demo, is one planned? Good to see multiplayer racing works too.

almighty-slayer 24 January, 2012 @ 16:24

Which price point is this game?

This is my day 1 buy now that Modnation has gone out the window for me, it’s cheap & I’m not expecting it to have a whole lot new in it compared with the other Asphalt games so I’m sure no disappointment will be had.

I have not played a Asphalt game since I first bought a Ds about 5 years ago. After looking at some gameplay video’s off this and with there being a online mp mode over wifi (damn you modnation)and with this game being only £17.99 over at this is a launch day buy.

cannot wait!

nfskingrlinworld 24 January, 2012 @ 20:30

Great and cannt wait!

Online! … but wait, doesn’t that mean i’ll have to restart the game from the beginning every time i lose my three lives?..
However did you manage to work around that one..
In all honesty, Asphalt looks promising from those screenshots but for me it’ll really come down to the handling so i hope to try a demo first.


From the videos it looks like the handling and physics are identical to the previous Asphalt games, sadly. Really disappointing.

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