Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins for PS Vita

Last year, Rayman Origins was released on PS3 to critical acclaim. On February 22, Rayman and his friends return to PS Vita! Even better, the beauty and frantic gameplay of the PS3 will make the transition to PS Vita fully intact.

You’ll play as Rayman, Globox or the Teensies as they speed through stages on a mission to free the Glade of Dreams from the Darktoons. Rayman Origins offers a playful hand-drawn art style and accessible platforming gameplay, and completionists will find a challenge in gathering all the Electoons and skull teeth. In short, Rayman Origins will deliver entertainment to the new comers and veterans of the platforming genre.

Rayman Origins for PS Vita Rayman Origins for PS Vita

We also have some great PS Vita-specific features available for Rayman Origins. First, for those looking to really appreciate all the hand-drawn art of Rayman Origins, players can pinch the front touchscreen to zoom in, so you can better appreciate the detailed character and level design that our studio in Montpellier worked so hard to deliver. Playing with a zoomed-in camera view also delivers a new experience and is critical in discovering the game’s many hidden secrets.

Along with touchscreen capabilities, we also have included a Ghost mode that allows players to challenge their friends in fast-paced Rayman Origins speed runs. According to IGN, we’re all supposed to beat Brian Altano.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-up and play game or a full-length platformer, Rayman Origins is going to make you a happy camper when it launches on February 22nd. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you on the leaderboards!

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Rayman Origins is the best platform game on PS3 ever ;)

It’s a nice surprise but I’d still like news about Vodafone and Vita.

Carnivius_Prime 26 January, 2012 @ 16:18

Is the zoom in function on the PS3 game? I tried the demo but I found it quite hard to keep track of what was going on. I have that issue with a lot of 2D HD stuff even fonts in various games. It’s like some developers use HD as an excuse just to make things really small. The graphics looked kinda nice even if they weren’t my kinda thing too.

So this is just a straight up port? no added features, bones levels etc…i loved the PS3 game but not sure its worth buying the exact same game again.

Rivers-of-Sand 26 January, 2012 @ 16:36

No multiplayer support?


looks great, i held back on the ps3 version so i may get this for vita, if only it were a little bit cheaper

4# There will be trial times and Ghost mode. + Some fixes to the graphics.(From what I have played this looks better then the console version!!!)

There should be a voucher for those with the PS3 version, to get it for free or at least at a considerable discount on Vita imo. I doubt too many are going to buy the game twice, even though it is very fun to play.

Titchy_Penguin 26 January, 2012 @ 16:48

Tempted but the PS3 versions much cheaper

Fantastic, getting it :)

Are those actual screenshots of the Vita version?
If so, they look quite amazing! :)

maddogarchie64 26 January, 2012 @ 17:38

will the basic gameplay and storyline be the same as ps3 version? Either way as soon as I get enough money im preordering or buying this


This has been on my ps vita buy list for awhile :p what I’d like is a proper 3D sequel to revolution on the ps2 at somepoint :p that was awesome it had rpg style power upgrades to buy :) and was effectively open world lol


Thought I’d add I used to think how stupid before i got my ps1 and saw the 1st rayman advert on tv, 1st game with ps1 though which i was given as a gift and since then I’ve owned every rayman game that wasn’t to do with rabids or on the 3DS lol infact I’ve bought a few several times :/ there was the ps1 game, the gba version i was given, rayman 2, rayman revolution, rayman 3, the racing game on ps1 which i then got given as a gift on ps2 lol? the DS game and then i bought 1 and 2 as ps1 classics lol so hoping this is good :)


I love the PS3 game but I wished I waited for it on vita really. mind it is better on PS3 because I can throw joypad around when I lose my temper with this tough game :*)

I already own the PS3 version and pre-ordered this the moment I could. Having such an amazing platformer on a handheld from its release day is great, especially to add diversity in the launch titles. I really like the Vita has some other features like the ghost mode as well.

It would be a really good idea to let us transfer our PS3 saves to the PS Vita version, that way we can play the same game on the go. I wouldn’t buy the same game again otherwise.

Excellent game. I borrowed the PS3 version off a mate last month and played it for a few hours before stopping so I could get it myself with my Vita.

This will be the handheld platformer we’ve all been waiting for the Mario games to deliver since the original Mario Land if it’s as good as the home console version.

Great work to all involved in it’s production.

I bought the PS3 version new for £15 a couple of weeks ago.
I’d rather remote Play this one than pay another £35 for a hand held version!

blu_mackenzie 26 January, 2012 @ 19:52

I can’t wait. Didn’t get the PS3 version as I was waiting for the Vita version.

Played the PS3 demo and it looks n amazing game, funny as well!

guillaumecribier 27 January, 2012 @ 09:11


this is 1 of da games am getin n fifa, fight night nd gran turismo ny1 knw da release date 4 fifa or gt ?

this is 1 of da games am getin n fifa, fight night nd gran turismo ny1 knw da release date 4 fifa or gt ?

rayman classic ftw

kornel03062001 30 January, 2012 @ 18:24

mam to na playstation3,Rayman origins jest super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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