Something magical recently happened in the world of LittleBigPlanet – thanks to our awesome community, the LBP franchise now has more than 6 million user-generated games and levels created by fans and uploaded online to the PlayStation Network! As always, we’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone contributing, whether you’re creating, sharing, or just playing. Here are a few nuggets we found over the weekend:


A new fan-created video series called SpeedCreate. Love the new approach and helpful tips/ideas passed along to the rest of us.


LittleBigPodcast – Episode 156 and Muppets DLC

Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest!

Speaking of the Muppets, the new DLC is available NOW! Here’s a look at the trailer…

Make sure to pick up the level pack to gain access to new levels, stickers, sounds and a cool new tool! Also it includes the Rowlf the Dog costume, my personal favourite Muppet… who’s yours?

The 2011 Sackies – Nominations Needed!

With the Golden Globes behind us and the Oscars coming up soon, awards season now here in full force, so it’s time for our own special LBP awards, called The Sackies – and we need your help. Check out how you can help nominate the best levels out there via – just find the level and look for the special Sackies nomination feature at the top of each level. Nominations will be closed on Feb 6th, and then voting will begin and go until Feb 20th with winners scheduled to be announced the week after. So, nominate your favourite levels now!

Sackboy takes an award Home

Speaking of awards, last month Sackboy won the best PlayStation Home Companion of 2011 award over at Alphazone4. Almost 1000 people voted and Sackboy came out top so we just want to thank everyone who took the time, we hope he continues to entertain.

Other LBP News…

LBPCentral Community Spotlight Episode 76

Thanks for the round-up. This episode highlights a handful of new games uploaded recently:

Exciting Times at Media Molecule

  • Happy belated Birthday to Mm (Jan 4th) – click on over to the Communities’ B-DAY card and add your own special message to Mm

…More Thank Yous…

And a special thanks to everyone in the community that act as our eyes and ears on the interwebs for the rest of the community to enjoy, including LittleBigLand, LBP2Blog, LittleBigPicks, RocketCheetah, and many many more!

Vita Rooms

With the PlayStation Vita launching next month we’ll be holding an event in London from the 17th through to the 23rd to allow everyone a chance to get some hands-on time with the lovely new device. Oh yeah and LBP will be there! Sign up on the PlayStation Access Facebook page to keep up to date and apply for an invite to the VIP night.

We’ve been running similar events in Manchester and Glasgow over the last couple of weeks and they’ve been great, we’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone and showing off the game. Hope to see even more fans at the London event.

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Tonight is the deadline for contest LBPC6 – A Quest For Glory.
Tomorrow LBPC7 will be revealed :)

I’m soooo looking forward to getting the Ps Vita version, I’m going to get sooooo lost in it that people will be sending out search party’s for me.

But it’s ok I’m fine, I’m just under my covers at home nice & warm with my Vita & LBP. I haven’t been kidnapped ^_^ Everything is all good!


do we have a release date yet for lbp vita? one of my most wanted.

The new muppet level pack is again awesome.
I would love to see more leve packs come for LBP2.

Carnivius_Prime 31 January, 2012 @ 15:53

Just got back into the game after a break thanks to now having the downloadable version rather than my old disc and downloaded the Muppet level pack. Great stuff as usual.

6 million? That is AMAZING;) All i want really is LBP3 now:P


I thought there would be a game of the year edition or a special one like in the US :( I would really like to see a special digital edition. Please make that happen.

Carnivius_Prime 31 January, 2012 @ 20:12

Just played that Star Wars multi-linked level set that was in the MM Picks. Fantasticly creative.

Grats MM with this great achievement. Keep them coming :D


endless fun for all ages, shame my level(Urban Egypt) never got played much it was made years ago lol



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