Twisted Metal Multiplayer Beta Coming To PSN Today

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We know your appetites for destruction are growing as we draw closer to Twisted Metal’s release, so we’re pleased to announce that the Twisted Metal Multiplayer Beta goes live on the PlayStation Store this afternoon! Once the beta hits the Store, you’ll get a taste of Twisted Metal’s online play with:

  • 8 vehicles to choose from, each with their own unique special weapons.
  • 2 multiplayer modes: Classic free-for-all Death Match, and team-based Nuke mode—a Twisted take on Capture the Flag that’s brand new to the series.
  • Challenge mode, where you can practice with each vehicle to hone your destructive skills.

Be sure to try out all the vehicles and modes available in the multiplayer beta and let us know your favourites. Servers will be up today and until February 7th, so you’ve got a week to practice – Get killin’!

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Awesome! Thanks Jaffe & Co.!

Sweet !!!


What about the Gotham City beta?

James Gallagher 01 February, 2012 @ 09:51

It’s coming in today’s PS Store update.

Oh yeah! Will be trying this out


This week just keeps getting better and better!
One of the must-buy games of the year
tks for giving us a preview


Hi Guri_Tricolor, you’re very welcome! Hopefully see you online!

Yay!!!!! =D


Totally forgot I had that :) Hopefully the connection issues have been fixed because it was taking way too long to get into a match

I can’t wait to play the beta. I’ve been looking forward to Twisted Metal for such a long time. The E3 footage last year looked absolutely awsome. :)


I haven’t played anything on my PS3 for weeks now, seems i’m spending more and more time on my PC. But i will be jumping on PSN to get this as soon as my store updates at 19:00, been looking forward to this game. Really hope its fun.

This is excellent news i thought the plus update was going to keep me occupied but this just blew that out of the water. I can’t wait to get back and get this downloaded it’s been a long time since the ps2 days of twisted metal black and they have been sorely missed. P.S Yes i have pre-ordered


does the eu first print limited edition have a code for Twisted Metal Black?
like the usa, because even jaffers is silent on it im getting worried we wont be getting it please clarify.


Hi RedeyedRonin, I can confirm that yes, the PAL region versions of Twisted Metal on PS3 will indeed have a voucher for you to download Twisted Metal Black

Jaffe tweeted yesterday that the EU version will have a code for TM:Black in it :)

I got it last night off the US PSN Store :D Still not had time to play it yet but i can’t wait to :P


whats the file size?

James Gallagher 01 February, 2012 @ 12:20

Hey there, I have it down as 1.7GB.

Hell-Raiser-85 01 February, 2012 @ 12:19

@15 Its 1528mb on the US store but it should be the same for us.


ah thanks for the reply! will download the simpsons arcade 1st then..


Sweet :D No ideas on whenever or not this has custom soundtrack, is there?

Will the full game support split-screen, also split-screen while playing online?


I’ve been playing the american version and I’ve gotta say, I LOVE IT! The game brought back so many great memories from playing the game when I was younger! Thank you :)


Not really into beta’s but I might give it a try, in either case, this is a day one musthave

Are the “beta” servers global or region specific?

@Phil Lynch RedeyedRonin

But it was confirmed that we wont get the cut scenes.

Jesus this game is bad, Firstly all I get is connection error when trying to access online.

Second The controls are confusing for me. (and this is from a 10yr+ playstation gamer.

The single player mode is way to hard, and by that I mean all the AI act like their on hard and shoot the crap out of you dieing less than a minute tops.
plus there is not enough health points.

thought I was gonna get some enjoyment out of this game but sadly not

Do u need a playstation plus acount to get the demo??????


@25 .. No you can just download it from the store, but am sure you’ve allready figured that out by now.. the reason i’m replying is to say it isn’t a Demo, as it finishes on the 8th of Feb, so if you like this game you’d best get playing as it’ll be gone next week.. myself i never bothered going past the training stage, once i seen how many different actions and that one included using the sixaxis i quit out, Hate using my controller like that, Also considering it is a driving/combat game i gotta agree with a post above, the general control scheme is kinda strange, and confusing, hope they’ve bothered to allow button mapping in full game, or theres at least more schemes to choose.

Paulius_Maximus 02 February, 2012 @ 09:30

im getting alot of match making error’s and it’s a bummer cause it’s stoping me from playing online at all. sony, wat up with dat

Matchmaking was broken in the american demo.I’ve got a funny feeling that’s why this blog post and the file name were changed from demo (name of the installed files) to Beta.

Biggest issue for me is cut content and a delay in the EU.I’ve gone from 50/50 before the demo,90/10 for purchase after the dem.,Now, i’m not getting it because of the news.

I think I pass Thanks i don’t want a SCEE version a Cut gimp version 99% of movies have been cut.

i say NO to censorship so the question is this.. what is the rateing & who passed it Pegi or BBFC? i think it was pegi.

the true reason why EU version was delay, yes SCEE asked the dev to make cuts tone it down.

i got to laugh though take god of war series a BBFC 18 pass with no cuts just as violent in it’s cutscenes SCEE never asked that to be cut.

my advice is get SCEA version it not cut to bits and whatever SCEE excues gives Don’t buy it.

the other reason sony muti region doesn’t work germany version is version 3, UK is version 6.

david jaffe confirm all this last night. yes we get a voucher code for TMB big-deal i hope the sells in EU floped.

Thinking about deleteing my Post 29, you better not.

this just confirm it what i was saying…

Oh yes what Phil Lynch has forgotten to say when you get your voucher code for TMB is enjoy the brutal cuts missing cutscenes.

remember no refunds & inferior version = THIEF.

*downloads and starts the demo*

“Matchmaking Error” “Matchmaking Error” “Matchmaking Error” “Matchmaking Error”

30 min later

“Matchmaking error… Matchmaking error… matchmaking error.

*Turns off the demo & removes any thought of ever buying this.*

Some advice… if you intend on hyping up a game… make sure the thing works…


Twisted Metals European release is delayed as SCEE demanded cutscenes to be cencored.

Wow! :D


same matchmaking problem for me, Jaffe delay the game better than to release half assed version


same matchmaking problem for me, Jaffe delay the game better than to release half assed version


I wanna like this game but I had same matchmaking issue, Jaffe delay the game, better than being half assed


This game looks awesome. The demo is really good. Just a shame I couldn’t get a game online. :(

Hope this game comes out with no problems/bugs. Lately games are being released too early and are full of bugs.

Just got three questions.

1. Does every copy get Twisted metal Black code or does just the Americans get it?

2. Does the game contain subtitles for the story? Would be very disappointing if it doesn’t have them.

3. How bout some trophies for Twisted metal black?? Would make it more enjoyable and could boost up some sales if it goes up on PlayStation store. :P

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