Touch Controls In Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition

Hi, I am Mie Kumagai, Executive Producer for Virtua Tennis. Welcome to the first of four blogs where I will talk about how we have implemented the unique new features of the PlayStation Vita to full effect in Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition. Today I will talk about the front and rear touch.

When we were developing the game we wanted to incorporate the new features of the Vita into Virtua Tennis as much as we possibly could, whilst obviously making the best game possible.


One of the key features for the PlayStation Vita is front and rear touch. Virtua Tennis takes full advantage of this technology and allows players to play the most precise and responsive shots with a touch of their fingertips.

With a single touch of the screen you can tell the player where exactly to move to on the court, before taking one of a variety of shots by swiping your finger across the screen towards the area of the court you wish to hit the ball to.


A simple forward slide with your finger will play a top spin shot, a backward slide will play a backspin shot and a sharp backwards movement followed by a forward slide will play a lob shot. Virtua Tennis also includes a match momentum system which rewards players for good shots by slowly filling the match momentum bar.  Once your match momentum bar has completely filled up you can also play a ‘special’ shot by hitting the shot with two fingers.

There is also the option for the player to use the classic analog stick and action button controls, as well as a mix of the two styles using touch controls to move the player whilst using touch screen controls to hit shots, or vice versa.

It is now also easier than ever to navigate around the in-game menus and the World Tour Map with the front and rear touch, getting you to your next match quicker than ever.


We also understand the need for a multiplayer option you can play along with your friends and family, so we have created ‘Touch Versus’. This new feature allows two players to play against each other on one console. Again players have the option as to whether they play with full touch screen controls or whether they use the analog sticks to control the players’ movement.

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition is out 22nd February, 2012

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Hey Mie,

VT4 looks great and I am pleasantly surprised by the innovative inclusion of 2p local multiplayer on the one console. However, there is no mention of online multiplayer in this blog update. Is this the case? Will there be ad-hoc and/or infrastructure multiplayer?

Cheers :-)

That local coop on Vita looks really great!

Oh, yeah, could you possibly make Streets of Rage 4? in HD? Just a hint :)

I would also like to know about the online multiplayer, please don’t tell it’s only local. My list of Vita games to buy is looking to be vary short if so.

Hi Si,
I’m glad you like the 2p local multiplayer!
There will be 3 more blogs in the weeks leading up to the launch of VT and Playstation Vita which will look at a host of other new features.
But I can tell you now that there will also be a an ad-hoc multiplayer mode where you can play with up to 4 of your friends.

Another game without online multiplayer?

Maybe I should reconsider buying a Vita…

Reconsidered it.
I’ll buy one.
But without Virtua Tennis.
Sorry guys.

I’m holding off getting one i’m hearing the blue light of death on vita need a quick update to fix it.

so much for the new bady “vita” & still no firmware update for Ps1 & Ps2 on vita.

I’m starting to worry about the Vita, why is it that the online multiplayer seem to something their avoiding? Is something wrong with the Vita’s online multiplayer ability?

Hi everyone,

Virtua Tennis 4 on Vita does allow for online multiplayer through Wi-Fi connections.

You can play with up to 4 players, playing; singles, doubles or a variety of fun mini-games.

Great News! ^_^

Had me worried there, I’m a billy no mates so can’t play local or with the friends I don’t have on my Friends List.


First developer to show live multiplayer on the Vita wins.

Game looks good btw


Ah, good try Alex. :)

You only win through visual evidence, a simple video stating it has online mp will suffice ;)


We will work on that Jakster, but for now you will have to take my word for it :)

Check back in the coming weeks when we will look at more new features in the game and the brand new trailer.


Oh alright then, you win :)

Will do

Virtua Tennis 4 on the PS3 has an incredibley broken online mode. Hopefully it’s fixed for the handheld.

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