Worms Ultimate Mayhem Release Date Confirmed


We are delighted to be able to announce the PAL release date of Worms Ultimate Mayhem is Wednesday 15th February 2012. We’d also like to introduce the game to you all and answer any questions you may have.

Can you introduce the game to us please?

Sure, Worms Ultimate Mayhem is a “best of” compilation of content from both Worms 3D and “Worms 4: Mayhem, so it’s got 38 weapons, plenty of customization options (including a selection of new ones) making for 115 individual customisation elements in total. There are also 60 single-player missions taken from both sources, making it a massive game. We’ve taken the opportunity to improve on what was there already too. We have made some really nice improvements to the camera and made the game even more approachable; to this end we added a new utility (the Binoculars) to help you aim, and an automatic shot assist mechanic that helps your shots find their targets in easy mode. We have also added some really cool loyalty content too.


In terms of visual improvements, we’ve brought the game up to date with a raft of enhancements. New water effects, up-scaled textures and fonts, higher polygon counts, specular materials, real-time lighting and dynamic shadows all get the game looking a little more modern while still retaining its attractive cartoon style visuals. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the audio improvements too… we’ve a whole bunch of new music in the game, and some of the cut-scenes have been re-edited, voice-acted and lip-synched, which makes a massive difference!

What are the main gameplay features and mechanics in ‘Worms Ultimate Mayhem’?

Despite being 3D, the game is pretty much built around the same principles as all the “Worms” games.
There’s the unique 3D deformable landscape and the satisfaction of destroying EVERYTHING. It’s pretty satisfying blowing things up, and that mindless destruction has always been a staple of the brand.


There’s the humour and genuinely laugh-out-loud moments, the crazy weapons (such as the Concrete Donkey, an Inflatable Scouser and a Bovine Blitz cow-themed airstrike!), the worms mugging to camera or the silly story sequences. Humour has always been an important ingredient, and it actually translates very well into 3D.

There’s customising things: from what their worms wear and what they say to tailoring individual game settings. There’s also the ability to create your very own secret weapon, deciding how it’s launched, what effect it has and what it looks like. I think that aspect has always extended the life of the game as it allows players to make it their own.

And lastly, there’s the insane amount of content. We always try and over-deliver with the games we make, and Worms Ultimate Mayhem is no different: 60 single player missions, 8 challenges, 10 deathmatch challenges, 6 FMVs, 5 online and offline multiplayer modes, 1,000,000+ game style choices via Wormpot, 23 speech-banks, 115 customisation items, 38 weapons and 5 Easter eggs. With plenty of PSN Trophies, including a Platinum, that’s a lot of game to enjoy!


Worms Ultimate Mayhem will be priced at £9.99/€12.99, with an additional launch discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers; we look forward to answering any questions you may have in the comments.

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Bring on the annelid anarchy!


Thanks! Maybe see you online sometime for some battles! ;-)

will it have exploding sheep? ^_^


Hi – it certainly does contain exploding sheep – the normal sheep, and also the caped “Super Sheep” – check out the weapons and destruction in this promo video if you like:

i hope not SCEE Does’t want exploding Sheep controversy.

It probably ask team17 to delay it, for to it be cuts made like they asked kindly for twisted metal to be delay for cuts to be made.

that not a Lie david jaffie confirm it.


It does have exploding sheep, but in a silly, cartoony way!


Sounds like a fun game, i was lucky enough to win a code for the worms golf game and being my 1st experience with the worms games i found it quite funny.. Now i noticed above you got an inflatable scouser?, mind-boggling, i guess i will need to check out some more of these games.


Hehe glad you enjoyed Worms Crazy Golf! We have indeed got one, check it out in the video above, 16 seconds in he makes an explosive appearance! Enjoy!

Enjoy the worms and worms 2 looking forward to this is there gonna be a demo of the game ?


Hi, glad you enjoy the 2D games and are looking forward to this game – but no sorry there isn’t any plans for a demo at the moment.

I’ll be online somewhere, Mark. Hope to see you in a match sometime.
Been Worms fan since original on Amiga (Using Deluxe Paint images for maps in Director’s Cut was brilliant fun)


Thanks, really nice to hear!

does it have a platinum?

just asking as worms 3d was a full retail game back in the day, loved worms 3d btw so high hopes for this new one :)


The game does indeed have a Platinum Trophy – good luck hunting it down!

also any chance of worms blast being re-visited at any point.

loved that game and with added online could be fab


Hi, glad you liked Worms Blast, but we have no plans to revisit it at the moment sorry.


Thanks for making us wait months for this. Hope they paid you well.


Unless it is £5 for ps+ – i’m out

just looked at main post again and it clearly states it has a platinum so ignore my question doh!!


No problem!

It’s about time! We’re always ridiculously late over Xbox LIVE Arcade…


Major Nelson will put Team17 CEO in a headlock if it doesn’t go on Xbox live arcade first… I am told


omg i loved worms 4 holy hand grenade fights with super damage was awesome can’t wait for this :)


Thanks, hope you enjoy it!

I recently bought Worms United from GOG on my PC. Spent more hours on that game as a kid than any other I think. I got Worms on my PSX as well for xmas and I was sooooo happy, possibly the best xmas ever.
I do love the 2D ones and I managed to miss all the 3D ones so this will be my first.

Will this be a game to work on the vita also or via remote play?


good because i have been screaming on this blog about it since last september!
i to have been a huge fan since the Amiga version so my question is this
does it have custom music support?
also does it have a screenshot or video function?
many hated the 3D versions i relished them (except worms forts it was horrible hence it not being included) so … when are we to see a next gen 3D worms then? you have had a version for every generation except this one and time is running out guys..get it done!
thx for making a die hard fan wait by the way hows that extra MS engraved ivory back scratcher holding up? snapped oh.. well i told you so didn’t i…!


Does it have PS3 exclusive content because it was released later like Worms/2 Armageddon?

So this was a timed-exklsive for xbox360 if i’m reading right? Well then this will be know buy at all :), won’t support games that are timed exklusive.



I NOT BUYING YOUR GAME WHAT YOU probably ported over from xbox 360 because you can’t program the ps3 as your TWONKS LOL (YOU FAIL)

May I ask what size in GB this is going to be? Good to see a new game anyway, but I still want a nice big full-on worms game to buy in the shops!


What are the chances of this coming to PS Vita?

I primarily buy games on Xbox 360 as all my friends are on Xbox. Cross-play is going to be a big deciding factor going forward.

It may convince me to switch, at least for certain games that I know my friends will not pick up but would be able to play multiplayer at my house thanks to PS3/Vita crossplay.

Also, can the game run over Remote Play?


Will it b the 15th or will it be the 22nd/later cos we all no how unreliable Sony r nowa days



All games will eventually work via remote play.

CoolRichy008UK 12 February, 2012 @ 13:19

soon as i get this game everyone that ever said stupid childish things about me i will use thier names in the game and distroy them loads mwahahahahaha just like what im about todo on worms 2

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