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That’s another week done and dusted. What was your favourite blog post? I enjoyed the MotorStorm RC online play video and it’s always great to hear more about Aliens: Colonial Marines. Next week’s schedule is still coming together as I write this but I can say that we’ll have a fair bit of PS Vita news and a new PSN game that even I didn’t see coming…

Here’s your recap.

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  • Weekend Essentials 111 – The FINAL FANTASY and SOUL CALIBUR series return to PS3 this weekend, whilst a brand new edition of our Level Up quiz celebrates the upcoming launch of PS Vita.
  • First look: Darksiders II – Find out what it’s like to play as the unlikeliest hero on PlayStation 3.
  • Augmented reality on PS Vita – Bring the world into play with PlayStation Vita and dramatically change the world around you using augmented reality…
  • The features of PlayStation Vita – Take a look at the revolutionary features of PlayStation Vita that will change the way you play on the go.

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7 Author replies

Just want a ratchet and clank HD COLLECTION
looking forward to jak and daxter collection

favourite post was that little big planet has over 6 million user generated missions

Still getting no luck from Customer Services about the Jurassic Park codes. Over 7 weeks now and I’m still at square one.

Im back from holiday from australia for 5 week that psvita lumines-electronic-symphony game looks fun


Thanks for fixing the 14% installation problem in last PSN maintenance, I can finally play my lately bought and PS+ content, and catch up with some demos!

I seriously writing a video game and I need to know I can get an interview

How about a recap of the fact that the playstation store is broken since the “maintenance”?
And how you delayed The Simpsons Arcade till next week so it can be released on all platforms simultaneously- except it came out on XBLA YESTERDAY!!!!

James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 10:36

I just spoke with customer services and we have engineers working on a fix for the PS Store issues. I’ll let you know next time I receive an update on the resolution.

When will the PS3 get a new browser and some new music visualisations?

so gutted about my vita pre order now :(

ordered wifi vita and 16 gb card from gamestation and its going to cost £275.

i now see i could get much better deals elsewhere from play and amazon £234 for a game and 8gb card :( if i want to do that i lose my £25 deposit from gamestation and my £2 mem card deposit so hardly makes it worth it to cancel so guess im stuck with gamestation now :(.

before anyone says anything about not shopping around i re pre-ordered the day the pre-order packs came out and there were no offers like this.
gutted because as it stands the only game i can afford when i get it is super stardust delta from store because of the £5 discount so apart from that its going to be used as a psp for a while(i have a few digital psp games to re-download)


almighty-slayer 04 February, 2012 @ 15:11

My favourite was probably Access. Great job this week! And the sound of Lucy’s voice always brightens my day! :D

Did you find anything out about Vita digital game pricing? I see SCEA have confirmed they will also have a discount on digital versions of games, so SCEE is the only one left to confirm it :) I don’t expect you to confirm it to me right now, but a “there’ll be a post about this on the blog this week” comment would be great :).

Great work mate, as usual. Nice one.

James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 10:47

The Access videos really are great and the team does a great job turning them around each and every week.

Not 100% certain the announcement will be this week but I am pushing for it. Stay tuned!

Heyo James, i was wondering when Spyro the dragon (PS1 Game) will come to the PS Store? can you have a word with the store team? thanks.

and yes the PS Store is broken…but im sure it will get fixed :)

Carnivius_Prime 04 February, 2012 @ 16:09

PS Store’s working fine for me so it’s not happening to everybody just some unlucky folks.

I can’t access my ‘View Downloads’ bit on the (UK) PSN Store anymore? :(

It says – ‘An error has occurred’
then –
‘No content was found’

+ i can’t seem to download anything if i try & download a demo etc etc?

I wish SONY wouldn’t do maintenance when the PSN Store seemed perfect before LoL;)
(+ i can download things from the USA & Japan PSN Store tho? Hmm Strange)

James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 10:48

The engineers are working on fixing this right now. Sorry for the inconvenience and I will let you know as soon as I get an update on the resolution.

thank you for losing my download list sony


Does anybody know why psn store isn’t working when you try to download something, but when you view downloads it comes up with error 80023102?


Me buy dead island from store download screen is skiped and download list displays error 80023102 rang sony they say the store is under maintenance but that don`t seem true as my 2 brothers playstation on the same network can view there downloads list on there account but not on my account.
Hope that help some people.

James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 10:53

As RabidWalker said in another comment, this forum thread is the best place to get updates on the PS Store issues:


Oh ok im just wondering when it will be fixed because im really ennoyed as i wanted to play the dlc i was getting



Would be nice, I guess, if there was an update once in a while that didn’t remove functionality.

Can’t download anything except videos from the store either. This is of course only for my main EU account. Well done, as always, Sony.


So, XBOX got The Simpsons arcade game yesterday. And we have to wait till next week? :(

Well Im haveing problems with the network and im going to ring up sony towowow or get an awser why i cant downlord anything. If they fix it and lose it all i wont be a happy bunny and make sure they pay out. Not happy :[

The store hasnt been working properly for four days. Terrible service again, Sony.


if i loose my downloads i am going to be furious!!!


I have over a 1000 downloads

minisgate update time.

day 44 i think.
45 pages on the forum.

the responses people have been getting, when they’ve been getting any, have been beyond a joke.
this would be be a laughable situation if it wasn’t for the thousands of people getting ripped off.

i’m posting this in the hope somebody there realises the legal obligation scee are not fulfilling here.
that means a law you have to obey but are not doing.
that means scee are breaking the law, that means scee are involved in a criminal act.

and trying to change the description after the fact is just fraud.


James can you help i can’t checkout the download list on the store it’s always tell me error (80023102)

Nice its not only me( and i deactivate all devices this morning) with media go i can’t access to download list and i can’t buy WT:) doing in those maintenance :)
And stop crying about The Simpsons M$ pay for time exclusive as always
we take this for free :D
Around the clock around the clock………


the problem started after the maintenance as the maintenance man invited dee dee back LOL (I would recommend child lock) then invite dee dee LOL

i can’t access my download list either via ps3, wish i’d known about this problem before the store took my money :(

i’m getting this error aswell, as if to make it worse, i only just got my ps3 fixed after the YLOD… sony get your act together


I spy with my little eye somthing beging with b

URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!
are u hacked again ????
i buy lots stuf on psn but i have 0 games + dlc in mi download list !!!!!!!
i want redownloading demonhunter game but eror code 80023102.
no content mesage .

James Gallagher 07 February, 2012 @ 09:31

Hi everyone, I’ve just heard this morning that our engineers fixed the PS Store problems some of you were experiencing overnight. Everything should be back to normal now.


@monoliet Fool, maintenance man invited dee dee

problems i have = slow loading psn tropie slow updates slow
no dlc +games on list i already buy in past

35 jep like other tyme maintenace = biggest hack
so forgive me if i not trust psn. u promoting download games sony ?
make ith work .


I bet James Gallagher is out partying LOL

jes them working in lodon ath store download problems from jesterday
but them have lots problems latly , no good advetising.

Since its tkeing so long how about a Free full Game of anyone choice the only ones who affected and includeing me. And Sony should fire person who srew this up because if Sony from japan know who srew this up should get sack.

38 . partying whith his wife ;)

40 = free game ????? i not tink ,
so future = only dowloadebel games = big fail.


The maintenace man broke it every time he does a maintenace something don`t work right.

very smarth = he always have new work lol :)

download list workin fine for me so its not a network wide issue, strange


I bought FFXIII-2 yesterday with the preorder bonus codes. You let us input the codes and don’t even care if we can’t download them. You don’t even care to let us know about it first, or at all! People can spend money on the store or input their codes even if they can’t download their items and you guys are quite happy to keep your mouths shut and not give any notice to your own customers. Do you realise the popular reputation Sony is building for itself (and you lose old loyal/new customers for), or are you pretending that isn’t happening either? Sort it out.


Iv just checked my account and DL list is fine but when checking my old account it has the error.
Very odd considering the account with error was the one used when hacking/outage occurred and the new one was made after and all is fine!!
Was it Andy who stated the reason for late replies few weeks ago was due to emergency meeting? was the meeting about breach in the system (we all know its not been fixed properly) or was it about the sacking of the psn director and 2012 is meant to have big/better changes?!
Not really a surprise as i am very used to errors from PS but all will be fine in due time or there will be another huge loss for sony replacing all missing DLC


My brother account works and his is from when hacking/outage occurre.


Even stranger, who knows whats going on. Like i said i am sure all will get sorted, disappointing and an inconvenience to some but surprise it is not!

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