Inside PS Vita: Social Connectivity

In this latest video in the Inside PS Vita series, we speak to the developers behind such games as Reality Fighters and WipEout 2048 to see how the system’s social features, including Party, Near and LiveArea, will change the way we play together.

We’ll have the next episode of Inside PS Vita, explaining how Cross Play between PS3 and PS Vita works, here on PlayStation.Blog later this week.

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Loving these videos, but any idea when we’ll hear about the availability/price of launch games on the PSN store?

Also some info about whether we need to buy WipEout 2048 twice (once on Vita and once on PS3) or just make the one purchase would be nice to know.


James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 13:08

I’ll get chasing and try to find out when we are able to confirm those prices for you.

Oh oops, just realised that PS3 players can play against PSV players on the WipEout HD Fury tracks, not transfer saves across both systems, my bad. :P

Well it would be nice to know whether we will need to buy games like the MGS HD collection twice or will it just be one purchase like Motorstorm RC.


This constant stream of Vita marketing in this blog is totally useless since all 5 people who are going to buy Vita have allready pre-ordered it.

Shouldn’t Sony concentrate on fixing it’s broken european operations instead? You have a lot of dissatisfied customers with PS3 and/or PSP and I can’t see them being very excited on buying another overpriced games console with zero customer service…

more about fb,twitter,netflix,foursquare,skype apps. and data for 3G UK charges please.




PLEASE SONY!!!!!!!!!

Will I be able to transfer the games from the PS Vita game cards, onto my PS Vita memory card?

I haven’t read up on this, so this may be common knowledge, but no harm in asking:
As fas as I have heard, the game cards as well as the memory cards are connected to my PSN (SEN) account, and if that is truly the case then it would be pretty logical that I could store my purchased games on my personal card. Right?

Since it’s getting to that time where I would want to preorder my physical game cards, it would be good to know whether or not I can transfer them or not?

Appreciate any info.

James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 13:09

That’s not an option at present, I’m afraid.

Very nice.

I use my Xperia Arc act as my portable hotspot so I’m sticking with the wi-fi only model.

Thanks James, even if you could give a time-frame for when we’ll know prices/availability, that would be great.

james answer my question!!!!!!!!

im really desperate

are sony thinking about ratchet and clank hd collection????????


James: Thanks for the info!

Will most likely go for the downloadable titles, but would – as most of us would, this close to the actual release date – of course love to get the final pricing of the downloadable versions.

Has it been confirmed somewhere that all the titles available on day one as game cards, will also be available to download via the online store?

James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 16:45

Yes, every PS Vita game is available to download and certain games will be available on game cards.


Please explain why I can’t access any of my downloads on my PS3? Keep getting this error can’t even download anything new I’m a plus member this is unacceptable really just before Vita launches look into this.


Sorry James but this forthcoming update is probably way to little, definitely way to late, i mean two weeks from launch and people are still mostly confused regards data plans, store prices for games and many other things.. Now i did ‘stumble’ across a bit of info about the free wipeout game, IF you opt for vodaphone.. ok, we knew that, but in this advert it said, ‘included with 3g will be voda sim, TOP UP to get free game’, so i read from that it (sim card) is a pay and go option ?..
But the advert didn’t clarify this, because it was about getting the free game, IF you use the included vodaphone sim.
Confusing dosn’t enter it, Whats gone wrong with the ‘Relevant and Important’ information not being easy, if at all to find?.
Well i hope you and the team can clear up these mysterys for everyone, But i’m afraid that even if this can somehow be accomplished ‘this week’, the fact that it is so late in the day is a huge minus for sce/sony.


This is from the Vita’s user guide.

“In particular, when you are using a pay-as-you-go fee plan or a data roaming service, the additional fees may be unexpectedly high.”

I read somewhere that to be eligible for the free Wipeout offer you need to top up by £15 minimum. I’ll need to have a look for the link though.


@ Player42791 thanks for that info, seems a good deal, £15 of data And the free game, as long as the vita dosn’t somehow lock you into vodaphone anyways. Felt a bit sorry for a Aussie guy last week, he was in Japan and picked up a 3g, but got home only to find he couldn’t use his own providers, so it has to have a region lock of some kind, unless his was just faulty, but still, bad place to find yourself in either way.


Apparently in the UK it won’t be locked to a network

Here’s the relevant bit

“In the US, AT&T offer similar deals but, in the UK, PlayStation Vita isn’t locked to a network (after a negative response in the US to the AT&T deal) so if you’ve got a pay-as-you-go SIM from T Mobile or O2 for example, you will still be able to enable the data features of PlayStation Vita…”


Thanks again, that is good to know, as i prefer o2, even if just for the ability to use bt wi-fi zones.. mind you they used to be bt i think, anyway thats one query answered.


Here’s a link for the top up info


@chris and sheva im not onfused at all and i recommend amazon for £5 more than the RRP of wither model you get that vita model, an 8gb memory stick and one of the ubisoft launch games :)



Think Sony have done a big mistake by doing this Wi-fi version and 3G version. I would say that 85% will be getting the Wi-fi version.

So the near feutere will be pretty useless as almost no one will have the 3G verion. And that is also the reason why I will buy the Wi-Fi version instead.


@ extermin8or_
That looks the best offer by far, i was on the fence about buying launch one, but tbh i just been kiddin myself as i just can’t see myself on 22nd wondering what it’s all about, also, though not confirmed, i heard the free game (amazon) is little deviants, but that could change, i can see myself visiting amazon before the end of the week, But am kinda hoping that my local gamestation will make a response to this new bundle deal before i commit

Those links were great, bookmarked for future reference.


Just over two weeks before launch and you still have not detailed the full pricing schemes and free game offer for the 3g version.

Crazy marketing decision in my opinion.

Personally haven’t seen a compelling argument from you about benefits of this version so will be going wi-fi and tethering my mobile.

any news about the store being fixed and if i will lose my one time soul calibur v code becuse i wasnt warned

James Gallagher 06 February, 2012 @ 16:47

I don’t have an update right now other than that the engineers are working to fix the problems now. I’ll keep an eye on my emails tonight and let you know as soon as I hear something.


I too want the game prices for download. It will mean I can decide how many I can afford and how much credit I can get.

any news on how much escape plan, super stardust delta or hustle kings pricing
ps-how much discount will you recieve for purchasing from the ps store


I don’t mind about prices for retail games, but I really want to know the download only prices (Gravity Rush, Escape plan, Super Stardust Delta ect) I’m really excited… keep us the good work SCEE!

James –
Heard rumours that the cross-game chat featured on the vita will also finally happen on the ps3? Is this true?

Ok so I really want to want a PSV but there is still too many unanswered questions for me to gamble on a pre order and hope it gets the features it should already have…

I have a massive PSN collection on my PS3, is there going to be any way I can play these on my PSV?
Remote Play never seemed to get supported on the PSP.
Will this be the same with PSV?
Can I transfer any of my PSN games onto my PSV?

Or do Sony/developers expect me to re buy all my fave PSN games when they are ported to PSV with a few touch screen extras?

What PS3 games will support the remote play feature, I’ve seen the Killzone 3 demo but is this just going to be the odd game here and there?


There are upcoming PS3 games I want to buy but then I read they are also coming to PSV and I won’t buy the same game twice. Will there be Double Play editions of these games (ie like Blu Ray movies)??
Ironically I can see the PS3 versions dropping in price fast online than the PSV versions.

Have PS1 games actually been confirmed to work on the PSV?
Do PSV and PS3 PSN id’s link and are the trophies viewable on both as one account?

It’s a shame that there is still so many unanswered questions, I expect there will be more features rolling out but some of them could be months away (the PS3 improved over the years) but I don’t want to pay more as an early adopter but get less, as the features I’ve asked about are rocket science!?

DeMoLiTiiTiON-- 06 February, 2012 @ 21:05

im really excited forthe vita , like everyone else of course, but i have a few things that im still confused about and was wondrring if you could include them in the next video perhaps? 1. will cross game chat let me talk to people on the ps3
2. Can we add ps3 playees as friends on vita an talk to them
3.can we use a headset or mic?
And also why cant we view the downloads list on the store? no biggy just curious is all hope you can answer these for us , thanks man !

Nice video, glad I’ve ordered the 3G to give me the option.

There has been no word on Vodafones pricing structure. Any chance you can give them a poke?


Looks pretty awesome.
My wifi vita is already preordered and ready to be picked up on the release date.

I would upgrade to the 3G if Australia had any bundles like the UK and US are getting,
Or even just 3G pricing.

Do you know if there will be any vita bundles for Australia?
When can we expect the pricing for our Vodafone 3G ?

Please reply.
Thank you in advance.

Will there be a video on how the 3G will work, apart from internet. The social media, I have no desire to use ever.



Im really psyched for the vita but you guys really need to advertise this. Even my gamer friends havent heard of it. I only stumbled on news about it myself. Please advertise it and make it a success

Check out that guy rocking a Portugal top! :D Viva Portugal!

Portugal! :D

Will my Dungeon Hunter Alliance from PSN work for my PS Vita???

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