FuturLab’s Space Shooter Revealed, Music By Killzone Composer

I’m here today to show you our awesome new teleportation shoot ’em-up that is packed with innovative features – and it’s a game that YOU named!


Big Tease

Many moons ago we ran a mystery puzzle teaser here on the blog, the reveal of which invited you to suggest names for the game.* We can now reveal that there are FOUR winners who now have their names immortalised in the game, and each will win a promo code to download the game for free, or to share with a friend!

We had hundreds of entries, for which we were very grateful, and settled on ‘VELOCITY’, as it described the concept and gameplay very well – and is a cool word!


Competition Winners

The winners are:

  • Alan Eldredge / retrotekn0
  • Jason Griffin / Ehud_Alefti
  • Spider Mann / spidersparlor (this is Mr. Mann’s actual, real name)
  • Dan Stephens / sesameseed

Congratulations, your names have been included in the game – but we’re not telling you where to find them, you’ll have to do that bit yourselves! Thanks also to everyone else that took part and made it a very hard decision for us. ;)

Killzone Composer Brings Maximum Sound to minis

Here at FuturLab we don’t think it is good enough to churn out cloned games. We wanted to do justice to the nostalgia of early games in the shoot-’em-up genre, so that people can pick up Velocity and feel right at home, but also feel the excitement of playing something completely new!


After many months prototyping, we knew we had something special with Velocity – the teleporting mechanics had never been done before – so we wanted a big sound to complement the gameplay experience.

We are therefore incredibly excited that Joris de Man, the award-winning composer who wrote and produced the music for Killzone 2 & 3, has co-written and co-produced the music for Velocity!

So it sounds incredible and is a genuine, high-quality homage to the classic games we older folk remember fondly. Check out the trailer below:

Velocity is a portable-friendly shooter that is packed full of innovative ideas, designs, sounds and gameplay – and it’s really addictive!

We wanted to use the minis platform to do something nobody had seen before, so we really hope you enjoy playing on your PSP, PS Vita and PS3!**

Velocity is due for release in March in Europe and the US, and will be FREE to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers!

Where are the Screenshots?!

If you want to find out more about the game, check out the screenshots, or stay in touch with me and the rest of the team, here’s a bunch of useful links:

*Some of you may be wondering what happened to the pilot’s name, as we asked people to name her too. Unfortunately we didn’t receive any suggestions that did it for us, so we named her ourselves: Kai Tana.

**If you like what we’ve done with Velocity, please show your support. There’s a powerful, shiny new handheld on the scene now, and we’d love to give Velocity the HD treatment! With your support we can do it!

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Hello folks, very excited to be here today :)

Hope you like the look of Velocity, here to answer any questions you have!

This looks awesome!


Hey thanks Suzzopher. We think so too :)

Congratulations on the announcement guys! Can’t wait for the game!

so,when is it comming out??
free for plusmembers?? xD


Hiya, release is set for 6th March US, 7th March EU – so not long!


If you’d like to know more about the game, check out: for an interview for a hands on preview

and for an in-depth interview and a bunch of awesome wallpapers!

oww,wait it is free for plus,somehow I mist that first time reading text

Looks good! Any story in the game?


Yep, we’ve squeezed a big story concept in as well. You’ll get to find out the true purpose of your mission, but will it be too late?

You’ll have to wait and see :)


Don’t forget to check out this Hands On Preview:

spider mann how brilliant is that :)

should get marvel to sponsor him like nintendo have with robin Williams daughter zelda.


It looks like a nice game, being a mini etc, i have to be honest and say i don’t put too much time into playing minis, or ps1 either, maybe if i played them on the move, as i like some mobile games when out travelling and such, but on the console i don’t really have the spare time tbh.. Also the few minis i did begin just got left, i think it’s the feeling of a lack of reward, and i’d bet thats how a lot of other potential buyers feel about them, it’s a sad thing sometimes that trophies can actually influence you in your choice of game, But as long as there here and minis don’t support them i guess (like other older/classic) a lot of people just won’t even see what a good xp they are missing. Still i wish you well for Velocity, cool name btw.


Thanks for commenting :) We have implemented our own trophy system in Velocity. You get 140 trophies to unlock. My favourite is called ‘Face Palm Napalm’ :)


Folks, if you like what we’re doing, come show your support on Facebook!

Then we can keep you up to date on all the cool stuff in Velocity that we haven’t had time to tall you about in this post :)


damn.. this looks awesome. and the post on thesixthaxis made me make a small jump. this is a miniS.. so.. no trophys. then i may not even play it. why!! why sony.. why no trophy support. hoping for trophysupport in a hdversion ;)


We’ve added 140 trophies to the game, with our own system :)

Interesting. When I was trying to think of a name for the game I deliberately avoided using anything that might already have been taken. Velocity is already a boardgame (VeloCity, or Velo City to be precise – as it’s about cycling), a free online game, and a lot of games use Velocity in the title, like Split Second: Velocity, Terminal Velocity, Escape Velocity etc etc.
Also it has nothing to do with Teleportation.

Ahh, well I’m probably just bitter my name didnt win :P


Hehe, aw.

Four people thought Velocity was a good title, and we agreed.

When you play the game (if you’re kind enough to support us), you’ll see that it fits very well, honest ;)

Carnivius_Prime 09 February, 2012 @ 16:30

Ah so that’s what that was all about. Looks like an entertaining mini. I’ll have a go of that when it’s on Plus.

Looking great :) And to think this is being made in Portslade :) Not even a mile from where i live haha.

Not a + member but will be buying this!


Hehe, thanks pal :)

Do we know you then? I don’t recognise your PSN ID…


If you folks haven’t checked out the interview with me and Robin the programmer at and the hands on preview with, go there now! :D

No worries James. I’m a sucker for a decent mini, I’ve bought loads of them since the scheme started, so I’ll be sure to pick this up as long as it reviews well.
(I’m not a Plus subscriber, so I shall pay for your game. Real cash monies, wooo!)

I’m just surprised Velocity survived a trademark search. There are, like, 97 other ‘Velocity’ trademarks out there. I’d hate for you guys to end up in an EDGE or Trenched/Iron Brigade situation.

looks awesome for minis title very nice guys. I’m very happy
about this :D

I’m glad that my playstation plus subscription is ending soon that way I will be able to support the game expecting an HD version!

Also If I was a normal usernot playstation + I will be getting this right away even if it isn’t HD like Laughing Jackal did with hungry Giraffe because:

A) it’s a shooter
B) it has teleports (oh yeah)
C) 140 trophies own system (I’m gooing to get them all)
D to infinitum) Joris de Man Music from killzone 2 awesome and 3 awesome in this one also awesome.

Right there are not more things to say except good luck I hope you release an HD version I will be in the first of the list to support you guys, I always see a good game far far away before it’s even launched and this is one of them.


Thanks Elrimen! :D

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