Inside PS Vita: Cross Play With PS3

One of the standout aspects of PlayStation Vita is the way it interacts with your PS3, whether that’s PS Vita and PS3 players competing on the same track in WipEout 2048, or starting a game of MotorStorm RC at home and then picking up where you left off on the bus to work. The latest episode of the Inside PS Vita series talks to the developers of these games and more to see how Cross Play is changing the way we think about portable gaming and how it relates to the home experience.

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Tridentmorph 9 February, 2012 @ 12:10 pm   1

Obligitary request for info on psn pricing and how release will work for vita launch games.

That said interesting stuff.


Does WipEout 2048 allow you to play all HD/Fury tracks online?


Does WipEout 2048 allow you to play all the HD tracks online against the PS3 users?


I played the ps vita today at the game shop i played uncharted golden bbss


i also played reality fighters and modnation and wow its epic

INS1GHTFUL 9 February, 2012 @ 12:22 pm   6

I would like more details on remote play. It was only skimmed over in the video but this for me is an excellent feature. What ps3 games will support it on vita launch?

s-p3ci4L-K 9 February, 2012 @ 12:22 pm   7

Although a cool fetaure, I would like to know, of the other cool future, remote play. We were led to believe that all games from ps3 could be played from the ps3 on the VIta, and only recently this said to not be true. And as of now, very few if any are compatible or have any plans of being supported. As this is a major feature for me to consider if buying the vita, I have currently postponed my pre-order, just until this gets cleared out, will the VIta support remote play, and if so with whcich titles? All retail? All psn? only Psone? only Psminis? None of the above?

dazzy_t123 9 February, 2012 @ 12:26 pm   8

so when is ps3 xmb getting updated to support this?
an answer would be appreciated (expected lol)

dazzy_t123 9 February, 2012 @ 12:32 pm   9

when will the ps3 xmb update to support features like remote play, surely the xmb will change layout?
@ross could you at least give s hint

TalllPaul 9 February, 2012 @ 12:33 pm   10

awesome stuff 🙂

KillerXp82 9 February, 2012 @ 12:34 pm   11

Yes plz give more info on remote play, I’ve been buying games thinking I’d be able to play them through remote play instead of having to store them on my memory card as I would most likely only want to play most games while at home. Now I’m hearing otherwise, can you plz clear this up for us?

paulpmcgrath 9 February, 2012 @ 12:36 pm   12

will FIFA vita support crossplay or newer editions in the future even?

stargateheaven 9 February, 2012 @ 12:55 pm   13

i just can’t believe you..
the psp could do remote play, only 2 games supported in the end.

And isnt the other thing the same as kojima’s TRANSFARRING?


I wish you could ‘remote play’ with every PlayStation game you owned 😛
Say you put in a PlayStation game in your PS3 (PS1 or PS2 or PS3 game) & then when your out you could play it on your PSVita 😛 (+ yes i know the PS3 can’t play PS2 discs…BRING BACK PS2 PLAYBACK TO A PS3 PLEASE SONY…Dam i said it again) LOL;)

Coleguilla 9 February, 2012 @ 1:42 pm   15

This is the main reason I would like to buy a PSVita, able to play PS3 games whenever and wherever, just connecting via remote control. Could it be done with 3G? The PSP was also announced to have this feature, but only Lair was capable to do it along with a few PSN games. Hopefully this time will be for real, then Vita can count on me.


Does this mean the wipeout 2048 tracks will be released as DLC for HD/Fury or will it will be a separate title on ps3?


there needs to be more clarity on the whole remote play side of things.

i like many others was led to believe that most ps3 titles would be able to be played via remote play but as it stands virtually none can which is disappointing.

the most disappointing side for me is that people who have altered there ps3’s are able to play all titles via remote play on vita however honest users cant.

i thing some info really needs to be put out about whats happening with remote play on vita, its less than 2 weeks till launch and theres still so many questions unanswered.

remember you guys have to convert all the people on the fence to purchasers, i dont want to be the only one owning a vita on the 22nd and then it suffers the same fate as the pspgo.

SamTheSkater 9 February, 2012 @ 2:41 pm   18

Cross play is a really cool feature. Playing with your friends online on PS3 and then if you want to go somewhere, you can just continue playing in the same online community, against the same people, but on the go. Incredible. I hope a lot of games use this feature in the future. I know I will be using it a lot on WipEout!


For all those asking about PS3 game remote play via the VITA, here’s the truth. All PS3 games are capable of remote play (either by PSP or VITA) but Sony left it to the developers to ‘switch it on’ in thier coding. None did. Why would they when they can get a second revenue stream by release essentially the same game on a different device. 😉

What I want to ask, specifically in relation to 2048 and PS3 cross play, is how the developers are going to combat the insane load times on the VITA. It currently takes 118 secs (2 mins) for the VITA to load 2048 to race start. As a PS3 gamer, I’m not waiting that long for the portable device users.


3# Only fury tracks.

iiiiieeeeeiiiie 9 February, 2012 @ 3:54 pm   21


chrisandsheva 9 February, 2012 @ 4:30 pm   22

Aww i’m rather sad, i was ‘off the fence’ and Was going to pre-order tomorrow, But now i just hopped back,(on fence), firstly i have to say the lack of interaction in these vita blogs is terrible,Why isn’t anyone with knowledge on there pc replying to us.?. Was he asking for too much money per hour?. or do sce Not want ‘certain’ questions answered (yet), Secondly Remote play, myth or reality, as it’s only like The biggest reason 95% of people want a vita, Why the lack of concrete info, as i’m around 100% that sce would be shouting it from ‘every’ tv station, if they could. Finally the above video, Nice but kina pointless that you Can do remote play,..’if your elsewhere in your own house’, so i guess that is, only on same wifi as your ps3,?.

Remote play is when your in the house and you have mw3 in your playstation already so you can turn your ps3 and it sends the images to your vita instead of your tv you can only do this in the house as you have be in range of your ps3 the bloke said it if you listen to him

you got it right you have to be in your house

chrisandsheva 9 February, 2012 @ 4:40 pm   25

Sorry to double post
I seen the killzone remote play on youtube, so i’m guessing this was by someone who’d ‘altered’ their hardware,?.. as i had no idea about that till i read hayzinks post about this ability, would love to know about such things but am useless at that kind of stuff,… oh am also kinda honest to, so it wouldn’t do me much good. But if thats possible, for kids to hack into remote play, then Why the delay in making it official,?


Come on Sony…..
I will buy a Vita if remote play and cross play are properly supported.
The fact that there is no official word on remote play and only a couple of games are confirmed for cross play is not a good sign.
I’ve spent hundereds of pounds on PSN games and would love to be able to access and play them all on my Vita.
But I’m guessing this just isn’t going to happen, but I’m not prepared to re buy all my fave PSN games on the vita with the addition of a couple of touch controls.
I really wish Sony would release some details over remote play, but their silence isn’t going to make me buy a Vita!



my point exactly, the above comment about developers having to enable it may be true in the first instance but the fact hackers are able to do this to titles that dont have this enabled means that sony must be able to enable all games by some kind of firmware update for the ps3.

just a quick look on you tube shows what people have done with modded consoles and i think its unfair that honest users dont have the same access to remote play.

(btw i dont think losing the psn on your ps3 is worth it so hackers are wasting the potential of there ps3 to get this but its still unfair)

Bumblebee 9 February, 2012 @ 5:14 pm   28

Also would like to know more on Remote Play on Vita please. I’m getting one anyway but I like to be prepared.

Because I LOVE Remote Play on the PSP… streaming videos and music from my PS3 so I can watch/listen in bed is great.

Also PlayTV was great on Remote Play too, but I do miss not having the iPlayer working remotely on PSP… will that be tweaked to run remotely on Vita (unless it’s already on Vita)…

Really though we need more games running with Remote Play… currently on PSP I can only play PixelJunk Monsters, PJ Eden, and Lair (which I don’t have)… also the SingStar viewer can be handy too… but with Vita’s excellent controls, it would be great to get more PS3 games running on it, even if over Wifi (so I can play Skyrim while the girlfriend is watching Emmerdale, for example).

Oh, and is it true that Vita won’t play the PS1 games I have? I forgot, I can play them over remote play on PSP too. Should I want to.

Dante_Zero 9 February, 2012 @ 5:56 pm   29

what i’m failing to understand or have some one clarify is if i buy the PSN version of Motorstorm RC am i able to tranfer it to psvita and play it or do i have to purchase both versions to be able to play both at home and on the move.


when you buy one you get the other free.
they will be separate games but with 2 trophy lists.

KillerXp82 9 February, 2012 @ 7:20 pm   31

Hmm.. I see they don’t want to reply to us huh! Vary sad v_v

Also, Remember when they said there would be a bundle version of ps3 games which inc the Vita version as well? This vid looks like it was recorded back then.

chrisandsheva 9 February, 2012 @ 8:01 pm   32

It’s worse than sad, its very suspicions (imo), i mean to write a blog about interaction, then totally ignore every comment and query on it, just dosn’t make sense, not even by sce standards. This whole silence act as got me up the wall, one minute i’m saying, just get one, it’ll all work out, the next minute i’m telling myself it’ll just be another psp,go.. just wish i could get the info i need to decide.


im getting mine now no matter what and i have said that a few times as i feel it will have lots of decent games and features, i also am pretty sure like the psp it will evolve and add more and more stuff through apps and updates HOWEVER i/we should not have to take that on faith alone some answers and info would be good.

it all started so well as well with the access tour and such but with less than 2 weeks to go i still have questions i want answered so ill post them all again in the hope of an answer.

1. i dont like playing ps1 games on my large hd tv however i will play them on a screen the size of vita can you confirm that ps1 playback is coming and give an eta of when?

2. will sony make developers include remote play as standard in titles much like it is now a requirement to include trophies in games?

3. there is a secret port on the top of vitas(thats how the guy at access described it) will this add tv out functions at any point.

4. the vita has bluetooth so can i use my dualshock if i so wish?


also this is just a quick point id like to make.

psp games are now playable on more than one platform on vita but some games are priced higher than some vita games i feel the prices of psp games should be lowered permanently and any game over 1 year old should be priced under £10 this would give a boost to the number of psp games sold and also give another pricing tier to games for vita.

just a thought

neutronbomb 10 February, 2012 @ 8:20 am   35



Hmm, nothing really new from the PSP, everything they talked about could be done on PSP as well, that didn’t work out that well did it? We got Lair, Lego Batman & the Singstar playlist creator… in 6 years.


@ #27

“..means that sony must be able to enable all games by some kind of firmware update for the ps3.”

I’m afraid not. The switch to turn on Remote Play is contained in the game code. A ‘hacker’ can patch their game to enable this function by using custom FW but it is not Sony controlled by the OS.

Sony should insist that all existing (by patch) and future games have Remote Play enabled by default but they won’t do that, they’re too scared of annoying the developer studios.

People really need to step back from the hype around VITA, it’s the PSP all over again with one tiny difference, a touch screen. Sony have proven over and over again that they advertise remarkable things with their hardware and then we all find out that, while technically capable, none work as described. It’s sales PR at work, nothing more.