Motion Controls In Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition

Hi, I am Mie Kumagai, Executive Producer for Virtua Tennis. Welcome to the second of four blogs where I will talk about how we have implemented the unique new features of the PlayStation Vita to full effect in Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition. Today I will talk about motion controls.

The PlayStation Vita allows you to play games using motion sensors; by simply tilting the screen at angles of up to 360⁰ you can take full control of how you view the game.


In Virtua Tennis you get the most realistic tennis experience possible with a new game mode we have called ‘VR Match’, exclusive to PlayStation Vita. This game mode gives you a first person view of the game and really makes you feel as though you are on the court with the players.

The control you get over the game and how you view the court and its surrounding areas provides a great gaming experience. Matches can be viewed with 360⁰ views of the court and all it takes is to tilt the console to wherever you want to look. This really gives you the feeling of being on the court with the pros.


Another feature using the motion sensing controls is the mini-game ‘Rock the Boat’. This is a fun extra which puts the player against a timer to score the highest score possible. You must reach the checkpoint score in the allotted time to keep the game going and keep increasing your score.

The aim of the game is to hit the targets on the boat; you can do this by ‘rocking’ the boat to reach more targets, by simply tilting the console left and right. When a target lights up red it means you can earn more points when it is hit.

We are sure you will have hours of fun with these new motion sensing features and that they will have you hooked to your PlayStation Vita!

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition is out on 22nd February, 2012.

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Sounds Good ^_^

Although I’m no good at motions controls so not really for me.

will it feature online doubles?

It certainly will TalllPaul.
You can play online singles, doubles and a variety of mini-games against your friends through Wi-Fi.

This game looks really good!! Looks even better then Uncharted:GA


Many thanks kivi95, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for making a native res (960×544) game with 4xMSAA that’s also 60fps during gameplay. Add the OLED’s high pixel density into the mix and the game should look very smooth indeed, some developers are making the wrong sacrifices like dropping the overall resolution instead of detail.

Also, while VT4’s PlayStation Move motion controls turned out quite poor, giving no more analog input than a DUALSHOCK 3, World Tour Edition’s touch controls appear to actually give you control of where you want to place your shot on the other side of the net and you can move your player how you want, mixing different inputs.

VR Match looks like it was MADE for the PS Move controller, WHY would you make such a mode exclusive to a handheld? It belongs on PS3 with Move more than any other move game I’ve seen yet. Keeping it exclusive to Vita is just nuts!

hi am a new psn uses I have a psp 1000 DSI XL and I got two psns this game I will gave it 9.0 its a good game game on psn rocks xbox live is no good! !

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