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If you buy a Vita 3G from a different retailer will you still get a Vodafone sim card with the Vita ?

I’ve ordered from ShopTo if that helps.


That’s fantastic.
Now to wait nervously and hope Vodafone Ireland match the offer…


Any idea on PSN games pricing; I keep asking, but I reallllllly want to know! :)

I’ve always wanted to know how to assemble an AC adapter! :p

But reading feedback comments and forums in the last few years, I’m starting to see why you’d need to show that.

I’m getting my 3G+WiFi Vita from Amazon but I’ll be taking advantage of the Vodafone £5 top-up with WipEout 2048. Bargain!

£5 for 250MB are you having a laugh Vodaphone?


Hey guys! Something has gone horribly wrong and I can’t log into my author account. Whoops!

Anyway – I’ll be answering your questions from this one. Sorry about that.

@1 The WipEout offer can be used no matter where you buy your 3G PS Vita from. Just use the 3G Vodafone SIM and top it up with £5 and Vodafone will text you a code for the game.

There is no info on their site about specific price plans for the Vita. just the rubbish £5 top up.
How long will that 250MB last if you just do messaging or social gaming?


How do we top up the SIM card. Is there a app on the Vita. Or can we use our PSN sorry SEN credit to top up vita the store. Or do we get a top up card?

Cool, does the Wipeout game include the online pass?

Ok here’s where I’m a little confused. Can I DEFINITELY get this offer even if I dont buy my Vita from Vodaphone? As Ive pre-ordered mine at Argos (I work there so Staff Discount is a must) and their website lacks any details. Do ALL 3G Vita’s ship WITH a sim card?

@dean147 pretty sure you get wipeout for topping up no matter where you order from.

Got this of the Facebook page might help.

PlayStation Access ‎John Williams you do not have to buy the console from Vodafone to get WipEout 2048 free. You just need to get a Vodafone 3G SIM from a Vodafone store and top up with £5 to get the game.

almighty-slayer 09 February, 2012 @ 18:40

£5 for Wipeout then switch to a decent provider :D


Thanks for posting that @bap10! I can confirm that you do not need to buy the PS Vita from Vodafone in order to take advantage of the WipEout 2048 offer. If you want the free 4GB memory card, you’ll need to buy through their stores though!


@Ocelot07 – you top up your SIM like you’d top up any mobile phone :) You can use Vodafone’s website, call their customer service, walk into a store etc…

im glad i ordered a wifi dont see the point in the 3g as you can only play games over wifi anyway, theres no online play over 3g so just order a wifi and save yourself £50 and buy 2 games

It was mentioned at the vita rooms that it was gonna be £15 to top up and that would give you 1gb usage and it could be rolled over month on month is this still not the case ?? If this is gonna be the only scheme I cant see many people staying with vodafone once they have their free wipeout game from they’re £5 top up !!!

@17 I had preordered the wifi with Amazon, then I moved to the 3G for the following reasons:

3g = +£50


-£25 from that for Wipeout (£30 most places)

The 3g is the only model with GPS (the wifi version uses wifi location services)

Finally, who knows what will happen in the future, maybe they will add calling to it so it really is a PSP phone.

My question though is the same as everyone else, I have this pre-ordered at Amazon, can I still get the Vodafone sim in the box that can be topped up for £5 and get wipeout???


you realise that offer is unlikely to get anyone who actually knows about this tech to buy it unless they 1st learn about it in the store? :p seeing as amazons etc’s deals are still much better lol

@13, got the link to the facebook page? :)


Anyone who hasn’t allready pre-ordered..
I read that every 3g is shipped including a voda sim.
Also hmv are Giving either uncharted or fifa for same price as other shops, i mean as a free game, so if that costs £35to£40 (is it?) then it is one of the better bundles around, apart from online of course.
btw either game means your choice.

almighty-slayer 09 February, 2012 @ 19:28

EVERY 3G unit has a Vodafone SIM included. You can stop asking that now :P


gamestation also told me it was a £15 top up to get wipeout, is it possible that the £5 top up is only when you buy direct from vodaphone


Who’s the guy with the sheep avatar,? .. Are you really whatshisname from voda, ..lol.. Anyway so you just get a voda sim, top up a fiver and get your wipeout code,?. Any vodaphone sim, nah didn’t think so, but i guess stranger things have happened. Just in case though i Will be enquiring about that.

Nothing really new here. Vodafone still not giving away details of price plans on the vita. Until then I am not interested. Unless the lack of pricing means free unlimited data ;-)

almighty-slayer 09 February, 2012 @ 19:52

The guy with the sheep avatar is Musterbuster


It’s the guy from SCEE that posted this page

almighty-slayer 09 February, 2012 @ 19:54

Also YES you get a SIM with your 3G vita. ANY Voda SIM will work, you just need to put it in your Vita and top it up with £5 (250MB of data) and you get free wipeout

I am buying the Psvita 3g+wifi!! Why only buy wifi when you can have it all!!!


i don’t think you get me, say i or anyone allready has, or just gets a voda data sim, what if anything is going to stop them just topping up a fiver and getting the code/game, even if you don’t have a 3g. or even a vita for that case.
Also apologies MB, wasn’t sure it was for real.


Stupid lack of edit button,
egards my last (2) posts, am going off posts 13and15..

So I wonder what happens to the rest of your £5 if not used by the end of 30 days?

And how do i plug the PSVita plug into the wall plug socket? LoL:D

I bet this top up plan makes you get attached to the network for 12 months., so in theory you get the game and the memcard for free but you will be paying them along the year with the plan you’re subscribing, a laughable plan, 250Mb, seriously? Even the 600Mb for smartphones, the most comon and most used in Portugal is enough, and you’re telling me that 250 for the Vita is enough? LOL

In Portugal we use frequently a say that says:


Now use google ;)


Gamespot’s article has really put me off:


Things which make me annoyed:
* Proprietary USB cable for recharging i.e. you must then buy a new USB cable if you loose it and them mobile cables aren’t compatible
* No multi tasking, why should you close game to browse the internet?
* UI interface isn’t great

dont ipods and ipads use there own Proprietary usb charging cables?
this is nothing new.
i tried the ui at the access event and it never bothered me, also remember theres nothing to say that the ui wont change over time.

mind you i would be happy with just the normal xmb i like that :)

almighty-slayer 10 February, 2012 @ 01:30

@36 no, you pay month by month. NO CONTRACT. You’re also free to use ANY NETWORK YOU WANT

almighty-slayer 10 February, 2012 @ 01:32

@37, you can multitask with everything except web browser. Who’s saying they won’t add ability to use browser while in game?


@almighty-slayer So your saying you are limited to what the devs of each game want? Don’t be ridiculous. Obviously two games couldn’t be played at the same time but a browser…

The whole thing, Vita, memoriecards, extra baterie, 3G abo, games, is going to cost a fortune!
And then all the problems reported with the long loading times, USB charging, webbrowser not during gaming, only one account, the list goes on and on.
Sorry Sony, I have to pass and wish you good luck selling this handheld.

almighty-slayer 10 February, 2012 @ 03:23

@41 what? I didn’t say anything like that. Multitasking works with EVERYTHING. Except browser. Everything else on the OS can be opened while in game, believe. Apart from another game, obviously. I said “who’s to say they won’t add the ability to browse the web while in game” as in, via firmware update.

liortttttttttttt 10 February, 2012 @ 04:20

Wait wait wait wait so I’m going to get a wifi model from GAME and I can just go in to vodaphone give them 5 pounds and get wipeout for free so I save 20 pounds?

@17 nice i thinking the same thing when ordered the Vita :)

so how much is 3G a month is it £5 ??

@bap10 – thanks for the link!
@chrisandsheva – not sure about that pre-existing sim thing:
a. They know the numbers of the sims they are putting in the boxes
b. It said “somewhere” they *text the code to your vita* – implying they know
the sim is in a vita
@ShadowDoGGG That gamespot article has been almost universally panned
@OttoT Calculate the cost of all that stuff Vita related and offset it against say an Ipod Touch and you will see it isn’t that expensive, only the games which are many times better than the rubbish you can get from iTunes for £1. Personally I don’t want a PSN full of tat. That said, the games should be £20/£30, no way any game on any platform is worth more than that to me.

Personally, I am looking forward to Skype arriving on Vita, hopefully that can run in the background and interrupt games, then I can cancel my other mobile, get a Skype in number and have a proper PSP phone :)


@44 (RE: Getting the offer without a 3G Vita)

I’m wondering the same thing. Only getting the wifi version (don’t see the point, yet, of the 3G) but would happily get Wipeout for £5!

Anyone know?


Can you use a contract sim in the PS Vista as I have one that I pay for and dont use due to having a rubbish Blackberry and changing back to the awesome Iphone.


@dean147. You can buy games now and depending on the title the price varies. I would say its between £20 and £35.

Regarding top ups the easiest way to do this with a data card is to get a top up swipe card which is specific to that top up. You can top a data card the same way you top up your phone.

Reg Vodafone data charges when I worked at Vodafone there data charges for pay as you go were the highest so my question is if we wait a while will we be able to put any sim in the vita or is Vodafone the only network that will be allowed? In the uk O2 or 3 seem to have the best data pricing on pay as you go and if only get Vodafone I would just get the wifi version of vita.

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