IGN AU Team Host Epic Twisted Metal Party

To celebrate the upcoming resurrection of Twisted Metal on PS3, the team at IGN Australia put on their biggest Black BETA game event yet. Hosted by IGN Producer Beau Ushay, the event was held at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory, with winning members attending from the IGN & PlayStation web communities. Ice-cream trucks, hot dog stands, & cosplay bar staff…they were all present at the event, including music by IGN’s own DJ Cam Shae. There was also an 8-player network setup to hold a brutal onsite competition, with the winner on the night scoring a free PlayStation Vita, for the system’s Feb 23 launch in Australia. Narayan Pattison, Publishing Director at IGN Australia informed that the event drew ‘record crowds’.

Finally, retro versions of Twisted Metal on PSone and PS2 were also on display at the event (for historical reference), and while they were great to look at, they certainly prove that game-tech has come a mighty long way since those early days. So thanks IGN, for hosting a whopper of an event to salute a major piece of PlayStation’s gaming heritage. Now let’s proceed to that March release shall we! :-)

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you deserved it Australia, almost every game is banned over there..


I’m actually surprised that they haven’t banned it in Australia. Nothing annoys me more how they think they can make that decision for us :(

I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! Absolutely loved the demo/beta :D

Sucks that we get the censored version just because some countries are very strict :( I want directors cut Twisted Metal, the way Jaffe wanted us to experience it!

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