PlayStation Vita Discovery Apps: Frobisher Says And t@g


We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the range of amazing games that PS Vita has to offer here on PlayStation.Blog, but you may not know about the great range of Discovery Apps also coming to the system. They are free to download from PlayStation Store and are designed to showcase the unique features of PS Vita through innovative interactive experiences.

Today we want to introduce you to the first two Discovery Apps: Frobisher Says and t@g. But rather than me telling you about them, I’ll leave that to the people who have developed them…

Frobisher Says by Ricky Haggett, Honeyslug

Frobisher Says is a surreal party game, where players must obey the whims of a strange little man called Frobisher, who is terribly spoilt and entirely used to getting his own way. He’s terribly demanding and a bit frightening if crossed, but his orders are often quite whimsical – he might insist on players doing things like “poke an otter with a stick”, “deliver my pudding on a toy train”, or “smile at some ladies (but not at the badgers!)”. He might even ask them to prise open all the clams in his spaghetti marinara – despite the fact that he doesn’t even like clams.

The game showcases all of the features of the Vita – from front and rear touch, to motion, camera, and face-detection, as well as traditional controls. It’s designed specifically to be played with up to 8 friends, but you can play alone for high scores too, if you don’t have any friends.

Cheech DeliverPudding

There are over 50 games, each with a unique art style – we worked with a large and diverse art team from all kinds of backgrounds, from comic books to pixel art, collage to medical illustration – so that as the games change, the art does too, spiraling players down into Frobisher’s crazy, confusing world.

Frobisher Says is available for free as a pre-order incentive at the launch of PS Vita on 22 February. It will be available to download for free to all PS Vita owners in May 2012.

t@g by Andrew Rourke, Bolser

Taking the massive craze of tagging to a whole new level, t@g on the PlayStation Vita showcases cutting-edge features and brings gaming and creativity together in a splash of virtual ink.

Nothing is out of limits, the whole planet is one giant virtual space and it’s there to be t@gged.

t@g lets budding street artists show off their artistic talents by creating virtual t@gs and unleashing them anywhere in the virtual world. Utilising Augmented Reality and GPS, t@ggers can view a virtual space through their Vita and then apply their own unique virtual t@g.

As t@g only exists in a virtual environment there are no spray cans, just the rush of t@gging bigger, better and more adventurous places than anyone else to earn rewards and respect.

Screen 5

It’s not just a case of placing t@gs randomly, though. Every t@g placed earns points and valuable t@ggits, the in-game currency. Points help players go through the the graffiti world from beginners to t@gging veterans. There are also special stickers allowing players to improve their rankings and earn street respect.

Global leader-boards show how players are ranked, and if they visit a new area they can check out the t@ggers in that location too.

Screen 8

To get creative inspiration, the t@g editor provides tools to help t@ggers make their virtual mark. To stay one step ahead, players can use the in-app credits they’ve earned to unlock new features in the t@g store so their t@gs can get more complex and creative as they compete for ultimate t@g supremacy.

There is a strong social element; other t@ggers can check out t@gs and let the artist know what they think by rating their skills. Other players can even overt@g, so it’s a challenge to see who can take t@g to the next level.

t@g will be available to download for free from PlayStation Store in May 2012; it utilises GPS functionality and is therefore only compatible with the 3G model of PS Vita.

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I don’t really get the point in Frobisher Says but uhh…. ok

im looking forward to Frobisher Says kinda reminds me of warioware and i loved that :)

T@G..The First PSvita/3G ONLY game, Hopefully one of many 3G only apps.Makes me glad i chose the 3G version.

Hello, i’ve noticed that the US got their Vita store up (no i’m not asking to do the same for EU until Sony decides to). What i’m going to ask is, does the Vita have a different store from the PS3 one? And regarding the list of Digital PSP titles we will be able to play, will it be the same as the US or there are some changes? Some information regarding Vita would be great for us, i have mine pre-ordered and i’d like to know which PSP games are playable so i can purchase them and play when the console is on my hands.

almighty-slayer 10 February, 2012 @ 12:33

Wait, Frobisher is free? Thought i was going to have to throw more money at you for that. No complaints from me, saves me money… Looks awesome :)


Interesting idea, particularly looking forward to Frobisher.

Question; do they have trophies?

Was really hoping these would be available at launch any info on day one apps because info is scarce already owning a wifi vita cannot wait for my 3G on 22nd feb any idea when the store will go live will it go up post launch or do we have to wait til 5pm on the 22nd?

Frobisher Says download me right this second.

Also I hear that some apps will have trophies like the alarm clock app that was announced for hong kong will we see that in Europe?


Awesome Apps, can’t wait to try out those with friends and total strangers! =D

Tech info at retailers aren’t quite specific though, does only the 3G model have built-in GPS? And does the Vita support the DualShock 3 controller through bluetooth like the PSP Go does?

Really looking forward to Frobisher Says.
And t@g looks like fun, but that will have to wait as I’m getting the WiFi only model.

btw when do we get our code for frobisher and the discount code for the games from pre-ordering?

£5 off stardust is great when it costs £10 or less

almighty-slayer 10 February, 2012 @ 12:45

Only the 3G version has a GPS chip (which is why t@g only works on 3G Vitas (Vitae?)). Not sure about controllers but i don’t think so

Looks like there will be quite a number of freebies for the PS Vita on the store.

OMG that tag app looks absolutely epic. i’m definately getting some time in with that once i get my 3G vita. 12 days is too long to wait. Can’t wait to see what others do with t@g

fjernbetjening 10 February, 2012 @ 13:24

T@g looks awesome, I love the crossover between the virtual world and reality, and it’s for FREE! Best. Deal. EVER!

@4 – I assumed all PSP titles bought from PSN would work on the Vita???


So it isn’t possible to get Location data thru tethering on you’re phone? Near is getting location Data when i log in on it by tethering..


I was lucky enough to have a go on Froshbisher in vita rooms and it was great fun

TehPhilosopher 10 February, 2012 @ 15:05

t@g is an absolutely brilliant idea! Too bad it’s limited to 3G/GPS model. Hope you guys will come up with more such games in the future.

t@g looks good but why would want to do that, it’s all a bit silly. People still look at me like I’m crazy person when talking on my hands free, imagine the looks I would get if I was holding my ps vita up in the air like that.

Thx anyway for giving the apps free but I think I’ll have to pass on them when they come out.


‘near’ only needs a rough idea of your location so I’d imagine your Vita’s getting location via WiFi hotspot positioning, not from your tethered device.

t@g’s placing your tags more precisely in the world so GPS is needed.

Happy days both look great fun, and free to. Glad I went for the 3G. Loving the hype build up on the blog.

I love the lightbulb logo and wasn’t expecting more freebies! :)

There’s lots of freebies and offers if you look around.

Pack-in augmented reality cards and free AR downloads from PSN
The Preorder Gift Pack
Free WipEout 2048 with £5 Vodafone top-up (3G Vita)
Free 8GB memory card and optionally one extra game for £15 with Vita purchase (Amazon – get Rayman Origins, everyone!)


vita looks great I hope more cool apps come soon to vita after lunch

Frobisher says:”Multi-task”


jonny_hart_digit 11 February, 2012 @ 11:23

you should not lock features to 3g only. my phone gets 3g and can send out a WiFi signal.

jonny_hart_digit 11 February, 2012 @ 11:43

why lock to 3g. my phone has that and can put out WiFi.

WaterElemental 11 February, 2012 @ 14:32

…and the award for the most annoying video goes to….

So this is useless bonus for those that preordered the wifi only vita.

When is the MW3 map pack coming ouy

when is the MW3 map pack coming out for non elite users

is it for the Preorder Gift Pack or for a amazon order?

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