Jak And Daxter Trilogy Retrospective With Naughty Dog

To help celebrate the impending release of the Jak and Daxter Trilogy, 2 Player Productions and our team here at Naughty Dog put together a video highlighting some of our favorite memories, trials and tribulations while working on the franchise. There’s also a look into the challenging and wonderful job Mass Media did in re-mastering this collection to run beautifully on the PS3.

Click on the video below, which premiered on Attack of the Show and yesterday, to check out Naughty Dog founders, Jason Rubin and Andrew Gavin, me, and other longtime Dogs share our experiences of creating the series.

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Fantastic! This will be the first HD remaster I’ve bought and I can’t wait :) Best franchise from the PS2 era. I’m just frustrated beyond belief that there’s a two week delay between the US and UK release… I have a free weekend coming up and I’ve completed all my games already!

never played any of these on the ps3, is it a kids game or suitable for all

So the game will be release next week in PSN .

I’ve only played a lil of these games on the ps2 but no I wouldn’t consider it a kids game, it can be tricky so suitable for all.

I won a copy of Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier for psp early this morning on the forums, I don’t believe it’s made by naughty Dog though so I’m sure what it’s like.

@ Hayzink

I think you meant PS2 ;)

All the titles contain adult humour & some of the requirements to fulfill the sidequests & missions etc can be quite testing!

I wouldn’t say these are kids titles at all & you owe it to yourself to pick it up ASAP, as you won’t regret it one bit mate! If you do eventually pick it up just remember me telling you that Jak 2 & 3 are vastly different from the original, incase you get put off from the 1st title that is!

£24.95 @ Zavvi this week!

@ KillerXp82

Jak & Daxter The Lost Frontier: Naughty Dog still produced it, but High Impact Games developed it!

@ Evan Wells

Will you release the Lost Frontier when PS2 Classics are eventually released on the EU store? I know it was ported to the PS2 from the PSP, as I owned & played until completion upon it’s release!

Would you consider another collection, with Lost Frontier, Jak X & Daxter ported?


doh! i totally meant ps2 lol

ill prob pick it up at some point but just paid for blazblue for my soon to be owned vita and have enough cash for 1 more game and i think it will have to be another vita title to justify my purchase of the thing.

@ Evan Wells

I’m aware that Naughty Dog have bigger projects to work on but please release something with the loveable Crash Bandicoot. We haven’t had anything this Gen, so it would be nice to have a collection in some form!

Surely you’ve seen some of the videos that have the original Crash Bandicoot, remade with the Far Cry engine? If not, check out Youtube!

Please can you mention to Vivendi, Radical Entertainment etc to release collections of the PS2 titles, including the Racing titles? At least we would have some form of Crash Bandicoot then ;)

The greatest franchise of the greatest era of video gaming.

Jak and Daxter in HD and 3D is a dream come true, can’t wait.

Now to decide on the BluRay or PS Store versions…..


crash nitro kart with online multiplayer ftw

Why isn’t this video on the trilogy disc?

ND dont own the Crash franchise any longer, I dont know who does own it but I know its not ND


activision own it so they will prob bring it back tied to a set of toys needed to play the game :/

They still have an influence on the original Cradh Bandicoot 1-3 & CTR so that’s why I mentioned it! Vivendi, Sierra, Radical Entertainment & Activision have all had releases in some form.

I didn’t mean to say for Naughty Dog to release it, but to mention it, sorry….DOH!

I just want Naughty Dog to persuade them ;)

@ Hayzink

Have you seen how quickly Skylanders has received a price drop? Won’t be too much longer & you could pick up the pack for less than £20!

* Crash Bandicoot


Can’t wait!

Ratched & Clank HD remastering next then?

Connor_mufc_1985 15 February, 2012 @ 12:54

Evan raise the level cap in Uncharted 3 and il buy it


had a shot of it in game and i would not even pay £20 for it i thought it was just a total cash in and i did not like it, having to have all these toys just to unlock specific areas and such was just lame.

if i had kids i could see them liking it but then there would be the inevitable questions about when they could get the booster packs and that would just annoy the hell out of me.

i should just point out i was never a spyro fan anyway but thought skylanders was even worse than the ps1 games i never enjoyed.


bad news i am afraid . the game has been put back a week. not happy :-(

@ Alucard6769

It was announced weeks ago, that the game was delayed from the 17th to the 24th!


i only found out this morning from amazon

What a brilliant documentary. Made me miss Rubin and Garvin being at Naughty Dog.

@ Alucard6769

Cancel your order & order from Zavvi, as it’s only £24.95!

According to the orignal naughty dog owners Andy and Jason, Sony own the first five orignal psone crash games and can do whatever they like with them. Activision have nothing with the psone series, So let Sony know we want HD collections. I would rather have a Crash Bandicoot HD collection of the first five games over jak HD.

I would also rather have new Crash Bandicoot game made by Naughty Dog over a new Jak, Uncharted or the Last of us. Crash was the best series Naughty Dog ever developed.


Sony owns the original 5 but Universal also has rights to them, so they’d have to get permission from them as they were a joint publisher.

Brilliant Video :P Old PlayStation News/Stuff always brings tears to my eyes LoL (as in i LOVE everything PlayStation) ;)

PLEASE sort the camera controls out…

When I press my joystick LEFT, I want the camera to look to the left, i.e. if it’s on top of my head, rotate it anti-clockwise.

NOT have the camera move to the left behind the player, i.e. the view is rotating around to the right…

Also when I press DOWN on my stick I want to look up, as if the stick is my head and it’s tilting back.

Sure, you may not agree with the way I roll when it comes to controls, but if you’re going to set them the opposite way at least, PLEASE, include the options to invert them… this is a game-ruining fault for me, at least it was with the J&D I played… it went straight back to the shop, exchanged. Same darn thing with Beyond Good & Evil… I cannot play with backwards cameras!

PLLLLLEASE update J&D so the controls can be configured/inverted where necessary!

@ Bumblebee

I agree, as I prefer inverted axis too!

This is one of the HD Collections that I was most looking forward to. And I cannot wait to play these games again. I loved them so much on the PlayStation 2. It’s just too bad they didn’t function well on my 60GB system.

Now, as for a second Jak and Daxter Trilogy, please include the other three games… Jak X: Combat Racing, Daxter and Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier!


I agree with Bumblebee. Inverted controls are a must.


It almost feels like I know these guys personally from seeing Uncharted TV all the time :p Awesome retrospective, puts me in the mood to play these.. Never played em back then because I wasn’t into cartoony games at the time and always felt like I missed out with this one.. This’ll be my chance to finally play the series..
Keep up the good work ND, you guys are gods.

i say bring back Keef the Thief. ^_^

i’d love to see Naughty Dog make a new RPG.

I’m sitting here, eating my dinner in front off my laptop with this vid playing. And I can’t eat anymore. Why? Partly because of the flood of nostalgic euphoria as all my fav J+D moments rush before my eyes at one. All the controls, item locations, quotes, Daxterisms, THAT plot twist near the end of Jak 3. Never has a game ever before or after matched the love I feel for this series.

The other reason I can’t no more, is that my tears of joy have made the food soggy.

Long Live Naughty Dog, inspiration to gamers, game designers and those whom aspire to become part of the industry.

Got the original games on PS2 and The Last Frontier on PSP they are brilliant, for everyone. Yes some tricky stuff. But is worth it ±€40 for only trophies, HD remastered and 3D? Gonna buy the Wifi Vita first. Somewhere in march the Jak and Daxter Trilogy will be on my shelf (the temptation) ;).

Nice to see replies from Naughty Dog to their fellow fans! *COUGH* SARCASM ;)

This has to come out for Vita! To play the trilogy wherever i am, sounds tempting!

Seriously!! No replies??

It would have been nice if we had some responses to some of our requests, in respect of The Lost Frontier, Daxter & Jak X…..Oh well :(

Naughty Dog, I know you won’t respond because you never respond, and I know the odds of you even reading this at all are very slim, but please, if you do read this, please make another Jak and Daxter game for the PS4.

They are simply the best. Always have been, and I know you can make them better. You can make them HUGE. Please do.

Darn me! I meant PS3. I’m such an idiot…


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