MotorStorm RC Trophies – Full List & Platinum Revealed!

MotorStorm RC is almost here! In no time at all you and your friends will be drifting on ice-caps, going for gold in the desert, fighting for fractions of a second along tropical beaches, and facing down your competition amongst a ruined city.


It’s rare for a PlayStation Network download game to feature a Platinum Trophy, so I’m pleased to reveal that MotorStorm RC is one of the few that does on both PS3 and PS Vita! “Lunatics Unite”!


Collect at least one medal on each festival event and you’ll reach the ‘Supercharged’ speeds of the Super Car: 16 lightning-fast Hot Lap challenges await that will test your skills like never before.
Let it Slide

Drifting has never been so much fun, but holding that slide for more than one turn can be tricky. ‘Let it Slide’ rewards your mastery of the drift when you throw down 2000 points in a single attempt. Do you have what it takes?
Wall Brawl

The Pitwall is the home of your MotorStorm RC community. See your friends’ times, their successes, their failings and, most importantly, challenge them to do better. Beat 10 times posted by your friends on the Pitwall to earn the ‘Wall Brawl’ trophy.



So what could the secret trophies be? Here’s a tip-off for one of them, to put you in the right ball park and get the ideas flowing:


The secret trophies will be revealed on the MotorStorm RC facebook page and the PlayStation Forums when the game is released but, in the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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21 Author replies

I just want to say great job on the pricing and the features for this game. It deserves to be a success!

One technical question: Will this game share a trophy list between the PS3 and Vita versions? That is: will I be able to work towards the same Platinum on both consoles? Or will there be two separate trophy lists?

Thanks for answering, and good luck!

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 15:37

Thanks for your kind words!

The Trophies for both versions are identical, so you can earn them on either PSVita or PS3, but it’s obviously a big bonus if you’re playing on both consoles.

All of your progress on MotorStorm RC will always be seamlessly synchronised between PS3 and PSVita over PSN, including Trophies, so you can play back-and-forth between the two without skipping a beat.

Carnivius_Prime 15 February, 2012 @ 15:07

What are the rules for PSN game trophies anyways? Does each type of trophy equal a certain amount of points that a game gets allocated to spread out? And why do some like this, the Alien Breeds, Spare Parts, Worms and some others get full trophy sets with Platinums and many, many others do not?

This game looks like fun. Have enjoyed all the previous Motorstorm games (recently bought Apocalypse and I can’t stop having a big stupid grin on my face while racing through those crazy tracks of destruction, most fun racing game in years).

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 15:46

I’m not the right person to ask about the technicalities of Trophies and Platinums, but I really hope you’ll enjoy RC just as much as you’re enjoying Apocalypse. The rivalries it sparks put a big stupid grin on my face too, just like Apocalypse does. :-)


Great question by @1, I was going to ask exactly the same thing.

Also, kudos to Sony for finding the ‘impulse buy’ point for these prices. When it comes to PSN, that is your best weapon Sony, so use it more often!

The “right” price = low-medium sales. The “impulse buy” price = Server crash from all the sales ;)

Anyway, will definitely pick this up. Great job guys, you always support PS launches with great games.

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 15:48

Thanks for showing your support, we really hope you’ll enjoy the game. Good luck hunting down Platinum on your PSVita and PS3. ;-)

Good job Sony. We like good prices.


You know what they say about great minds ;)

Is it ture that this game will only cost a mere £4.79?? It contains a Platinum for that price too? That’s strange as last year the Blog team mentioned that PSN releases that have Platinum titles are £9.99+ to justify it!

If the price is indeed £4.79….then SOLD :)

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 15:53

It’s true: £4.79 for UK and €5.99 for Europe. :-)

good to know that it’ll be playable as a psn game aswell as a psvita game instead of having to pay twice for it. i still can’t get a straight answer if this will be the case for games of simular ilk.
For example i own hustle kings already so am i going to have to buy it again to play it on my psvita or will it be compatible from the off?


Is they’re one plat between both PS3 and Vita, or can we plat both?

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 15:58

You can get Platinum on both.

This is such a day one buy!! Not for the trophies but because it looks so damn fun and BUY 1 GET BOTH is lovely.

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 15:58

Thanks kivi95! :-)


Dunno about this game, I suck at car games lol anyway to 1 & 3 the trophies double up so you earn same trophy you did on the ps3 on the vita…

I was watching the playstation ustream and they said if you have a game on ps3 already and its released on the vita like rayman for example the trophies will double up making you have 2 trophies that are the same and yes they will add up to how many plats you already have even if you got a plat twice on the same game it will be counted

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 16:03

MotorStorm RC has been designed to be ‘easy to learn but hard to master’, so hopefully you’ll be able to get into it. Pick up the trial and give it a go when it’s released on the Store next week. :-)

Did not expect a Platinum for this game at all. Great job. Considering this is a cross-play game, there will only be one trophy list right?


Very nice

#10: Rayman on PS3 and Vita is 2 completely different versions, therefor it makes sense to have one list for the PS3 version and one for the Vita version.

Two lists for a crossplay games like Motorstorm RC wouldn’t make sense cause you play a bit of the game on the PS3 and another part of it on the Vita. Don’t get me wrong, I want as much trophies as I can get, but it would create holes in the list for those that play part of it on Vita and part of it on PS3.

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 16:06

You can just as happily play the game from only one console. You can play the PSVita or the PS3 version or both and still earn the Trophies.


I didn’t expect to see a platinum for this game. Looks great, with a fantastic price! Definitely day one purchase for me!

I’m sure this will be one trophy list for you to work on with both consoles.


#13Rayman on the vita is exactly the same as the ps3 version with the same trophies as the ps3 the vita version just has extra features that involves touchscreen ….

Carnivius_Prime 15 February, 2012 @ 15:47

@Catkiller1 £9.99+ That’s odd since most of the PSN-only games that have a Platinum cost less than that (usually £7.99 on release). I don’t get it at all.

#15: I know it is the same game. It’s still technically two different games though. A PS3 version and a Vita version. The progress in the PS3 version does not equal progress in the Vita version.

Motorstorm RC on the other hand is a cross-play game, where the progress in the PS3 version also reflects in the Vita version.

Rayman trophy list on Vita actually adds a couple Vita specific trophies, but other than that, the same.

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 16:23

MotorStorm RC is also technically two different games: a PSVita version and a PS3 version. So even though it can be cross-played on both PSVita and PS3, there are in fact two Trophy lists.

James Gallagher 15 February, 2012 @ 16:02

I don’t comment on other people’s posts very often but I cannot wait for this. Great work Evo!

For that price…SOLD.

It’s already been said, but what a fantastic price point. I wouldn’t have been interested if it had been in the £10-£15 range, but at under a fiver, between me and my friends that’s several instant sales.

I hope it does well, so that other devs can see what a nicely priced game can achieve.

@ Carnivius Prime

Alien Breed 1-3 were all £9.99 upon initial release, Plants VS Zombies was £11.99, Spare Parts was £9.99, Dead Nation was £9.99, Wipeout HD was £11.99, Call of Duty Classic was £9.99, Warhawk was £19.99 & started off as a PSN release then a disc release came shortly after to name a few!

I asked last year in respect of a few titles whether ot not they contain Platinum trophies or not & was told if the price was roughly £9.99+ then expect it!

I actually can’t wait for this :) Modern Versin of Micro Machines on my PS3 & Soon to be Vita… Just pure Epicness! Great Job SNE on the Pricing! Can’t wait for those Platinums!

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 16:45

MotorStorm RC plays just like you remember, so hopefully you’ll get into it straight away. Good luck chasing down the Trophies! :-)

Will be getting Day 1. Still have to pick up apocalypse though.

I’ll buy this, no question. I’m amazed at the price, this bodes well for Vita. Others take note!


In terms of graphics is there much difference between ps3 and vita? buying anyway always supported motorstorm since day 1 good luck with it

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 17:47

There’s a slight difference due to the smaller screen size, but it looks fantastic on them both. You’ll be able to see for yourself from the trial next week!

so, last time it told you about me getting this. since then, i got hold of motorstorm apocalypse. now, i never got into pacific rift, but apocalypse is so damn addictive! beat the game, found the cards, am lv 14 in multiplayer – that plat is mine, and rc.. challenge accepted!

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 17:50

You’ve done the hard part already; collecting all the cards take a lot of skill and effort, well done! Make sure to pick up the chip rewards from the Weekly Challenges and the Challenge Packs from PlayStation Store to help boost your online Rank and bag that Platinum.

Hopefully you’ll get it just in time to pursue the RC Platinum next week. ;-)


Very good move to make it a RC game and not Motorstorm 4, the aggressive price and buy one get both seals the deal tenfold! Gives me a Super Off Road vibe from the Amiga 500.

So now about Motorstorm 4, make it WaveStorm for PS4 or Vita and you’re good to go for another gen ;)


TehPhilosopher 15 February, 2012 @ 16:40

5.99 EUR? 5.99 EUR for a Motorstorm title? Now THAT’S value! MS Arctic was the best arcade driving game I played on PSP, and can’t wait for this! I just realized it was not developed by you guys, but I’ve seen the quality Evolution puts out so I have full trust that this will be just as good.

And lol @ the hidden trophy hint :)

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 17:57

Thanks! Prepare yourself for MotorStorm on a whole new scale, with a new attitude and a focus on classic, competitive racing with miniature scale vehicles. It offers a unique experience that is quite unlike Arctic Edge, but it’s a lot of fun and we hope you’ll enjoy it just as much! :-)


When does this release for NA?

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 17:59

The release date will be announced soon for America.

jonny_hart_digit 15 February, 2012 @ 16:47

and Iphoners said there is nothing for the casual gamer on psv.

We need more BUY 1 GET BOTH games!

A lot more!

Great price, can not wait to play it.

Love everything I’ve seen about the game, and the pricing announcement added a massive dollop of icing on top.

It should sell really well and hopefully that will help push the case for DLC of extra tracks etc.

So we can get 2 platinums on the same SEN account?

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 18:00

If you’ve got a PSVita and a PS3 you can.

“MotorStorm RC is also technically two different games: a PSVita version and a PS3 version.”

When you say PS3 version, do you mean built for PS3 i.e @ 720p or is an upscaled version of the Vita game?

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 18:33

It was developed for both (i.e. 1080p on PS3)!

On PS3 there’s also stereoscopic 3D and offline multi-player: 2-player SimulView (same-screen) and 4-player (split-screen).


The beat 10 friends laps is going to stop a few from earning 100%, if it is two separate trophy lists that is, i mean i have one person on my friends list who is getting a vita, and i don’t think racing type games are his fav genre anyway, so i gotta say that adding that one was a bit harsh, That said the game looks brilliant, and for the price it is a bargain.
on topic of trophys/plats, it is silly how some psn games have a full set, but others have a stupid 12, am still fuming over resi4, though that was ‘blamed’ on capcom, .. ie sce let yet another m$ goal into the net.

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 18:49

Your Trophies will be synchronised between the two consoles, so this won’t be doubly difficult.

It makes no difference to your experience (or your Trophy progress) what console your friends are playing on. You will still compete with one another.

Talk about confusing regarding how the trophies are managed – I assume the following will happen –

1 – Playing on PS Vita I achieve the Gold Apocalypse Champion trophy, it is awarded to my PS Vita trophy cabinet.
2 – My save game progress gets synced with the PS3 version.
3 – I then boot up the game on the PS3, it automatically sees that I’ve previously satisfied the criteria for the Gold Apocalypse Champion trophy, so at that moment it awards the trophy to my PS3 trophy cabinet.

If this is correct, I think lots of people will get this game just for the x2 on all trophies!

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 18:55

That’s how it’ll work if you have both PSVita and PS3.

When will the vita store in the uk be up running?

Great work guys, looking good!

This question is probably aimed more at Sony staff: will there be a lot of PS3/Vita games which you can play on both systems (and obviously where you pay only one price)? Are there any that you can mention at this stage?

Platinum, yes!!! Please, sequel MotorStorm 4! :D

@Phenom_Evolution: Okay. Hope it doesn’t mess up things when you do some things on the PS3 and other stuff on the Vita.

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 18:57

You can play seamlessly, back-and-forth, between the two.

@mattbee: I think people at Sony are smart enough to avoid such situation.


I was disappointed when I first saw footage of this, instantly knew it would be over-the-top.. But thankfully this isn’t a fullgame so I’ll give it a try.. Can’t wait to see something like Motorstorm Apocalypse (my absolute favorite and probably favorite race game ever) on the PSV.


Just remembered something, there was a bit of a comp before christmas, with us posting ‘what we would take to a race meeting at (during) the end of the world’, what became of the announcements about whose post was the funniest ?, i ‘think’ there was a prize of some kind involved as well. All we got though was another blog saying the project had to be postponed, for a week or two, but i am sure it never returned, can you shed some light on this?. Some of the comments were quite witty and it’s a shame if it was all just forgotten about.. am not 100% but it may of been around the time that motorstorm apocolypse was put up for sale on the store.

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 19:00

Your memory is spot on. The choice comments were rewarded with the “Supercar Elite”. If you read back through the comments you’ll see the replies that earned the Supercar.

@38: That would be the good solution, and it could be happening. But think about the bad scenario:

1. You play the Vita version, and you unlock a trophy there.
2. You continue play on the PS3 version. It will know your progress in the game but it doesn’t award the trophy, and you can’t re-do the requirement.

I’m not a pessimist, I really don’t know whether the good or bad scenario will happen, but either way, it doesn’t seem well thought out. I don’t mind the good scenario though. I don’t mind getting two trophies for that same job if you know what I mean.


wow, great work on this game, everything seems right, the seamless play, the low price and the classic micro machines style gameplay. Every vita owner should get this

Phenom_Evolution 15 February, 2012 @ 19:02

Thanks, it’s great to see your enthusiasm for the game. We really hope you enjoy it too. :-)

I think it is a really bad system. You achieve something once but get two trophies. So you get 2 Platinums when you only should have gotten one. Comparing your Trophy-Score with people who don’t play Cros-Platform-Games suddenly seems unfair unless the lists for PS3 and VITA are completely seperated and we hace two trophy-ranks anyway, which would then be fair again but i really had hoped for a seemles integration of VITA-trophies with PS3-trophies.
I might actually not get the game because of that. I hope future VITA-games will handle this better i.e. one shared list between consoles.

So how is this handled? Is there a combined trophy-level per user or are there two seperate ones?

I was never very good at Skidmarks for Amiga but I’ll definitely be giving the trial a go. :D

Also it may be out of developers’ hands at the moment and something SCEI need to work out but when both versions of a game have identical trophies, they should really both contribute to a single, shared trophy list.


This news is too good to be true. A fantastic title, a low price, and two versions for that price. PLEASE let this be the standard for upcoming games that span PS3 and Vita. I will buy games I’m even partially interested in at less than $10, but the $15-$20 range (or charging me for each separate version) will keep buyers weary.

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