How Virtua Tennis: World Tour Edition Uses The PS Vita Cameras

Hi, I am Mie Kumagai, Executive Producer for Virtua Tennis. Welcome to the third of four blogs where I will talk about how we have implemented the unique new features of the PlayStation Vita to full effect in Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition. Today I will talk about the PlayStation Vita cameras.

Virtua Tennis: World Tour Edition

PlayStation Vita has both front facing and rear facing cameras, with supporting features such as face detection, head detection and head tracking that can be used for personalisation and customisation.

There was a great opportunity with Virtua Tennis to allow the player to personalise their experience as much as possible using the front and rear cameras.

Virtua Tennis: World Tour Edition

You can put your face in the game using the front camera and rise up the World rankings as you progress through your very own World tour career, competing against top players along the way.

The face detection function of the front camera allows you to import your face onto the PlayStation Vita, before customising every aspect of your player. You can change your appearance, kit and tennis accessories to make your player as similar to you as possible. You can also go on World Tour as your favourite player.


App_VtCam_03 App_VtCam_02

For the rear camera we used augmented reality to allow you to take photos and input your favourite players into them. You could have a photo of you and your family at dinner with Roger Federer hitting shots on the table or Andy Murray posing on your desk at work. It’s a fun extra that I’m sure people will really enjoy playing with.

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition is out on 22nd February, 2012.

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Very off topic but i got my email for preordering Vita to go and pick which game i wanted £5 off and it takes me through the original registration process and errors when i type in my preorder code, is anyone at Sony looking at this problem?

theres a work around for this issue, if you go to the initial email you received when you registered your pre order code and click the link in that email it will take you to where you pre-order your game. ill post the link here but dont know if it will work you may have to copy past it into browser.

dont know if that link will work it worked for me you may have to find the one from your own email

I loved the touch screen function, and now the use of the cameras. Now I am sure: I gonna buy this game.


That worked like a charm, glad i kept my original email now :D, Sony should really get this fixed ASAP tho.

Not something I have any interest in but I guess some mite find it cool, I already had this preordered with my Vita so you’re already going to be getting my money. ^_^


glad i could be of help

Who’s the guy with the big nose that they’ve used to demonstrate this?


@Hayzink: that link aint working for me it says it expired…

Sony how do I get my £5 discount, everytime I enter my pre order code its saying error with the code, yes I did everything righ capital letters etc etc etc


Going to get this off the psn but when will the downloads be going live?

Hope before 22nd afternoon, with my download speed won’t get it till the weekend.


VT won’t go live in Europe until the 22nd.


VT will go live in Europe on the 22nd

Pretty cool. I hadn’t heard VT world tour contains these features before. The AR looks pretty funny. I’ll also get this from the Store. People really like Rayman but this has a strong following as well. Has there ever been a proper midnight launch on the store before? I think Rock* and Guerilla did DLC at midnight once. Outrun launches midnight digitally, straight marketing hit that would be.
I’m like Medium on VT but really looking forward to the game.

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