PS Vita – The Stock Has Arrived Down Under!


It may be nerd-core, but there’s something very special about witnessing a truckload of PS Vita units being unloaded, unpacked, and prepped for final shipping to retail. Yes, we’re now officially in the final days leading up to the PS Vita launch in Australia, and ladies and gentlemen, the stock has well and truly arrived.


Here’s a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the operations of a major games company. As you can see, the PS Vita units arrive in very large quantities. Palettes to be exact, each containing somewhere in the order of 500 PS Vita units per palette. That’s a lot of PS hardware (drool).


Operational staff carefully unpack each of the palettes, separating stock into relevant groups (3G versus WiFi models and so forth). Then begins the arranging of actual orders for each of the major retailers. The same needs to be done for each of the hundreds of cartons containing the various software titles and peripheral accessories that will also be available for PS Vita at launch.


So there you have it. If you’re anxiously waiting to get your hands on a PS Vita on Feb 23rd, rest assured, the delivery trucks are probably on their way to your favourite game stockist this very minute. Now I’m off back to the factory to sniff those freshly opened PS Vita cartons once more! :-)

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That’s. Just. Beautiful.

Nino Kalogeropoulos 17 February, 2012 @ 00:42

ha ha thanks Pesico :-) It is indeed a beautiful sight!

1 for the Australians

100 for me.

2 for the Australians.

200 for me.

Very cool!

Though it looks like someone is stealing one in the last photo ;)
Quick catch him!!

Nino Kalogeropoulos 17 February, 2012 @ 00:44

LOL I never pictured it like that. Now PS Vita thief cannot be ‘unseen’!

Double stacked pallets lol

wonderland *_*

Wednesday is so far away! :(


The funny thing is that I read a story about a shortage of Vita stock in Australia.. LOL.

Well, it’s has been terrible here in terms of support. I called Vodaphone to ask them one question about the data plan. I was transferred to 10 different people. None of them know what the PS Vita is nor do they realise it’s on the front page of their website when I told them. So, I will be switching back my order to the WiFi console. You guys should have at least gone with Optus or Telstra.

Also, nobody seems to even know what the PS Vita is. Everyone, friends, work mates and so on have no idea. However I remember before the 3DS came out, everyone knew it was coming. Anyhow, good luck.

#8: And with this post, I assume they wanted to prove otherwise.

Nino Kalogeropoulos 17 February, 2012 @ 00:46

ha ha fair call indeed. I can totally see how it would appear that way :-) For what it’s worth, I had this article ready to go since a few days ago. True :-)

I was holding off on getting a Vita… but they’re here now. It would be rude not to give one a home.


@9 that’s probably the reason actually!

#10: What where you thinking! ;)


@CoolDust Yeh, innit. Going to pre-order tomorrow. I know I left it a bit late but I was undecided until very recently.

Along with ‘shortage of stock’, which I haven’t read, I also read three big retailers will refuse to stock VITAs in Australia. So if the latter is true, most of those will be collecting dust for a while :p

All the best to Sony as always though and I for one am supporting VITA.

Nino Kalogeropoulos 17 February, 2012 @ 00:51

Thank you somethingatt :-) Launching a new brand new platform in today’s cut-throat market is pretty daunting, so we really do appreciate everyone’s support :-) I hope you enjoy your pre-ordered unit when it arrives.

That’s nice. Now why the hell do we have to wait another bloody week for the device!!!


So it is packed, then unpacked and then packed? Poorly designed model if you ask me.


Why do I need to sign in everytime on eu blog now? Its really beginning to PI** me off!


hmmmm now how about UK stock hoping amazon will dispatch in next 2 days apparently they are taking payment tomorrow or saturday sooo….. :)


I just want to knock over piles of them, and swim it all. And then there will be one Vita smaller than all the others. I will call him squishy and he shall be mine. And he will be my squishy!

Nino Kalogeropoulos 17 February, 2012 @ 00:51

LOL Finding Nemo!

Nino Kalogeropoulos 17 February, 2012 @ 00:52

LOL Finding Nemo :-)

Wow <3

WOW:P All those lovely SEXY PSVita’s :P

#13 There’s a difference between ‘not stocking at the moment’ and ‘refusing to stock’. Maybe there really is a shortage?

Timesplitter_01 17 February, 2012 @ 01:00

Is stacking these common practice? It would explain why consumers get broken and unusable products out of the box.

Nino Kalogeropoulos 18 February, 2012 @ 12:28

Hi Timesplitter – thanks for your comment. Just for the record, the stacking of the PS Vita boxes was largely my fault. I literally told the guys – I need to photograph what looks like ‘an avalanche of PS Vitas!!’.


One of those is mine! If they are on there way to retailers, can i get mine earlier? PLEASE? ;)

amazing :)

So I am thinking of upgrading my wifi preorder to a 3G here at my local GAME store. But vodafone themselves nor GAME were able to give me any details on how we get wipeout for free once we connect/recharge with vodafone.

Will vodafone send us the wipeout download code? how will vodafone know we have recharged the sim that came with the 3G vita?

This is the only thing holding me back but GAME or vodafone don’t even know.

Nino Kalogeropoulos 18 February, 2012 @ 12:30

Hey Kunfushun – sorry for the confusion. I’ll find out what the exact process is and let you know on Monday. Cheers.

Nino Kalogeropoulos 20 February, 2012 @ 05:41

Hey again kunfushun. When you register the sim card that is included in the 3G pack with Vodafone, you’ll need to provide your details to Vodaphone, including your email address. Vodafone will then email you to that address, a PSN code to download the game once you have recharged. Hope this helps :-)

Brings a tear to my eye! How Beautiful.

#20 ya that’s normally how stuff is stored in a warehouse/factory, I know it looks bad but it isn’t. I’ve worked in factory & as long as the plastic film has been wrapped round it tightly it stays quite compact & doesn’t do harm to the boxes or their content.

Nino Kalogeropoulos 18 February, 2012 @ 12:33

Hey KillerXp82! Agreed. The inner-foam reinforcement of the PS Vita packaging would probably allow stacking of many a greater magnitude of PS Vita boxes than what is pictured in this editorial. Cheers!

Free vita to whoever guess’ the amount?

I count 36000 if it’s 8×9 Pallets @ 500 per pallet.

This is one of the reasons someone invented mastrubation ;) but stacking is evil…

Damn teaser! ^^

Carnivius_Prime 17 February, 2012 @ 08:30

Ugh and if I hadn’t lost my job a couple weeks ago (with no notice or redundancy pay) I’d be buying one. Oh well. By time I find another job there might be a Vita Slim by then. Maybe.

That last pic of that dude opening all the boxes, i know what he is doing..

He’s putting in a susuprise for all us early adopters, a FREE 16gb memory card.. !!!!

Pffft as if Sony would do that.. bastards..

But i’m still buying one, so i’m a sucker…!!!!

Can we get some UK/EU pricing on the Vita store content day 1 please!

#23 Yeah, I’m also startled by this. Prolly to save space, but it doesn’t look like the Chinese boxes could support that. Let’s hope my & your Vita isn’t on the bottom but somewhere snugly in the middle.
I’ve seen this before with Fireworks but at least people aren’t throwing them around. Some US gamers have reported black spots and one guy said he had 2 dead pixels. So it does explain it, otherwise it seems all good.

Can I read a privacy policy for the Vita? Can Google & Third parties circumvent protection and track my browsing history? like the Safari story today. Does the browser use unique User ID’s? Can the camera’s or microphone be turned on without my knowledge? What type of logs will Sony keep on record and how safe are they? Will the Google Maps App track my location history? What is the default search engine on Vita and can I change it to Ixquick?

I already pre-ordered the Greek bundle pack! It’s gonna be awesome! Greetings from Greece mr. Kalogeropoulos!! :D

Nino Kalogeropoulos 18 February, 2012 @ 12:35

Nice! Enjoy that PS Vita when you get it JIM_13 :-) Eise manga!

Okay calm down……you are just watching…..boxes.Lol xD
I can’t wait to touch my Vita though :D

oh my god …


That’s a sight to behold.


Still dont know if im going to get the vita or not the only games i want is modnation racers + super stardust but iv already got them on ps3. hardly used my psp either (just ff7 crisis core)

Still havent heard about any games coming out for the vita past its launch day which puts me off the system.

I’ll wait for a thinner model of PS Vita lite next year


I love how even the wood pallets and the roller match the PS vita blue theme

Nino Kalogeropoulos 18 February, 2012 @ 12:37

My thoughts exactly! Blue-branding has been taken to the extreme – very posh for transport palettes!


Why would anyone be waiting for a PS Vita Lite? That would mean a smaller screen which at this resolution is going really really suck.

You are forgetting that icons on the screen are optimised for this screen size. With a smaller screen you wouldn’t be able to operate those icons on the touch screen as they would be too small.

You will notice qHD/720p smartphones are all huge for the same reasons, there is a limit to how high a dpi screen is practical to make and how small icons can be and remain usable without a stylus. I own a 3DS and I can tell you now I am looking forward to a 3DS XL and while the 3DS is more pocketable than Vita, its size makes it a real chore to use at times. It cramps my hands and a lot of the on screen icons are annoyingly small.

Tis a shame I’m considering cancelling my pre-order due to lack of care for loyal supporters of Playstation products.

Where is the UMD Passport Program for the rest of the world, and why oh why, is PS One emulation not supported yet?

Sony are really forgetting those who supported the PSP.

Menchi its not a perfect solution but you can use ps1 games via remote play

@jadehare you said “I’ve seen this before with Fireworks but at least people aren’t throwing them around. Some US gamers have reported black spots and one guy said he had 2 dead pixels. So it does explain it, otherwise it seems all good.” I am a US gamer and My first Edtion bundle and my Jap Import both have black spots on the screen but its only visible when you have a black screen and you are sitting in the dark such as with the uncharted loading screen. I found out this is due to the OLED screen it seems other devices that use OLED screens have this but it doesnt affect gameplay you wont even notice unless you are on a black screen sitting in the dark

Im rather puzzle why you need to open then up i wouldn’t buy 1 i dont touch things once things are open it goes from new to preownd.

it to make sure every thing there in the box but it shouldn’t need to check.

will i get a vita yes but not till a vita update to play ps1 & ps2 and sometime in 3 months time.

Alright, I can see how how this won’t affect the Vita then. I guess the guys in JPN also weren’t bothered by it.
I’m really excited to see those pictures with the weird articles that came out lol. Vita is all over AU & NZ.
I saw the ad today & a large building decorated with a Vita banner. first side had a sneak peek at the ad with most of the characters & the beach. Next side featured a huge Vita, showing off the brilliant screen & apps reading The world is in play.
On the Google tracking thing. Silly how I forgot that I read an article that the internet brower security is in good hands. I’ll check the manual for future reference.
I always opted out of google’s ad tracking. Now it turns out they tracked people w/o telling them.

If I was there I’d be tempted to load them all into a giant pool and dive in!

jes : i can play monsterhunter freedom unite whith 2 sticks .
i hope fast new monsterhunter game on vita + also in euro zone to be out.
3 tings not good =
1/lounch no good rpg- no monsterhunter .
2/ price memcards = berk + no 32 gb in euro = big disepointmend
3/ handheld = also playing outsite when hot outsite !!!!!!!! lots sun = not seeing screen .

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