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TroubleMaker411 16 February, 2012 @ 09:06

My twitter said:

PlayStation Blog EU @PlayStationEU

View Information On PS3 System Software Update (v4.11) Here: cot.ag/ygIE2i

James mate, this tells us nothing!

What’s the update for?

James Gallagher 16 February, 2012 @ 09:18

The update is for some very minor bug fixes – nothing else to say really. Just letting you know so that it doesn’t take you by surprise.

Morning James.

Got directed here by Twitter for ‘more information’. When I get here I find there is no information. LOL.

What certain ‘aspects’ are improved?

Oh, never mind me, I have the morning grump!

SpitelordDekka 16 February, 2012 @ 09:09

There’s that wonderful Sony communication for you!

does this fix the issue with ps3 users not being able to see what trophies they have unlocked on vita when using ps3 and not being able to see there friends that are on vita that i have read about?

maddogarchie64 16 February, 2012 @ 09:12

um……. ok? what exactly is this for?

What does the update fix..? my broken 7.1 Official Headset, the one that Sony broke with update 4.10..? The problem with the patch system that was introduced after patch 4.00.? (the problem is that the system sometimes resets when you try to download the patch, so you have to wait 60 seconds to press X to download the patch)

they cant post all the info if its just security fixes as it just gives hackers a heads up on what to work on next, id just like posts to give us info if they actually make any noticeable differences.

why do we need to know whats changed if we actually see no difference

SCEE – excelling at customer communication since 1993.

Seriously guys, if you’re going to just phone it in, don’t even bother.

It’s a bug fix, there was a few issues with the last patch

Well it would be nice to know why the EU has 4.11 as mandatory but the US it is optional?

THE_LEGEND_JAY 16 February, 2012 @ 09:21

Thanks for the information! Oh wait.

@ Blastiel

look at the posts on the usa blog the info they gave there users about it being optional is wrong as shown in the user comments, at least our blog has the right info.

TroubleMaker411 16 February, 2012 @ 09:26

Cheers for the extra info.

Sorry about the attitude, it aint supposed to be as bad as it sounded
Sarcasm over text just don’t work!

If they are very minor bug fixes why not include them in a later release? This is why people laugh at the PS3 updates because its like theres one everytime you turn on your PS3.

And saying on twitter to come here for more info when there isnt any is a joke.

You need to bring an update that makes the system more stable!

I have had numerous system crashes since November 2011 & it’s annoying to say the least! I have to keep powering down my PS3 in safe mode. You get the usual message that you encountered a problem & you can pass the info on related to the crash etc! Then your system restores. When you have crashes at least 3 times a night, then it’s very frustrating!

BF3, Soul Calibur 5, Mortal Kombat, Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition & King Of Fighters 13 are the main games that I have crashes with, so does it have something to do with the amount of data on those discs, constantly loading? I have no problems with digital titles, just the games mentioned above!

At least 3 others on my friends list encounter the same problems, especially with BF3!


is it an update that fixes pro evo :)

Marrsterhausen 16 February, 2012 @ 09:33

Yet more SCEE fail…

Finding it hard to not be insulted here but kind of funny that on twitter it said for more info come here and then there’s nothing.


Thing is, it STILL took me by surprise, lol. Interesting how it is only mandatory in the EU…


@4 – haha.

SONY! We like to know what the update is, even if small things. There is this amazing thing software guys keep track of called the ‘changelog’ just paste it to us and we’ll be fine even if we don’t “get it”.

Some company called Valve (dunno if you ever heard of them) posts every changelog for this app they have called ‘Steam’ and it’s appreciated by the users.

And yes I am being a butt, because so are you guys. Especially that troll Twitter message “view information” LOL.


Great? Don’t think so!

I am still hoping at one time, these updates allow me to back up my virtual PS1/PS2 Memory Card data to the cloud.

It’s not as if PS3 cloud saves are free either.

Carnivius_Prime 16 February, 2012 @ 09:39

@Catkiller1 could be something with those particular titles and the disc drive. I’ve not had a single crash or freeze up for a long time (and even then I never had them very common at all other than on a couple of poorly made demos downloaded from the store) but I don’t play any of those games you mention ‘cept SSFIV but mine’s the pre-Arcade Edition cos I got sick of Capcom’s cruddy money grabbing tactics.

The info on the update was released around 9, I turn on the system and get a nasty software update surprise!!! This has cost me valuable Battlefield 3 time

i had quite a few crashes while playing infamous 2 exactly as catkiller described so it is happening

There was an update just recently. Are you turning the Playstation to an Updatestation?

@ cmezriczky

hackers just cracked 4.0 so i dont blame sony for updating to protect there consoles

Is there anyway to download this update from my computer seeing as my PS3 can never complete system updates. Otherwise I could be offline on my PS3 for a while.

James Gallagher 16 February, 2012 @ 09:49

Sure, you just need a USB memory stick, a PC and these instructions: http://bit.ly/wvMSdB


I know a change… When you press the PS button and the backed out from it from a message it use to load so slowly to get back onto the game… The update 4.11 made it really quicker thank you PS3 i’m going to Enjoy gaming better now :D

Funny, most companies when they send out bug fixes actually tell you what bugs are being fixed!

I’m sorry but this isn’t good enough. There’s no need for you to conceal things from us, just be honest with the people who have spend £100s on your system! All we want is information and what you change in basic English and this is not good enough. You don’t have to say the tinyest detail of what has been fixed, but a description of what bugs have been fixed is all we need! Improve your performance (THIS IS A VERY EASY FIX) =D … Constructive feedback!!

@ Carnivius_Prime

Ditto in regards to CASHCOM…..I mean CAPCOM. I was a bit peeved when they released Super Street Fighter 4, then the Arcade Edition happended. I mean we’re not in the 90s anymore! I only upgraded to the Arcade Edition as at the time it was £12.85 & I sold Super for £10!

Look at the Marvel VS CAPCOM 3 release. You can now purchase an Ultimate Edition, granted the Ultimate version has a vast amount of content added. The costume packs annoyed me.

I’m holding off purchasing Street Fighter X Tekken as 5-6 months down the line, Super Street fighter X Tekken Ultra Turbo Ultimate Arcade give us more money edition, will be released!


Seriously. Sony tell us nothing, the only reason i still have a ps3 is coz its a good solid consol unlike the plastic xbox crap. Sony have some seruous issues with communication and security. If there was a better consol out there id have it over ps3. Lets just hope the ps4 has a more secure mainframe so people cant hack accounts!!!!

@ James

I’m only posting here as you’re the Manager & I assume you’re still reading these posts!

Will us loyal EU PLUS members receive the same level of content, that the US received before next months refresh? If not then that’s not good enough as I understand with regards to game releases, but a PLUS subscription should entitle us to at the very least the same value of content! I feel very let down by this months PLUS content when you look at the differences :(

I know this is off topic, but please can you direct this towards Ross & at least try & give us some info, on whether or not more free content is headed our way?

is it true this update is to allow Trine 2 a game which has been released EVERYWHERE for sometime to finally appear in the poor, downtroden, no good EU SEN store?

Since updating I’m unable to purchase a title on the Store. Getting code 80023102

@ James

Jawad did respond, but stated that some further content may be coming, but a little staggered. Please can you find out for definite as “may” doesn’t mean that it will definately happen!

jonny_hart_digit 16 February, 2012 @ 10:08

I just paid 3 notes for a new ps3 theme. one can buy avatar also. why can one not buy new visualizations?

Microsoft just released an update and they manage to give its customers the low down on what the update does. http://majornelson.com/2012/02/16/xbox-360-system-update-rolling-out/

Well it would be nice to know why the EU has 4.11 as mandatory but the US it is optional?

Hmm this is confusing you say to fix bugs while SCEA doesn’t say anything but yet they get a optional update that in it self doesn’t make SENse.

why would anybody bypass a update that fixes bugs. do SCEA dont mind bugs on their Ps3.

so i’m cynical about bug fixes issues because any bugs are there need to be fix & not a optional update is not a option.

the bugs i notice on mine is the download file once you download & install download file it automatically goes off your HDD auto delete a download file.

but i have to manual delete a download file off my HDD, so i need to run test & download some games back.

C’mon, tell us you fixed 7.1 Wireless Stereo Headset that was broken by last 4.1 update.

You could at least just come out and say it fixes the issues caused by 4.10 with the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset.

People who bought the headset would appreciate the information to say it’s fixed instead of “This minor firmware improves certain aspects of system software.” and having to second guess whether it’s actually been fixed or not.

OK, So the US blog says the firmware is optional but the EU Blog is saying it’s Mandatory. Which is it?

And for people with the Sony Wireless Stereo Headsets, This 4.11 firmware DOES NOT fix the issue that was introduced with 4.10.

People on the US forums have stated it is still broken!


thanks for the heads up, would have been quite annoying when I came to my ps3 time later. Time during days off is highly regimented nowadays!
Is there any online Vita game pricing details yet?

sigh, if it only fixed minor problems, why can’t that get patched in as a small update and not re download the whole thing.

I am not among those who get upset about system updates, even ‘featureless’ ones like this one. What I do get irritated over is tweets saying ‘click here for more info’, making me think there might be something interesting and cool happening in the update and causing me to click said link to learn more, only to discover that there really isn’t anymore info than what was in the tweet…stop wasting my time James


does this update fix the problems with the official 7.1 stereo headset?? it is driving me crazy!!!

What I’ve learned with PSP and PS3 Updates.

0.01 – Few Bug fixes or small security updates, not worth jumping for joy.
0.10 – Something new, not to exciting don’t get you hopes up, you probably wont like it, then again you might.
1.00 – Major Update, everyone hold onto your seat belts this is gonna be fun.

How happy I am during the updates:
0.01 – Sad
0.10 – Smiling
1.00 – Cheering

I learned this through watching the changes in the Firmwares since the PSPs reign.

that a very good guide Private-Lu

it a 0.01 so i am :(

I really hope this doesn’t break the current update.
V4.10 is a hella lot more stable than v4.00!

As many already said why all the secrecy? I feel a bit insulted actually, it feels like Sony consider us stupid and simply says “improves certain aspects of system software” as if we are to dumb to understand anything longer then 1 sentence.

Sorry for being harsh but even Apple usually shares more information then Sony nowdays so please let us know a bit more about updates.

‘Just do it’ :D Update your PS3’s & stop MOANING to all the people who moan + To the people who think MicroSoft’s Xbox 360’s updates are perfect they are ‘NOT’ LoL

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