Try PS Vita/PS3 Cross-Play Content for One Price

Wipeout 2048 for PS Vita

The day is approaching for you to finally get your hands on PlayStation Vita. As we’ve discussed in several previous Blog posts, the connection between PS Vita and PS3 is one of the most compelling features that sets gaming on PS Vita apart. Because we want all of you early PS Vita owners to check out the cross-platform gameplay experience, we’re offering content on both platforms for one price with the following launch titles: MotorStorm RC, Hustle Kings, Top Darts and DLC for WipEout 2048. Our friends at Capcom are also allowing you to share DLC across platforms for no additional cost with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS Vita

Here’s how it works:

  • When you buy MotorStorm RC you will be able to play it on PS3 and PS Vita at no additional cost.
  • When you buy Hustle Kings and/or Top Darts for PS Vita, you will get the PS3 versions for free. If you already own these games on PS3, you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version for free.
  • If you purchase WipEout 2048 and you already own WipEout HD and the HD Fury DLC on PS3, you will be able to download them for free when they launch on PS Vita later this spring.
  • DLC purchased for the PS3 version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can be used on the PS Vita version for free (and vice versa).

Hustle Kings for PS Vita

As we’ve noted previously, WipEout 2048 owners on PS Vita will be able to race against WipEout HD owners on PS3 across four tracks beginning at launch, which is separate from this promotional pricing. Hustle Kings also offers turn-based multiplayer pool between PS Vita and PS3 at launch. And Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 offers the “Ultimate Controller,” an exclusive configuration in which you can use PS Vita as a controller to play the PS3 version of the game, complete with touchscreen special move selection. All of this cross-play functionality is among the unique, new ways to play that we are ushering in with PS Vita.

Let us know which games you are most excited about in the comments.

10 Author replies

What is the plan going forward with cross play. Are we going to find the same approach to other titles?

Can you clarify if my Hustle Kings Snooker Pack DLC will transfer over to Vita as well?

Chris Weatherhead 16 February, 2012 @ 14:52

Yes, you will be able to download and use your previously bought Hustle Kings DLC on your VITA (and vice versa). But this does not include the chalks items

ShadowhunterrX 16 February, 2012 @ 14:13

Nice deals.
ONe Question : Do you need the Vita version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to use the Vita as a controller ?

I see that you can download Wipeout HD and Fury onto Vita if you have previously bought them via DLC for PS3 and also bought Wipeout 2048.

What about the scenario that you get Wipeout 2048 as a free download (Vodafone) and you own wipeout HD and Fury on Blu-Ray.

Does the promotion still apply?

Chris Weatherhead 16 February, 2012 @ 14:53

Yes it will work if you have the free copy from Vodafone as you are still getting the full game. However, this does not apply to the Blu-ray version of WipEout HD + Fury – only if the game was downloaded onto PS3 from PlayStation Store. Enjoy!

I am much more interested in Remote Play…
I want to be able to play my huge collection of PSN games on my Vita
This to me would make the Vita an instant purchase, but nothing has been confirmed or announced yet so I am holding off.

Please explain the Wipeout 2048 DLC in more detail. Are more HD/Fury tracks coming to 2048?

nemesisND1derboy 16 February, 2012 @ 14:16

I have to say guys, I’m pleasantly surprised how spot on you’ve got this. Keep this going forward, and you’ll have some very happy customers.

Does this mean then that WipEout HD and Fury will be launching on the Vita standalone, or as WipEout 2048 DLC?

Also, add week one PS Plus discounts on top of the normal 10% discounts for digital Vita games and you’ll keep me subscribed to PS Plus and downloading Vita games from the Store for the foreseeable future.

I applaud this trend in cross-platform content, long may it continue.

Did I just read that correctly, that seen as though I’ve already bought Hustle Kings for PS3, I will get the full game of Hustle Kings for Vita absolutely free?

If so, I’m BLOWN AWAY! That would totally make my day. :D

Hurry up February 22nd already!

James Gallagher 16 February, 2012 @ 14:19

Yes, that’s the way it works. And you can play multiplayer on your PS Vita against PS3 players, and vice versa.

Yes. I was hoping I already owned the Vita version of Hustle King since I own it on ps3. (I would have bought it anyway!)
I’m getting ready to Hustle!

The single pay, dual play* idea is great, long may it continue.

*Note to PlayStation marketing. I want royalties if you use that. :)

Excellent news i hope this trend contiues i dont think you should have to buy a game twice hope this will be the case for warriors lair as i think the game is called now


So if you buy Marvel vs. Capcom for PS3 AND Vita you only have to buy DLC once. How generous. :D

Pretty exciting stuff, I hope this carries on but then it’s good to have bonuses for early adopters.

What if you own Hustle Kings and Top Darts on Blu-Ray as part of the After Hours Athletes disc? Can you still get this promotion

James Gallagher 16 February, 2012 @ 14:28

I’m afraid this only applies to the downloadable PS3 versions of Hustle Kings and Top Darts.

Please explain the Wipeout DLC more.

Hold on, so let me get this straight:
Wipeout HD/Fury is coming to Vita? Not just the tracks, but the whole game itself?

And i only own Wipeout HD/Fury on my PS3 for now, so what does that mean for me?

Chris Weatherhead 16 February, 2012 @ 14:59

Hi Daryl97, this means that if you buy Wipeout 2048 on PS VITA then you will be able to download and play the HD and Fury tracks on your PS VITA with no additional charge. Happy racing

I just read something online about closing the psp comic store! Does this mean the store will be launching on the vita?

Or is the comic store closing as a whole! Would be a pity since a lot of territories never got a chance to actually use it.


This type of offer really is a massive value add!

Can you explain the WipEout 2048 offer a little more clearly though please? If I buy the retail version of WipEout 2048 and I already own WipEout HD/Fury for the PS3 (I own them both digitally and in the retail form) then I will be able to download a Vita version of WipEout HD/Fury later this year? Or does this offer only work if you buy WipEout 2048 digitally?

Chris Weatherhead 16 February, 2012 @ 15:04

To clairfy, WipeOut HD & Fury are coming to PS VITA as DLC for WipeOut 2048. So you will need 2048 to play these tracks. Hope this is clear.

Carnivius_Prime 16 February, 2012 @ 14:25

Yeah, this concept needs to continue and grow. I like the idea of the PlayStation 3 and the Vita being almost the same general platform which different features being based on their location (I mean as in the PS3 is a home console and the Vita is a portable). It’s nice to see this sort of unification and can help both machines and be a major selling point of PlayStation as a whole.


Hmmmmmmm……………You’re tempting me more to buy this Vita!

“•If you purchase WipEout 2048 and you already own WipEout HD and the HD Fury DLC on PS3, you will be able to download them for free when they launch on PS Vita later this spring.”

what..? WipEout HD + Fury for teh Vita..? when..?

Can I ask about preorder codes? I received the 3 dlc codes but the email disappeared from my adhesion server. I did not delete it. I have asked customer services and my webmail provider but still do not have my codes. Is there anything you can do please? I managed to select a discount without any problems but I would like my codes. If I get another pre order code will I be able to register that to the same account?

I hope they keep this up, I’m pretty happy to be getting Hustle Kings free.

how about remoteplay which got promissed to be funtional upon release of the vita, def want to play ufc like this


sorry this may be your field but i got an email from sony telling me pick one of the games of which i needed to pick to get money for pre ordering the vita i got past entering my email but i punched in the pre order code the site didn’t load when i refreshed the screen and tried again it keeps telling it dosen’t work i never got to choose a game

James Gallagher 17 February, 2012 @ 09:26

New emails are being sent out this afternoon.

how about remoteplay which got promissed, i deff want to play ufc on my vita in my bed, while my ps3 is on :)

Wait! If Wipeout HD+Fury are going to VITA later this year, is 2048 going to PS3 later as well?

Already getting RC for the PS3 but reaaaaalllly want 2048 too.


Is Wipeout HD + Fury DLC for Wipeout 2048 or a seperate game?
Sounds fantastic either way- Wipeout HD is my all-time favourite racer!
So fast…

The owners WipEout HD and the HD Fury DLC for ps3, will take the DLC from WipEout 2048(Vita) for free !
I thinking this free contend this morning lol seriously :D
But i have a better deal :D
For example. The owners Rayman for ps3 will take the vita version for free!
Same think with others versions ps3 ps vita
What do you think James :D

@S-Cript Hopefully they will give us some info on remote play soon but don’t get your hopes up, I know I’m not.. anymore.

Will this work as brilliantly as the “cross play” between PS3 and PSP for the Pick and mix bundle?

almighty-slayer 16 February, 2012 @ 15:01

This is truly absolutely fantastic news. Well done to everyone involved in making this happen.

Time to buy Hustle Kings…

Chris Weatherhead 16 February, 2012 @ 15:06

Its a great game that I really recommend – although to be fair I am probably biased

It’s functional, sensible and intelligent decisions like this that make a purchase of a Vita not only desirable but outright necessary for any PS3 owner. Put download codes for cross-play in the packaging, original buyers should reap the rewards. Sony FTW!

Whoa.. thats the Real Deal!
I already own Hustle King and Wipeout. Motorstorm is a Day one Buy. I think i give Top Darts a go.

What about Super Stardust (HD) owners?

No activate the Remote Play Function for PS3/PSN Games and we are all happy. And Sony has a Powerfull Combination! NEVER STOP PLAYING!

Lets face it Chris, Hustle Kings is probably the greatest Pool based video game to ever be made in Wolverhampton :D

every time i hear cross play it just get better & better so you saying if i own wipeout Hustle kings and i do i get the vita version free great stuff because same content.

SE [square enix] & other devs should take note cross play is the way to go there be 2 version of FF10 1 for ps3 the other for vita.
that should be a cross play, guess what mgs collection also a vita title let see konami do cross play.

yes lets see who are the villains that makes you pay twice, im rather shock that cashcom are in cross play.

hideo kojima said with mgs collection his vision was to play mgs collection on ps3 but if you want to go out play it on vita use cloud save and use same save with vita & ps3 it’s a nice vision however it not if you have to pay twice.

kudos chris & capcom & SCEE.

cross play rocks.


“Ultimate Controller”.
hmmmm, looks like we get a taste of a WiiU-esque implementattion on the PS3 and PSVita before Nintendo releases its new console :-D
Capcom truly gets two thumbs up for having daring and innovative developers.
I wish more devs and publishers would try new things and try to combine platforms. Think of a GTAV app for PSVita that could be used as an interactive map while playing on the PS3. Or an interactive status/inventory screen for any JRPG. Or a lobby/team screen for PS3 multiplayer sessions.


What about LittleBigPlanet/2 costumes?

I have Wipeout HD through PS+, and Fury I then bought. Does this mean I will still get these tracks free too as its PS+?

Someone over there must be handing out the customer satisfaction pills. This really is excellent news.

I hope this sort of thing continues beyond launch titles. Publishers have got to realise the value their potential customers will see in a 2 for 1 deal.

Anyway, good stuff indeed. I’ve got Hustle Kings on the PS3, but never bothered with Top Darts. However, there’s a sale of that heading on over based on this, and of Wipeout 2048 at launch which I’d been on the fence about.


Hold on, I have used my 5 pound off voucher for preorder on a game I am now getting for free, can I change it to a different game?

Wish this was announced before you sent out the choose your game email.

so will thi be the case for all future titles and will alot of older ones be patched to allow for this. also can someone confirm that dl psn games can be played on pvita as the US instruction manual says it can but no one seems to have tried it in any videos or confirmed it via interviews


Good stuff :)

wow sony. this is awesome. so.. if i buy husle king and top darts on psn before the vita comes on 22/2.. then i will get them for “free” on the vita?

and why no mention about the dlc for modnation – its on the vita version when you link your sen/psn account right?

This promotion is a good step in the right direction.
Let’s be honest most people will not buy the same game twice.

In a perfect world if you buy a game on PS3 it would include a code which allows you to redeem the same game on Vita (both tied to the same PSN account only).

Alternatively let’s say a standard PS3 game costs £40 and there is a Vita version which also costs £40. It would be good to have a third option which costs £60 and includes both the PS3 and Vita version. Again, when you run the PS3 game you need to register the code and then the Vita version is digital download only and is locked to a single PSN account.

Any other thoughts?

I own Wipeout HD on Blu Ray do I just buy the game for the Vita and get a voucher for the PS3?

James Gallagher 17 February, 2012 @ 09:27

This offer only applies if you purchased WipEout HD + Fury from PlayStation Store, I’m afraid.

They should do this for MGS HD Collection too.

One question: I got wipeout for free from PS+. Do i still get the free maps or did i have to actually buy it?


Awsome I already have Hustle Kings on my PS3 so its free for Vita ?? 22nd Is going to be a busy day … sort of ;)

A question for WipEout.

If I’ve not HD/Fury on PS3, and no PS3 too, and I only download the DLC for PS Vita, is the price of the DLC for PS Vita be less expensive that the game on PS3 (25€ I think) ?

PS Plus Promotion on Vita?



Is there any chanse for cross play my favorite PSN games, for example: Zen/Marvel Pinball, Dead Nation?

Great news! But please tell me this also applies to Rayman Origins..

Fantastic!!!!!! How can someone not love the PlayStation family?!


Hi, I’ve pre-ordered a Vita already but I’m wondering if you can play co-op or versus in any games between the Vita and the ps3? can the vita connect to the ps3 through bluetooth for LAN sessions?


It’d be super cool if the Vita could be used for co-op splitscreen in certain titles down the line… So I could be playing with two friends that have Vitas and splitscreen on the ps3, all at the same time!

I have a question over wipeout. I know i need to get the version of HD&Fury from the store (currently have the disk version) but which versions on the store works for this. Can i buy the combined pack from the store (thats about £18) or do i need to buy both seperatly?

BaSeBaLlKiD721 16 February, 2012 @ 17:51

Does this mean if I get MLB 12: The Show on PS3, I’ll be able to get the Vita version?

I’ve recently cancelled my Vita pre-order. I still want one, as a gaming handheld it looks excellent. My main appeal is what Sony advertised and showcased with regards to Remote Play, being able to play PS3 games streamed to my Vita. I’ve now read that at launch there’s no titles that are supported yet for Remote Play.

The Vita launch line-up itself is strong, though for me I;d buy Uncharted only at launch, and justified the cost with the fact that I thought I could play my PS3 library on it.

Imagine, a year from now, waking up, and instead of getting out of bed, just stay their, turn your Vita on and play some GTA V or The Last of Us. Then, drag yourself up and continue on the big screen. When I can do that, I’ll buy.

This is a step in the right direction but what about the comic store. I really would’ve expected something by now. I’m wanting to continue with issues, there seems to be no reason why updates were stopped even if it was going to start back up again upon Vita launch.

sounds good I hope this continues with future games and the vita gets more cross platform support than the psp had

Mr_Donk3y_punch 16 February, 2012 @ 19:53

this is indeed awesome news and a trend i hope to see continue as the cross compatibility or the systems is primarily why im shelling out for the system.

i know your all focussed on the launch but i would really like to see some kind of goodwill like this for people that bought MGS: HD collection on blu ray when the Vita version hits.

Excellent news on all fronts. I really hope this is just a taste of things to come!


I was planning to buy these games, what a boost getting them for free!

Thanks Sony!

I bought rayman origins on psn for the ps3, will I get the vita version or is this something that has yet to be decided.

Hi, please can you clarify something for me about the free HD and Fury tracks you can get with Wipeout 2048.

Do you get the free DLC tracks regardless of whether you buy the physical retail copy of 2048 or the downloadable copy or do you only get them if you buy the downloadable copy like has been mentioned with Hustle Kings and Top Darts?

I was planning on buying the retail copy on launch day but don’t want to do that if it means I don’t get the HD and Fury tracks!

Thanks for your time.

sharing dlc & getting a 2nd copy for FREE sounds like a plan, this is why I love you Sony/Playstation! =D

This is ace!

When can we find out the prices of retail games on the Store? Also what time can we expect the Vita store to go live on the 22nd? Hopefully its midnight or early morning!

Wait a minuite…I picked Hustle Kings for the £5 discount from the ‘Pre-order bonus’, but if I get it free for already owning it. Did I just waste the £5 off voucher on it?

I only picked Hustle Kings becuase I’m a big fan. But If I already own the game, can I choose a different game? Please…

Hey guys,

That’s awesome news!! Will Top Darts feature PS3-Vita online multiplayer (crossplay) like the other titles in the program?



do the trophy lists work the same as the one for rc? 1 for each platform?


i have seen people playing bf3 on there vitas will this be remote play in uk




can the vita be used essentially as a controller with it’s own screen?? you know, cross-platform? for example, could I play splitscreen locally on the ps3 with 2 people while having a third or fouth player join that game using a Vita???


great stuff I will now have an extra 2 games for launch for nothing plus that wipeout dlc soon

Got to find time to play them all now :)

Once_Were_winka 17 February, 2012 @ 08:48

so is this for early adopters only? I plan on getting a vita as soon as I can afford it, but holiday to Vegas to pay for first. Is there a time limit on these?

When the day arrives where you can transfer all downloaded PSN games that you’ve purchased on your PS3 to VITA, & play them wherever & whenever you want, then you can count me in, as I think that would be the option that would make me purchase one ;)

The more features that are getting revealed at the moment, makes it more appealing & i’m jealous to all of you potential VITA owners!

TehPhilosopher 17 February, 2012 @ 11:34

That’s a good deal! I’ll be getting Motorstorm RC even without crossplay, but you just sweetened the deal further!

I wonder how good PS3/Vita players are when compared :)

do you still get this if you got the fury bundle in welcome bk

maddogarchie64 17 February, 2012 @ 14:34

what if I buy wipeout 2048 (retail not digitally) and bought the DLC for it on vita, will I be able to get the DLC on PS3 if I buy wipeout for PS3 later?

Question: Is this only for pre-orders on the vita system, or will it be available a few months down the line for people who cant buy the system just yet?

James Gallagher 17 February, 2012 @ 16:04

This is for everyone and there is no end date planned.

Hey JAMES any idea when the uk store is online for the vita?..anyone with any info I would appreciate it

i only have wipeout hd, not the fury dlc. will i get just hd for free too, or does this only work if you have hd & fury?


Just out of curiosity but will the wipeout 2048 tracks and ships be coming to wipeout hd on the ps3 as a future dlc or is that not going to happen???

I have Hustle Kings and Wipeout HD/Fury already on my PS3 so I get the Vita versions free on the 22nd? Or only Hustle Kings and I would still have to buy WipEout 2048 but I would get the HD/Fury compatability DLC free? Ach I am sure I will figure it.


ok since i already have hustle kings where would i find the vita version would it be on my download list

I have purched the Wipeout HD and Fury on my PS3 and when I go to the ps store it still says I have to pay for it, I have the first edition Vita bundle with the 3G network running, is there something else I need to do to get this to work?

I’ve just read that soon after launch, PS1 Classics capability will launch, meaning that you can download them to your VITA new or if previously downloaded to your PS3, you can transfer it to VITA too, at no extra charge!

If you can do this for PS2 & all PS3 digital titles, then i’ll purchase a VITA ASAP ;)

Need to release cards with larger memory though!

hi am just enquiring i pre-ordered a while ago but have never received an email about picking a game why is this? roll on wednesday so can play this excellent machine had a great time at the ps vita party in glasgow thanks for a great nite

We wnat A LOT more of this! C’mon Sony!

Okay, reading your posts my dear friends and also seeing replies from SONY employees i have a certain vision of cross-play. As i see the players who bought games via psn store are treated better than those who buy games in the traditional way (blu-ray). Is there any way for players who have a blu-ray disc of…for example Hustle Kings to play it without buying it again on psn store?

Also I have a question about the future of ps vita and cross-play. I have many jrpg bought the traditional way (White Knight Chronicles, Eternal Sonata, Disgaea 3, Star Ocean, FF XIII) will there be a way to continue playing, using my saves from ps3 AND without buying it again through psn store? I’m ready to pay some $ to activate my game on ps vita but not as much to buy the same game I have already on ps3.

What about for those who buy the physical games on blu ray is there a way to play on the vita with the controle remote

Xx-trick-_-Qs-xX 14 March, 2012 @ 15:06

Will we see this happen to call of duty or other big popular games

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