A-Men Is Marching Onto PlayStation Vita At Launch


True gaming is reborn on the PlayStation Vita with the launch of A-Men, a riddle within a retro game that will satisfy your cravings for tactical play. With more than a hint of the old school style of logic, platforms and creatures, we think our new, highly addictive title is an unexpected launch in a market dominated by pump-action big titles. Created by Bloober Team and honourably inspired by retro-cult classics Lemmings and Lost Vikings, the game gives you control of up to five army characters, each with their own personalities, skills and tools, whose mission is to round up their equally endearing enemies across a series of worlds and puzzles. Highly tactical and completely addictive, the game is immediately easy to play and yet, like many classic games, it is hard to truly master. You’ll definitely need a brain for this one, folks.

A-men 7

The gameplay takes the player on a journey through a series of different worlds and themes including Forest World, Seacoast World, Winterland World and Factory World. A-Men players use all of their five classes of characters to go up against two types of enemies. The first is a dumb lemming-like character and the second is very smart with the ability to avoid your clever traps. The characters are Spy, Muscleman, Commando, Engineer and Private, but beware of being fooled by their military-sounding names. Each one has their own very distinct personality and unique abilities that more skilled players will delve into to find that they can be combined across characters to ‘power up’ their individual capabilities.

A-men 1

If you want to change the look of your characters you can even visit clothing stores within the game to change outfits into something you prefer. As you might expect for a brand new game on a new platform, we have made use of the Vita’s astounding technical features, including the possibility to use proximity play with other gamers to exchange items won in the many levels throughout the different Worlds.

A-men 3 A-men 5

A-men 4 A-men 6

We have also made best use of the OLED screen, action buttons and touch controls of the PS Vita, the only platform with this combination that makes for truly enjoyable, old-school style gameplay. It really shows off the advantage of the PlayStation system over app-based gaming. There’s enough involved to keep you up all night and the cute, well-delivered style makes it worth it. Throw in Trophies available for hardcore enthusiasts and there is something in this game for everyone, and just one of the many reasons why A-Men is going to dominate the forums with players looking for walkthroughs. Like the Rubik’s cube or Tetris, it’s one of those games you get utterly absorbed in but not everyone can master. A-Men has cult classic written all over it.

A-Men will be available from PlayStation Store for PS Vita on 22 February.

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Nice another launch day game!

Any ideas on a price?

+1 on the pricing question, none-the-less, an interesting prospect!


Looks good if the price is good I will get it

Looks rather cool! Reminds me of commandos in a way and I bloody loved commandos.


This looks good! Once the price is revealed, I’ll decide whether to get this along with Motorstorm..

I’m still waiting for all the prices of the games for the PS Vita on the store (I just can’t pre-order my games now because I don’t know of any prices in the PS Store… >.<). They really should tell us how much every game will cost in the store (what the price difference is between a PS Store-version and the retailer-version…).

Any chance of a PS3 version on the horizon? ;)

Carnivius_Prime 20 February, 2012 @ 10:39

Nice graphics. I used to play both Lemmings and Lost Vikings a lot on my Amiga.

6# 10% of the RRP price.

Lost Vikings…….Now THAT brings back memories ;)

Looks like I’ll be grabbing this to go with my new Vita :) Any clues to how much it will cost? As I can grab the PSN cards at the midnight launch for it if I know how much.

i like the look of this i wonder if this will be another title thats under £5, personally i think budget price games under £5 to supplement the aaa £30 + title’s are the thing to make the vita a roaring success personally i buy more psn games for my ps3 than retail and there usualy £8 ish but would love a new price point for vita titles.

god make me a new line mini’s with trophies and high rez graphics for vita and ill be a happy bunny.

i did read a while ago that many ios developers were on board for vita so maybe a more affordable line of games is not a pipe dream, i hope we also get the new angry birds in space game with touch controls and trophies :)

*disclamer* i dont think ios type games are the way forward just a nice addition to sit alongside more established traditional game types.

You had me at lost Vikings. I would like to know his much this will cost though.

What will the price be?


Thanks for all comments! It’s good to talk with you.
First of all I would like to let you know that the game is quite big – it takes around 15 – 20 hours to finish.
Price in EU is set for 14.99 EURO but if you think that this price is too high you can check out the trial version which will be available at the same time.
We really hope that you will love it as much as we do :)

TheKillerSnowman 20 February, 2012 @ 11:27

i know that we in sweden is not intressted in the ps vita. mabe a 100 people here in sweden is geting it and i´m not buying it becouse i dont like ps vita or psp. i´m waiting for the PS4 like everyone els here in sweden.


Another PS Vita launch title? That’s pretty amazing!

I have to say I really like the look of the game, the art style is really good and taking some inspiration from The Lost Vikings is no bad thing!

I will definitely be giving the trial version a go.

What is the price in £GBP?

Those soldiers reminds me of the one from the Fallen Art short by Tomek Bagiński.
Yes, I’m from Poland :D

Looks interesting – I loved the old Lost Vikings games :)

Personally I think the pricing is a bit off, but glad there will be a trial version.

Any gameplay videos yet?

High price for a downloadable game.
I’ll wait for some reviews and try the demo.

But: it looks very interesting!

€14.99 I am guessing £9.99 looks an interesting game looks like another purchase for my shiny new Vita

The price sounds lika a bargain for a game that takes 15-20h to complete, at least in my ears!
I loved the lost vikings on SNES! The title has been submitted to my “to download list”. :)

Nice price for a game that long.

Any idea how large the download will be?

cost a bit higher than i expected, good job theres a demo ill give that a shot and see if its worth it.

motorstorm rc has set the bar for price and content so far so might be a bit spoiled with that one :)

hmm 15 Euros is quite high but defiantly will try the demo and may be ‘ll buy or I’ll wait a bit for a price drop

here it is in action, taken from you tube, if you want my advice turn the sound off as this guy is so annoying watched a few of his video’s and he acts like a child in everyone

@hayzink nice another follower of NewOB


The UK price will be £12.99. Very exciting for us seeing people playing the game for the first time in videos, even if the commentary is baffling ;) We will release our own videos for you very soon. We hear that there are some queues already in London for the Vita machine, we can’t wait to show you all our game.

@hayzink I’ve watched quite a lot of his vid’s & I just want to slap him every time I hear his voice. I’ll just be happy to finally got my Vita in my hands so I never feel the need to watch a nether vid of his again.

@KillerXp82 Why??? NewOB is quite funny – I love his videos


The game is stomp, stomp, stomping across Europe today and we couldn’t be prouder! We’ll keep you up to date here of course and on & – thank you everyone for downloading the demo today!

Been playing this the last couple of days and it’s pretty awesome. I do feel that a £9.99 price tag would have been a bit more suitable though.

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