Social Apps For The Launch Of PS Vita

As well as revolutionary portable gaming, PS Vita comes with your favourite social network appsFacebook, LiveTweet and Flickr – to help you stay in touch with your friends and keep up to date with all latest news.

All free to download from PlayStation Store; here is some more info and some screens to show you how they look.

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With Facebook, keeping in touch is effortless- download Facebook for PS Vita and stay connected with your friends and family, wherever you are.



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Upload your best photos to Flickr and start sharing them with friends worldwide. Join new groups, create personalised photostreams and tell your own story online. Flickr is home to billions of inspirational photos – why not give yours a new home, too?


LiveTweet is a bespoke Twitter app that allows you to find and follow users, compose Tweets, Retweet and view updates from your friends, favourite celebrities and industry experts – all via your PS Vita.

Head to PlayStation Store as soon as you get your PS Vita and get connected to the world in play.

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No Foursquare?

(other apps are great btw :)

James Gallagher 20 February, 2012 @ 14:19

FourSquare is coming very soon but not quite for launch – we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the actual date is confirmed.

Are these going to become available for the PS3 too?

does the fb app work like phones where you can upload photo’s and video direct from source i.e vita?

Will there be either a Google+, Gmail or Youtube App?

Do you know if more apps will be made available at a later date via the PlayStation Suite (when that launches), or will that service be just for games?

Are these features for sub accounts too? At least Facebook linking on PS3 still is not possible for sub accounts. Also same is with Music Unlimited. So does these features work on sub accounts with PlayStation Vita, appearantly not?

Only been stuck with the crap of sub accounts for over 3 years now and still no possibility of upgrading sub accounts to master accounts when turns 18, kinda shame. Only what I get is ‘make new account’. Are this suggested also for PS Vita, even that it can be just linked for one account at time?

Just what the honest customer gets when didn’t lied birth of date when was creating account back at 2008, meanwhile kids are running around with master accounts when they have lied their birth of date.

almighty-slayer 20 February, 2012 @ 14:10

shall be Twitter (ahem @carl1412) and facebook for me :)

any idea when we can expect the Nexflix app James?

what about yotube and netflix are they comming soon? as web browser does not support html 5 or flash?

Hm “Head to PlayStation Store as soon as you get your PS Vita and get connected to the world in play.” I’ve just tried and it’s not working :( Do we have to wait until Wedensday?

apparently midnight tommorow psn store will go live on the vita is this true?

When are we getting a youtube app?

Love the interface of the Facebook app.

Can we use Facebook Chat too? =)


A YouTube app is a must! With front and back cameras (that can record video, I’m assuming), the ability to upload to YouTube would be awesome!

* HINT: Recording gameplay would also be very VERY cool!


Of course i only really care for games because this is a dedicated games console not a smart phone please remember this sony no silly angry birds in space for 59p! Anyway I like social gaming as well so good job on the apps will we see skype make an appearance sometime?


I rember EU been promise Netflix on Vita, but guess we will have to wait for that, Skype, Youtube and Google+ App

As always, a great announcement and yet people find reasons to complain again, great!

Anyway, this is just great, and all for free as well, go Sony! Can’t wait for my PS Vita to arrive the 22nd.

Any 3rd party apps coming saw the hong kong community is getting a alarm clock app with trophies will the EU see such apps as these???

Facebook, Flickr, LiveTweet, and the web browser..

for Arabs gamer they are worthless if they did not support Arabic Language


Very cool, will look at facebook, flickr and livetweet when i get the Vita on wednesday!

Two days!

James, will we have access to video store and comics store on launch day?

Also, will these applications be saved to your memory card or to the vita itself?

Will you guys update the PS3 photo app so we can get Facebook photos working again?

looking good,my only gripe is why Livetweet & not called twitter.

you called facebook facebook & flicker flicker, i know it only in name but twitter nicer :P

maddogarchie64 20 February, 2012 @ 15:40

no twitter? still, 2 days!!!!!!!

one of the main reasons why i didn’t pre-order a Vita is because i wont be able to watch youtube video’s on it’s browser. i will wait until the system is fully developed.

other reasons like far too expensive memory cards,i will need at least a 32gb because i love PSN titles & i’m gonna need lots of space to store them but i’m not willing to pay 3 times the price of a 32gb microsd.


that was a concern of mine at first, however i have decided as i can store titles on my pc its not an issue.

after all there is only so many games i will play at any given time so ill just swap titles when i need to on my 16gb card


Considering PSVita does not support sub-accounts, then I’d imagine the answer to your question is “no”.

It’s been quite well documented that, currently, you can only have ONE PSN account on Vita. I suppose this could be rectified via a firmware update but at the moment changing account is only possible with (apparently) a reset to factory defaults.

I’m just repeating what I heard though as I won’t be picking up mine until 8am Wednesday…


There you are wrong, PS Vita works with sub accounts (Sub accounts are also mentioned loads of times in Vita’s online manual).

But I’m just about these services, just like Facebook linking and Music Unlimited on PS3, they just wont work on sub accounts. And also just cause of that one account on Vita thing, the answer for this question do these services (or which ones of them) work with sub accounts, is having really much weight on it do I ever buy PS Vita or not, as I’m not gonna start using any other account on my PS Vita than my main, which now happens to be sub account, sadly, cause didn’t lied my DoB back then :(


are their any plans for a windows live messenger app? :)


i really hope the app support doesn’t slow after launch, it would really help boost sales for the more casual crowd. Also a G-mail or some form of e-mail app would be great



HaMzA_Arsenal_fc 22 February, 2012 @ 20:17

how do i upload photos in facebook app


Hi there, I can not seem to find the Facebook app or the live Tweet app on the PS store with my PS vita. I have a sub account as I am 16 but whenever I try to search for these app’s on the PS store they are not listed. As I’m 16 I am able to use them on my home computer but for some reason, I’m unable to find them via the PS store on my PS vita. Could someone help me please as to why I’m unable to find them


Reference comment 33 the Facebook app has been pulled for now has its faulty Sony say there’s no info yet on its return, never saw the point of Facebook or twitter maybe iam just getting old.

Sony finally won the sharing war with VITA , Sony always do one step forvard and two step back !!! I have 4 ps3 , I have 3 PSP , I bough Vita but because I am from Slovakia (no store) I downloaded all the free demos and aps for my new baby to decide which game next but it won’t download them from ps3 to vita because it’s from my shop account that I have in IE even everything was free it’s not working !!! So I won’t be buying another vita for my brothers , I won’t by buying anything from store for vita , and should i just forget my Slovak account that I have for years ? WTF Sony I am very disappointed with your move …

please let me know to find and install the “skype” application in my Psvita 3g 2. how can i install psp games and 3. how can i connect it with my ps3 (60gb)I’ve tried but didn’t make it Thank you for your understanding

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