PlayStation Home: RC Rally Revs Up

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM GMT on Wednesday 22nd February for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

Hit the dirt with the brand new RC Rally game coming to PlayStation Home this week. Free to play with both single and multiplayer modes, customisable load-outs for your vehicles and a variety of tracks for you to master! Available after this week’s maintenance from the Pier Park space, keep your peepers peeled for the giant RC remote!

We are bringing you a brand new event space this week to celebrate the launch of Streetfighter X Tekken. It’s available via the big X teleporter in Home Square, which will drop you straight into a space themed on one of the levels from the new game. There you will be able to purchase a range of Streetfighter and Tekken outfits, dress up as a number of characters and then choose your side for the fight! The game contains single player and multiplayer modes and there’s a variety of rewards to be won!

A collection of cute baby pet companions is unleashed on the Stuff store. Pick a cute puppy from a selection of dog breeds including a Bulldog, Golden Retriever or Chihuahua, or opt for the latest in feline technology with the Robotic Cat. If you just can’t choose between them, all seven are available in a value bundle.

If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to your avatar, Threads has some new animated clothing accessories this week. Earrings, bracelets and glasses are available in dazzling neon or with a gold flower motif.

Always wanted to be ripped and gorgeous? Well now you can with Codeglue’s newest release, an Athlete outfit! Strike a cool pose and show off ripped abs with this ancient Greek statue costume! Female avatars can now clown about as much as the boys with the release of the female Silent Clown outfit with custom animations.

Lockwood_Cucumber_ModularFunitureInstructionsBoxy_022212_684x384 Lockwood_Cucumber_ModularFunitureInstructionsRound_022212_684x384

Lockwood_Cucumber_ModularFunitureBlack_022212_684x384 Lockwood_Cucumber_ModularFunitureSilver_022212_684x384

Slice, the latest range from Cucumber, is their most versatile yet, providing tables and sofas of slot-together shapes that can be combined to solve all your furnishing dilemmas in even the most irregularly shaped apartment!

Lockwood_Cucumber_ModularFunitureBlackSilver_022212_256x368 Lockwood_Cucumber_ModularFunitureBlackYellow_022212_256x368


Cucumber love bright colours and funky designs, but they also know the importance of function! Curve a sofa around a cylindrical table, use a square table to break up a row of rectangular sofas, or construct any combination you can imagine. The Slice range comes in three colours that mix and match well with each other too. Align and combine, then slice it up and start again!


Kojiro, Musashi, Ume and Matsu, powerful ancient robots of unknown origin arrive in PlayStation Home next week.

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15th. an error perhaps. surely its not getting taken down on vita launch day?.


Woo! Finally the RC cars are here!


think Home will be a ghost town tomorrow as the Vita will be out lol

supersmith2500 21 February, 2012 @ 18:27

15th? Err James… Is it not 22nd?

Good update unlikely I will be checking this out for a few days will be busy on the Vita it would be nice to see Home make it to Vita sometime hey I can dream its very social :P

Soooooo… Winter Quest #3?

@#7 I was able to hold back with that but heck with it, I’m with you Retro.

Where’s the winter Holiday’s quest #3 James?

The worst thing about not fixing it is ignoring us an how long will that last?

“Always wanted to be ripped and gorgeous?” Well i would get ripped in real life by going to the gym (and i do) Not an ps home, my ps home guy is a battlefield 3 soldier :) oh and James please fix the blog on ps3 browser…so slow and laggy (not my internet connection) p.s: ps home is fun!

sorry when Can’t put a Mini Mix to my psp a purchased more for a psp and is impossible to purchased more??

sorry when Can’t put a Mini Mix to my psp a purchased more for a psp and is impossible to purchased more

James, can you tell me how do i contact directly the PS3 or PSN support ? I’ve noticed i’ve been charged €9.99 for a Musi Unlimited subscription which i had no idea about it… and i can’t find a way to contact the support to get a refund for it…

I look forward to a quick reply..


Stefan V


Nothing for me in this weeks update really, all looks like stuff we’ve had before. LOL @ all the mugs going out and buying Vita’s at launch too. Some people have no sense. Generation one tech is always over priced and unreliable (ESPECIALLY in Sony’s case) as the psone, ps2 and ps3 all proved with their teething problems. Im sure the psp had issues in the first few batches too, but meh who cares about the psp eh.^_~

will playstation home or some equivalent ever come to the vita?

New tekken outfits to buy? Sweet! & id like to say why is NEARLY everyone going crazy about the vitia? Its not like you need it or you will die without it lol, Id rather wait for it to go cheaper.. More than likly i wont get it at all.. Cmon whats the difference from the psp and the vita? Not the allot by what iv read.. Anyways looking forwade to checking out home tommoro :D

Sounds like a waste of time, i would rather be able to play online this morning.

@james, since your the boss this is off topic,
since update 4.11 my ps3 says the digital copy of farcry2 is dirty or damaged? I rang customer service an they said redownload obv done that 5 times now
could we get a fix, also the browser crashes all the time?
on a good note, loving the ps vita, smart move gents



Oi where’s the pets gone? I bought the robotic cat and not only did it not show up, now it’s gone from the store!!

I paid for that and now I’d like a refund, but lo and behold, phoning Sony costs me a phone bill MORE than what I bloody pay for home items, seriously this is wayyy out of hand, when someone pays for something they expect to get it, capeesh??

The only nice touch was making the neon stuff individually free as the bundle were buggy and didn’t download…..

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