Unit 13 Demo & Trophy Intel

Unit 13 Infiltrates PS Vita March 7th, Covert Mission Video Walkthrough

The PlayStation Vita launch is only hours away and everyone at Zipper Interactive is very proud to be part of the launch window lineup with our latest release, Unit 13. Available in Europe on March 7th, Unit 13 lets you take a console-caliber shooter experience on the go as you take command of an elite group of operatives out to stop the world’s deadliest threats.

Of course, saving the world won’t be your only reward as Unit 13 makes full use of PlayStation Vita’s Trophy support. With over 40 Trophies available to earn, including a couple that will require some serious detective work to uncover, you’ll be a decorated veteran in no time.

Here’s just a taste of the sort of Trophies that you can expect to find in Unit 13:

Less Me, More WeComplete an operation in co-opBronze
Friendly RivalryGet a higher mission score than someone on your friends listBronze
Adapt and OvercomeComplete a Daily Challenge operationBronze
Twin FoiledEliminate 2 enemies with a single melee attackBronze
Two for OneEliminate 2 enemies with a single bulletBronze
Badass and BulletproofEliminate 13 enemies without taking damageBronze
13 SquaredEliminate 169 enemies over the course of your careerBronze
Lucky 13Achieve a 5-star rating in 13 operationsSilver
World Peace in 36 Easy StepsComplete all Covert, Deadline, Direct Action, and Elite operationsSilver

For those of you that can’t wait until 7th March, you’ll be pleased to know the Unit 13 Demo will be available for download from PlayStation Store tomorrow! This demo gives you access to one of the game’s Direct Action missions and includes all six operatives and online leaderboards support. Perhaps best of all is that your scores and level progress earned in the demo will carry over to the full game once it’s released.

If that’s not enough Unit 13 content for you, check out our most recent video – the Unit 13 functionality trailer – below.

We’re really excited that PlayStation Vita fans everywhere will soon be able to get their hands on Unit 13 and can’t wait to hear what you think of the demo.

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Been loving the game over the last two weeks and I cannot wait to be able to finally synchronize the trophies :D

Everyone should most definitely check out the demo!

Jacks_Mannequin 21 February, 2012 @ 15:06

How have you got the game so early?!

Anyway…really looking forward to it..but there seems to be some confusion on the date with most retailers! Is it releasing March 9th in UK? Otherwise online stores aren’t understanding your wednesday vita releases dates.


Mainland Europe March 7th, Australia & NZ March 8th and UK & Ireland March 9th. Enjoy :)

almighty-slayer 21 February, 2012 @ 15:08

Looking forward to trying to demo tomorrow. Looks like a great game!

#2, I’ve been lucky enough to get a review copy of the game :)


Looking forward to this looks great already pre ordered it

i so want this!


Does this game have ONLINE Competitive or Co-op Multiplayer ???


Does this game have ONLINE Competitive or Co-op Multiplayer Game Modes???

I look forward to dowloading the demo tomorrow when I get my Vita. But I think I will pre-order it anyway,as it looks very nice indeed. :)

#7, the game has Online Cooperative play, which lets you complete missions with a friend.


To #7 think it has online co op not sure


All 36 missions are playable with a friend in 2-Player Co-Op via WiFi. Hope this clears up any confusion!


Looks great. Heard good things about this

@ Josh Walker

It’s awasome it has coop but i’m bummed you can’t play online coop.



Mr.Josh Walker has clearly said that all 36 missions are playable with a friend in 2-Player Co-Op via WiFi.

Why is there a Confusion??


Look’s cool.

You guys ever going to get rid of auto level camera in S4.Or allow Sharpshooter control with standard Move.Loved the beta,but never buying it with auto camera.

So happy to see the demo on the store. Downloaded and ready to go.

Hi. Wondering why gravity rush for vita is not on the psn store? Every other release game is there. It was promised to be a launch title and is advertised on the vita page as release date 23/2. So unless you intend to upload it on its own tomorrow (unlikely), when is it coming?

Second question. I have downloaded a heap of my playstation mini titles from the psn but none of them will open. Keep getting error code c1-2858-3. I have over 40 ps mini titles from my playstation plus account and not a single one will load. I have looked this up online and it would seem a number of people are encountering this. Please let me know how to fix this?

This is by far the most interesting Vita title right now.

TheDeathAvenger 22 February, 2012 @ 13:08

Does your demo progress only carry over if you download the full game from the store?

Looks pretty good.

But no MAG 2 news. So I’ll take my coat.

just downloading the demo myself. will play it soon. the Vita is actually an amazing handheld. glad i got it now.

the dem was awesome a I cant wait form the game to come Yahoo!!!

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