Brand New Borderlands 2 Trailer

When I say that Borderlands changed my life, it’s no exaggeration.

It was the way that the game rewarded each and every action that got me. Every enemy I gunned down, every chest I opened, brought a feeling of accomplishment and progression. So when I had the opportunity to join the team at Gearbox Software, I moved halfway across the country without any hesitation. Ever since, I’ve been seeing things that amaze me, things I know our fans will absolutely love. Things I haven’t been able to talk about, until today.

Because today, we’re blowing the lid off of Borderlands 2. We’ve got a new trailer, and if you haven’t already skimmed down and hit Play, let me tell you what you’re in for. You’re going to meet the four new playable characters. You’re going to catch a glimpse of the colorful new environments and areas you’ll be fighting through. You’re going to see what you’re up against, from new enemies like the multi-armed Bullymong and the robotic Loaders to the man with the plan to destroy you and everyone else on the planet, Handsome Jack. You’re going to see a fraction of the new weapons that await. Oh, and you’re going to learn when the release date is. That’s pretty important.
But, enough text. Let’s get this show on the road. Without further ado, Borderlands 2:

And that’s just the beginning. It barely scratches the surface of some of the underlying changes, especially when it comes to the way that characters grow and become more powerful throughout the game.

Each character has their own unique Action Skill at the root of their multi-tiered Skill Trees, and as you complete more quests and kill more enemies and gain the necessary experience to start working down those Skill Trees, you’ll come across skills that do more than just add passive stats and perks — they change the way that character plays.

Let’s talk about Salvador the Gunzerker, for example. When you trigger his Action Skill, he’s able to temporarily dual wield any weapons in the game. And if you just want to run and gun and blow everything up and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible, there’s a Skill Tree for that. Or if you want to make him more of a tactician and focus on nailing that one perfect shot for ridiculous damage and money, there’s a Skill Tree for that as well.

And the same goes for the other characters. Maya’s Skill Trees and the way they alter her Phaselock Action Skill likewise allow players customize the way she plays and the role she takes in battle, as do those of Axton and Zero.

As our Game Designer Jonathan Hemingway puts it, Borderlands 2 isn’t just about making a few big changes and improvements, it’s about making thousands of little ones as well. Everything is being tuned, refined, improved and reworked, and in the coming months we’ll be talking much more about, well, all of that.

We’ve heard your feedback, so now, for example, you can take your split-screen game online. From day one, Lead Designer Paul Hellquist and Writer Anthony Burch have been working side-by-side so that story has a stronger role. Art Director Jeramy Cooke and his team have been working to infuse the characters with more personality, the environments with more color, and the guns with far more badassitude than previously thought possible.

Oh, and one more thing. Pre-ordering puts you in the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club and nets you some pretty handy in-game bonuses, including a set of golden guns, that will help you get a leg-up on Handsome Jack when you’re first starting out. For more on the bonus items and the participating retailers, visit

You’re going to need a lot of guns, and Handsome Jack isn’t going to hold anything back. Neither should you.

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Joygasm. One of very few games that I will really look forward to this year.

I hope this is still as good as the first one, I still play every now and again
Brillant Co-op game
Great graphics and hell of alot of guns
I hope they make online even better and the story
People may think this shouldn’t have online but it should cuz its amazing

Borderlands 8.5/10 Just needs tweaking

Pre-Ordered :D can’t wait.

Any news on demo for this I still play the old one

Bacon_Crispies 22 February, 2012 @ 16:44

I was sold all the way up to 96.5% more Wub Wub, now I’m out
Please can we leave Dubstub alone, for the sake of my ears please.

Can you confirm us that the “pre-order upgrade” to the Premiere Club is also available in EU/UK?
I ask this because when I click the pre-order link in the article I end up on a list of US retailers!

Nero – Doomsday?

You’ve just sold a copy sir.


Really looking forward to getting my hands on this.. but tbh No way it can compete with 1st, of course it’ll still be day one buy, and a good game, but next to the original.. very much doubt it or much Anything could outdo that classic… lol.. i was only on it (still) over the weekend, not looked at above trailer yet.. as am in middle of something, but Had to comment here, Now did someone mention a demo/beta ?.. hope so.. be back soon to look at footage..

When is the PlayStation Display coming out in the UK?

immense SNM !

I love borderlands but I want to ask why todays ps store update is poor.

why is it gamestop are evil because of preowned games, yet you always do deals with them for exclusive content? or with their magazine, and then boycott games sites because they scoop them?

and what is the point of linking to these preorder deals here if they’re not even available in europe?

Will this have day one DLC?I’d like to know soon,so I can decide if i’m skipping this or not.


I loved the first one and found it to be a breath of fresh air in the stale saturated fps genre. Having said that, this game from whats been shown so far doesnt look like enough of an evolution to justify paying full price for it at launch. The four character classes look the same as the old ones too which is a shame. Salvador – Brick, Maya – Lilith, Axton – Roland and Zero – Mordecai (although Zero does look interesting). On top of that Im sure there will be as many pricey dlc packs as there are guns in the game. I’ll wait for a GOTE edition or buy it used and get the dlc later and no pre order bonus will persuade me other wise (unless its that aussie model playing the live action lilith in this game dressed in tight leather and delivered to your door lols). HEYOO!

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Cant wait for this, loved the first one and all the dlc. still play it now. :D


That trailer just blew me away, I thought the first one was good but this just looks awesome. Zero looks like he could take on anything, I hope that sword can be used in game

lets hope the voice chat works this time round: BIG disappointment with the first one, especially for a game so orientated towards co-op play.
And dont get me started on the GOTY bluray edition that DIDNT include the DLC on the disk!
Really could have been my favorite game ever if not for these issues.


Game looks great

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