Shoot Many Robots To Hit PSN On March 14th


Today, Ubisoft and Demiurge Studios announced that Shoot Many Robots, a side scrolling four-player co-op shoot ’em up, will be available for download on March 14 from PlayStationNetwork.

And last but not least, early PlayStation Plus buyers – within the first two weeks – will be offered an exclusive FREE DLC pack (including extra weapons & outfits) valued at 5€*!

Shoot Many Robots follows P. Walter Tugnut on his mission to kill as many robots as possible after a factory ominously begins to produce killer robots. With an RV full of guns and beer, you will experience a four-player co-op run-n-gun, side-scrolling shooter filled with a ton of weapon and item customizations.

For more information on Shoot Many Robots, please visit:

*Value may vary depending on your currency.

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I think a common question from now on is gonna be whether these PSN games will be compatible with the Vita.

So, is this game playable on a Vita?

Yep the Vita question is a big one for me too.
I have spent £100’s on PSN games and expect some sort of remote or transfer play option for the Vita.
That’s if Sony want me to buy a Vita!?

Looks decent, but would like a demo and a price please!


I think this could go either way. I’ll wait for a review. But I definitely like side scrollers.


Is it available for INDIAN PS Store??

Is the game Playable on the VITA???

this game looks like crap.

interesting .

you’d have to be VERY bored to consider playing this, let alone buying it. At least consider Shank 1/2 first before this.

Yep the Shank games look a lot better. I’ve only got S1 but will be getting S2 for sure.

IMO, the following trailer showcases the game better, than the video provided within the Blog Post!


The dlc is not free, we have already paid for it ;-)

looks great

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