PS Vita, Anyone?

Hello lovely PlayStation people!

So, you want a PS Vita, right? I’ve got 5. Sort of like that guy who had 3 PS3’s, but with 5…and with PS Vitas.

Anyway, let’s cut a deal.

You watch this sweet video of Rizzle Kicks mucking about with their PS Vitas, keeping an eye out for the oodles of gaming references. Then, head over to the PlayStation Access Facebook page and mark down the ones that you spotted. Get them all right and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a PS Vita that very same day. But be warned, you’ve only got one shot at this per day. Get it wrong, and you’ll need to wait until the next day to try again.

We’ll be giving one PS Vita away each day from today through to next Tuesday (the 28th). Get involved!

Competition open to residents of the UK only.

Oh, and if you’ve already got your PS Vita – join me on Twitter. We’re sharing pro tips on the lesser-known neat stuff that you can do with your portable beast-machine. Just click this hashtag to get involved: #VitaProTip.

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MB, my good man, your Access FB Link goes to Youtube. ;)

Epic comp.


Sorted mate, thanks for the heads up (and the tweet!)

Might wanna fix that second hyperlink.
Might also want to give everyone an update on the stuff-up with the Vita pre-order discount codes.


Fixed! Thanks for the heads-up :)

RE: Pre-order codes, have you tried taking a look at the EU Tech Support forums?

jonny_hart_digit 24 February, 2012 @ 11:13

HTC desire can use its 3g signal as a mobile WiFi point. how about an update to vita that can also use its gps.


You’re on android right? Just create a portable hotspot – it essentially creates a wifi network which your PS Vita can pick up and use :)

Yeah the facebook link goes to Youtube. Now can the 3 of us that pointed that out at this point win the Vita? Especially me, I don’t have a Facebook account. Yeah I know, who doesn’t have a Facebook account? That would be me… I have 3 PS3s… Kay, that’s a lie. I have ONE!


Psssh, nice try ;)

The competition is up an running on FB – go get involved!

Love my vita!

so is this uk only???

never mind it says it there clear as day (facepalm)


‘fraid so mate.

Just a quick question.. We’re really enjoying our new Vita, and I managed to transfer for instance the Angry Birds mini without issues, but all my free PS+ mini’s fail to run with an error after starting.(downloaded via Vita or downloaded via PS3 and moved with content manager).

Any clues what is happening? I’ll post it as a tip later :)


Not sure on this one chap. Try checking out the forums:

Just to add, I had to do the comp twice for it to take.

The first time it authorised the app on my FB account, the second time it actually asked for my contact email address and posted to my wall.


Cheers for letting us know Dan, we’ll get our techies to take a look at it :)


Meh – I’ll consider getting a Vita when you stop screwing the EU and stops giving all the 32 GB cards to the yanks…


I can’t speak for all of Europe (heh, that would probably be a bad idea!) but in the UK we’ve listened to the feedback about 32GB memory cards and are looking into putting them out at retail. Can’t promise anything yet but stay tuned.

I don’t get it, is this competition hard or easy lol? Without even paying attention I spotted what I think you want us to put, but I thought maybe it was harder so I pretty much went through the vid again in slow mo and checked each scene for billboards, signs, anything really.



thanks mb entered :)


Good luck!

OK, I’ve entered. I too went through in detail but don’t know if I found everything or not, I assume there is no indication of this when you submit your entry?

Out of interest, is there going to be a different video each day or just 5 chances to enter based on this one?


It’s the same video each day, so keep entering! And no, we won’t tell you how many you got right either.

I will get a Vita when Sony confirm the Remote Play features advertised as I’ve spent £100’s on PSN games on my PS3 and I expect to be able to remote play or even transfer them to my Vita.

If the Vita is meant to be the PS3’s best accessory and vice versa then this isn’t too much to ask is it?

why not call it then?
meh I m just jealous

SuGaR_rAy_RiDeR 24 February, 2012 @ 12:00

I wouldn’t mind one as my vita has had to be replaced due to the camera issue C4-8468-6 :-(

@muster buster

off topic sorry but hope you know the answer to this.

is the intention there at some point for ps3 users to see when people are online on vita and also for those users to see what trophies there friends have unlocked on vita via the ps3?

so far the trophy score updates but icons ect dont show!


Heya Hayzink!

Unfortunately I haven’t managed to gain telepathic control over the network developers (YET *evil laugh*), so I don’t know what is coming!

I know this is something that is frequently requested though, so fingers crossed eh?

Re-watching…..dammit, that was sneaky. Oh well, there’s always tomorrows entry.


This looks like effort, I like the eenie meenie miney mo

Solid_Snake1987 24 February, 2012 @ 12:42

Hopefully I’ve got it right. I saw things to do with 5 games in the video and that’s what I’ve entered. Watched the video far too many times…

@ Solid_Snake1987

Same here ;)

5 was my conclusion as well

i hope the fact he is wearing a hoodie is not a really vague refference to assassins creed lol

Hey Musterbuster, thanks for the tip to check the forums.. I found the following message from a moderator (might be good for you to know this as well)
“There are a few issues with transferring some types of content to the PS Vita which include:
no PSP/Mini content purchased through PS+, which is set to expire with the subscription, can be transferred
no PSOne titles can be transferred
no legacy content published by EA can be transferred
We are currently looking into the above issues and will inform you once we know what is going to be done.”

Thanks for the hotspot tip Muster!!! Never even considered doing that…. you da man

I know this is off-topic and very early days yet, but will there be a software update anytime soon? I can live with having to turn bluetooth off every time i boot my Vita, but the WiFi bug that causes it to disconnect all the time when not in use is really annoying :( Stops me from getting PSN messages etc and notifications.

Booeee for being UK only!


I dont know if anyone can help, im having quite a lot of trouble getting near to work on the vita, it worked a few times on wednesday but now everytime i go on it it wont obtain my location data, i am using wifi and ive allowed all the settings to access my location

Well there are definitely at least 6 game references, I really hope there are not more sneaky ones because I want to be in with a chance ;) It would make my year if I won.

Mister Muster, not related to this, do you know when youtube and other html5 video sites will be able to display videos on the Vita?


Please put Netflix on uk vita store, why do the yanks get everythin before we do???

Do the games they play and the sounds you hear part of the references too? Or is it just hidden 1s?

Would love to enter, but i dont use Facebook.

i don’t have a vita & i don’t have a facebook account.

sod it


***not mad :-) just wanna know why?

cant wait to get mine great job Sony!!!

TheKillerSnowman 25 February, 2012 @ 10:25

no ps vita for me

Please someone answer this comment as its the deciding factor of me getting one of these thing or not. Can the vita play psone games? i mean can they play these games if downloaded from the psn store and saved onto memory card? would you be able to play psone games out of wifi?, on the move? PLEASE ANSWER


Looking foward to playing on this

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