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PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM GMT on Wednesday 29th February for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

You might notice something a little strange about Home Square this week, but if you don’t then you must be under the influence of the all new fragrance from LYNX – Attract! Don your brand new LYNX Attract outfit and find out more about this exciting new scent for him and her at the info point in the centre of Home Square.

This Wednesday will also see the release of The Casino, a public space people have been asking for since PlayStation Home launched! This elegant space will have you gaming for hours – no Las Vegas airfare required. Regardless of what your game is, we’ve got you covered. Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Big 6 Wheel, Casino War and even Slots are all waiting for you to play.

Now I know what you’re thinking – “These games are cool, but what would a PlayStation Home game be without some seriously awesome rewards?” Well we’ve got you covered with over 100 in-game items to win! Tons of clothing, furniture, game prizes and even a luxury VIP hotel room! But this is gaming at its finest so the “comps” start just for stopping by and checking out The Casino. For this week’s launch we’re giving away a free t-shirt and complimentary hotel room personal space. You’re going to need somewhere to sleep when you realize how many hours have gone by playing with your friends at the tables!

We even have Leaderboards posted throughout the space so you can show everyone who really is the best of the best! Just stop by The Casino, visit a cashier and let it ride!

Lockwood_GeishaBots_290212_1280x720 Lockwood_SamuraiBots_290212_1280x720

Four very different robots join the growing Iron Fusion family this week – Kojiro, Musashi, Ume and Matsu, powerful ancient robots of unknown origin. The former, two impressive and honourable Samurai Bots, the latter two graceful and intelligent Geisha Bots. Explore their powers by trying out their custom anims!

To celebrate the release of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and WipEout 2048 on the PS Vita, we’re offering discounts of up to 50% on select Uncharted and WipEout clothing and furniture in PS Home. Check out the star in Home Square or the Featured Items store on the navigator to see the full range of discounted items.


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The caseno about bloody give us hollywood hills apartment.we slowly catching up to the usa its a shame the ps store’s not

James Gallagher 29 February, 2012 @ 09:51

I’m afraid the publisher doesn’t have any plans to bring that apartment to Europe at the moment.


Texas Hold‘Em!! good reason to give home a try…

1 Word about this update – AWSOME..The Casino iv been waiting for a long time :)

The casino looks great. At a discounted price i might also pick up the uncharted personal space too. :)

James Gallagher 29 February, 2012 @ 09:51


Wow, great stuff. Really need to learn poker now :)

Right! So, hey James what about the Quest #3 from Winter Holidays? The one that should have been available on Christmas 2011 -_-

James Gallagher 29 February, 2012 @ 09:52

That quest will be live after today’s maintenance… which is right now.

@ 6.
I would have thought that if they couldn’t fix it, they would give us the rewards for visiting the winter space so we didn’t miss out because of technical difficulties. Tbh i’ve given up all hope on quest 3. Its just 1 more bug in a long line of issues that haven’t been dealt with :(

I’ll place £50 on me never playing Home for at least 5 years.

not really into gambling, or casino but this looks VERRY FUN. Its a shame U.S home got this ages ago :( also the amination on ps home is verry clunky and out dated.

great update :D i just wish the home team would work on the gameplay and not the sales :(

Can you explan why we have to get different stuff from the usa and japan why can’t we just have the same stuff instead of causing all this fuss every maintenance day its the same with the eu ps store sony shows no love to eu at all we just the though backs that get all the [DELETED] stuff the other countrys don’t want come on sony start putting decent stuff on home and the ps store then I’ll start giving you my money


@ comment 8 Iam with you on that Sony are still pushing home what’s the point I wish they would get rid of it is the biggiest waste of time ever someone here asked the other week if its coming to vita I hope not its bad enough on ps3 lets hope Sony get rid of it by the time ps4 is out.

@8 and 10 If you don’t like Home why are you posting here? These weekly posts are for the people that actually go and spend time on it.

Hey I like home,its just that we never get good stuff like the others do.I mean the casino’s not to everyone taste I don’t like it played it on usa home and thought it was s$$t

Stop sucking up to sony you know I’m right home’s getting really bad last update when they bought the tekken v streetfighter space out they used the same costumes as last time lol

I was referring to @11 sorry.


@ James.. i was looking forward to my next visit to home wearing the vita pre-order items, but unfortunately the code wasn’t recognised.. not ‘that’ bothered mind.. I just can’t understand why sony don’t put more effort into Home, i mean the stuff that ‘could’ be done in (and from) there is allmost limitless.. the possibilities to make gamers Want to start their gaming time from Home are just endless (imo), erm maybe i just have a overactive imagination,?.. Anyway i know people want cross game chat.. but the system isn’t able to support it (apparently?), couldn’t people sign in via Home play their respective games from there.. but somehow make use of Homes voice (phone?) calling service.. while remaining in separate games,?.. that is what cross-game chat is isn’t it,?.. Anyway i just want to see Home grow and develop until it becomes the ultimate social networking service.. And i know it can be.

@12, I cant help it if someone takes my comment to mean I hate Home. I’ve spent a lot of time on Home in the past.. I dont know why but I did. The game has become worse over the years. I guess I was hoping it’d be more like Second Life. I dont hate it, I just wont be playing it.

TheKillerSnowman 28 February, 2012 @ 23:55

no more PS Home updates. i don’t like PS Home.

Quest #3 coming tomorrow – it’s official!

Hey Retro how’s you bud? So hey, don’t get me wrong brother but… my experience with Home (yours too) tell me that I’ll believe it when I play it XD

Yeah, fingers crossed then I guess… :)

I know this is the wrong place to post this, but it’s too good to miss out on! have Batman Arkham City for £17.99 today only!

Yeah – -1330788751

Sad news indeed people:

It wasn’t that long ago that Hydrophobia was released on PSN! :(

will the poker have proper tournament style sit and go play or will it be just ring games.

i prefer a proper tourney, either single table or multi table, rather than players just joining and leaving a table whenever.

i know some people might prefer that style though so i’d like to see both options.

Is Home still in Beta?
It looks still the same as 5 years ago.
The avatars look scarry as hell with their dead eyes and they way they sit looks like they are sitting on the toilet!
Sony has been putting a lot of money and effort in it, now it´s time to kill it off and put it in buying Thatgamescompany so we don´t lose more exclusives. I´m sure no one buys a ps3 for Home.

where’s my vita game code gone?

bring home to vita! I was hoping to use it via remote play, but its not possible. will it ever be released for vita? would enjoy it more on a hand held.

Hallo, the casino looks interesting, but i’d like to know whether i’m getting back the underwater apartment, which i won via the go fish game in the mall. Access to that game was free as part of the ‘welcome back’ pack (remember that? when Sony went offline for a couple of months after giving away all our details to hackers and forcing us to change our passwords and bank cards?), therefore we should still have the rewards from the game, right?

since the server is now up, why when i go to the casino is still saying server down?
i have purchased chips so obviously i want to play!
can you look into this please and fix promptly

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