Gravity Rush Coming To PS Vita As Both Download And Game Card On 13th June

A lot of you have been wondering about a European release date for Gravity Rush on PS Vita, which released to critical acclaim in Japan on February 9th.

We’re therefore hugely excited to confirm today that Gravity Rush will come to PAL markets both as a digital release on the PS Store AND a Game Card release at retail from 13th June this year.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with this epic new action adventure, here’s a quick overview:
A futuristic world is under attack from unknown forces. So-called gravity storms appear in the sky out of no-where and wreak havoc while strange creatures terrorise the population. Amidst all this mayhem, a young girl named Kat wakes up, struggling to regain her lost memories – but with a newfound phenomenal ability … to control gravity.

Gravity Rush_01

Gravity Rush_02Gravity Rush_03

Playing as Kat, you set out to stop the world around you from disintegrating, to piece together your memories and to uncover the truth behind it all. There is a huge open world to explore and this is only amplified by Kat’s ability to control the forces of gravity. Before you know it, you’ll be walking on any surface imaginable, throwing kicks and learning to perform special attacks in a gravity-free state to defeat your enemies. Just be careful who you’re standing next to lest unsuspecting civilians be caught up in your Gravity Power!

Gravity Rush_04Gravity Rush_05

Brought to life by beautiful cel-shaded graphics, the PS VITA functionalities of twin sticks, motion sensor and front touch let you navigate the rich narrative of Gravity Rush. If you’re wondering by now what this looks like in action, check out the brand new trailer at the top of this post. For those of you who haven’t seen the Japanese launch trailer, here it is again:

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Glad that it is getting a boxed retail release. Not hugely overjoyed with the date, but luckily I have a back catalogue of PSP Digital Downloads to keep me busy.

Would be nice if you could get PSOne games working before it’s release too, that would make the wait easier too ;).

almighty-slayer 29 February, 2012 @ 15:06

SO GLAD this is getting a retail release. WELL DONE :)

June is too long to wait though :(

BRILLIANT NEWS, Im so glad it has a date now.
I have a question though, will we be getting the newly annouced DLC also?


Looking forward to this one. Since the Japanese demo also has English Language, as we going to see a demo on our own store soon?


Great News,pity about the wait but still great news.

So, any chance you could use part of the Japanese launch trailer as part of the “The World is in Play” theme? I think it’d work very well as a TV advert.

Fantastic news! :)

Thought I’d have to import the US Version.

June :(, That feels like forever. Will we be getting the DLC in the game?

13th June?? why we have to wait so much?

This makes me so, so happy.

Day 1 purchase for me, but why the long wait yet again….

Hope there will be a collectors edition just like in JP.


Very good decision, retail it’ll be for me! But not sure I’ll be able to resist ordering the US version if it comes out one month earlier.

The japanese launch trailer is marvelous, no need to make another one for the rest of the world!


Scratch that, US version will be out june 12th, so absolutely no need to import.


Will we get an artbook like Japan? And will there be a demo? If so; when?

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for releasing this on a Vita game card!

I was very worried about this. Can’t wait for this fantastic game.

Absolutely fantastic news.


After playing the demo a couple of weeks ago I knew I really wanted a Vita! Somehow it reminded me of Jet Set Radio Future, which I bought with my original Xbox years ago. June can’t come soon enough!! :D

Awesome cant wait.


Excellent news! Shame about the June release date though x.x

Sooo glad I can get this in a physical form. Classic game needs to be visible :D

The fact that this is being released at retail is the best news I have heard all day! Gives my memory card more room for the smaller PSN exclusives ^^ Would have been nice to have the game earlier, as this is my most anticipated Vita game. However I do understand that big releases need to be spread out throughout the year to continue momentum. All I can say is…role on 13th June!

Try your retail experiment on something that people could care less about.

Thank god we get a physical copy…but 4 months….wow. This game looks epic, dont think i can wait tht long.


So is this similar to Bayaneta..? Haven’t really paid much attention as i thought it was like the psn gravity (something?) title, but the gameplay vid looks interesting, will have to watch it on phone/pc as i assume the browser isn’t doing the graphics much justice (?) i hope.. Just a shame it takes to long to reset vita to different ac, or i would try the demo.. am sure i seen it on the HK store, but since there is a demo, when can we (EU) expect to try it?..

Will it have a limited edition? I’d like to have a poster and maybe some other goodies.

plz include all the dlc!that’ll help ease the wait for the late release

Glad to we finally have a release date.
Shame we have to wait till June for the next Vita release!

Lets hope things pick up, so we have new games more frequently!
Looking forward to trying an FPS.

I am glad that we are finnaly getting a release date, though I am a bit sad that it will be such a long wait. Well at least the date works quite well for me, since I will be just be finished with my exams. Not sure if I will be able to play as I have some field excursions to do as well.

Either way I have got a wonderfull game to play when I am travelling this summer :)

Excellent news. i=I was not going to buy this if it were not released on game card, but now I will happily purchase this game.

Thank you for considering a physical release of this game. This news seems to have made many people (including me) very happy. Will wait patiently for its release.

trulydeadly1 01 March, 2012 @ 09:45

four months? why? is there more to do than just voice dubbing?? I’d play the game in Japanese with subtitles, that shouldn’t take four months!!!

Artemisthemp 01 March, 2012 @ 10:10

Hong Kong has a English demo of Gravity Rush.

Hmm, may as well cancel my US pre-order then. Really pleased this is getting a physical release, it’s the kind of game that will really define the system and it deserves shelf space.

As others have said, I’m happy to pay extra for a special edition.

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