Get Under The Spell Of Sorcery From 23 May

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that Sorcery will be available from May 23rd, 2012, across the PAL regions.

Here’s a quick summary of the story from Brian Upton, Creative Director on Sorcery.

NEW_Sorcery English Logo_FINAL

Finn is in trouble.

First he accidentally blew up his master’s alchemy lab. Then he let Erline, his master’s magical cat, talk him into trespassing in the realm of the dead. Now he’s unleashed an ancient universe-destroying evil that won’t stop until everything he cares about is utterly annihilated.

It’s not been a good day.

Sorcery for PS3: Bogies Fire WallSorcery for PS3: Troll

TrollIce 12

Even though he’s only an apprentice, it’s up to Finn to defeat the Nightmare Queen before she can destroy the human world. To do this he must plunge deep into the realm of faerie — the Endless Stair, the Faerie Forest, the Slumbering Palace. With Erline travelling at his side he must master powerful and arcane magical spells, and use them to overcome the strange and twisted servants of Nightmare. He must solve challenging puzzles, and decipher the mysteries of alchemy. He must discover the secrets of the Nightmare Queen’s power, and undo the damage that she has wrought.

And, above all, he must earn the right to be called … Sorcerer.

Sorcery Packshot_PEGI_3D

So get ready for an an action packed, magical adventure where the PlayStation Move is your magic wand and only you, a sorcerer’s young apprentice, can harness the true power of magic to save this mystical realm.

Be sure to check out to find out more about Sorcery.

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Need to watch some more revealing gameplay trailers. Looks interesting from what i’ve seen so far!


Ordinarily, I should have no interest at all in this game. Yet ever since it’s original reveal, I’ve been really looking forward to it. What kind of sorcery is this? ;-p

Carnivius_Prime 07 March, 2012 @ 17:10

Been wondering when this was due ever since I first saw the early previews from way before the Move was launched. Seems like forever ago now. Will there be a demo?

Brilliant news. This was the game that sold me on PlayStation Move. I’ve been looking forward to playing it for well over a year now.

May can’t come soon enough.


Thanks SKELLY7. Great to hear you’re looking forward to it. :)


Is this game on rails? Because on the cover only shows the playstation move controller and not the navigation controller


Hi abhiram_33, good question. No, you use a combination of both your PlayStation Move controller to cast spells and your Dualshock3 wireless controller or navigation controller to control Finn.


Hi Maria, please put pressure on Sony to give this a big marketing budget to give the PS Move the recognition/standing it deserves. It’s amazing what the right marketing can do – look at Microsoft Kinect.

Nice box! I’m looking forward to this!


Thanks Thach. Glad you like it. :)


VICTORY!!! i was afraid your title was canceled.

no i have a problem how to make some place in my room for jumping with move controler….


Hate to tell to you but that is one ugly cover. The characters look generic and blue border is a desaster. Hopefully the gameplay delivers.


hey hey

cant wait. been a long time coming but i’m glad the decisions were made to change the title from what was originally shown.

any reasons for the other delays ?


I’m with Benjamin81. The whole blue “Move required” border ruins the box art.

The game actually looks pretty good though. :)

almighty-slayer 07 March, 2012 @ 19:54

That case is offensive to my eyes.

Game looks good though

chrisandsheva 07 March, 2012 @ 20:16

I got a move last april when i swopped(upgraded) my ps3.. bought the nav and the gun (KZ3/SOCOM) but it just didn’t feel right, i (luckilly) got refund for gun, but tbh the move+nav have never been used (by me) since… So i am hoping that .. A. theres a demo for this, and B the demo ‘makes’ me want to buy the game And finally use the move. But as a rule i avoid majic/mages in games.. opting for the warrior (rpg’s) so i also hope theres ‘enough’ action involved… i wouldn’t of taken notice usually except for the above readers comments, which make the game sound rather good, on top of the announcement of course.

chrisandsheva 07 March, 2012 @ 21:15

It’s just as well that we don’t get psn wallet ‘fines’ for comments awaiting moderation, as i must be getting close to 30(ish) of them now including above, which i posted at 8.16pm.. then again out of all my awaiting moderations i think that 2 were actually deleted.. just wish that i could understand what it is that gets me flagged, and it sometimes (well once) takes 36 hours to unflag it.. theres never any links etc, Seriously i really would like to know more about moderation reasons/causes etc..

chrisandsheva 07 March, 2012 @ 21:17
soon as i posted above the awaiting mod message vanished, btw sorry for the triple posts.

I’m actually miserable enough right now to complain about annoying use of nomenclature on the web. So two things.. “Sorcery” doesn’t involve “spells”. It’s channeling raw magic. So you can’t “get under the spell of sorcery”. And you don’t earn the “right to be called sorcerer”. If sorcery existed, you would just be a sorcerer. Those sound like indirectly referencing statements, but they actually aren’t.

Another thing – who came up with the weird purplishly androgynous character design and flamboyantly jolly colour palette? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better opportunity to use the word “garish” before.


I’ve been looking forward to this, haven’t used my move in a while. I hope it’s good. Pics look great.


Thanks carlosdfn. :)


Finally! I’ve been waiting for this from the first time it was shown on the e3 2010!


£39.99 for a title that is 5-6hrs in length!

I forsee a big discount, within a few weeks of release.

So disappointed on how much this has changed! The reveal at E3 looked amazing, like a mix between Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings. Then it went dark for so long, then you’s finally bring it back but in this kids game? Seriously?! Sigh, first $ony destroyed Playstation Move Heroes, then they destroyed Ape Escape, then they destroyed Medieval Moves Deadmund’s Quest, and now this. Sigh. When will Sony stop trying to become Nintendo? God, we already have Microsoft doing that with their Kinect as if that’s not bad enough!

Finally’ i didn’t think this was going to make it to stores but here we are with a release date so fantastic work guys’ i and my move set will appreciate this because i do believe in the move i just now need to believe in the games and this looks like the game to do that so congratulations to the whole team for getting this game out.


o man wanna try this one out it looks like a great game like midevil move psmove


I’d like to see much more Move exclusives and support, got the thing on launch and if it wasn’t for Heavy rain (which was an amazing experience, with or without move) it has pretty much been catching dust..


This was going to be a day one buy for me. I even bought the Move asap just so I could buy this game asap too! But as it is only 5-6 hours I will wait until the price drops by half. Although I don’t know if this includes side quests that I read about a while ago. I have to say though, it does look like there is big improvement in the graphics department after being revealed in 2010. But after such a long time it should be expected I suppose!

I hope there are some good combinations of spells like the firestorm (this is the only example that they seem to be showing us). Maybe they just don’t want to give too much away

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