Starhawk Beta Update: 32 Players, Tanks, & Jetbikes! You In?

Hey Starhawkers!

Finally, the day has come!  We’re launching our Beta Update 1.3 today!  We’re really happy with this new content and we hope you like it too.

Check out this video to see what we’re talking about:

Since our Starhawk Beta launched in November we’ve collected soooo much great info.  The bugs found would never been nailed down without your efforts and we are confident we are going to give you one of the best online experiences on PS3 with the final version of the game.  Many balance and feature changes were made as a direct result of player testing.

Please accept a sincere “THANK YOU!” from the team.

We have one final big step to make before release.  Update 1.3 includes a bunch of new features and fixes including:

Dust_01 Dust_02


32 Player Map- Planet Dust

If you thought 8 vs 8 was fun, things just got EPIC!


Sidewinder Jetbike

This vehicle is all about speed, speed, and more speed.  A very hard target to hit, use the Sidewinder for quick hit and run attacks, fast road kills, or team up with others to SWARM the enemy base.
Did we mention it jumps too?  :)


Ox Heavy Tank

Say hello to our little friend.  What the OX lacks in speed, it makes up in pure brawn and fire-power.
Destroy enemy walls and structures via long range bombardments, assault mechs with explosive shells, and survive barrages in its heavily armoured shell.

PLUS! +++++++++++++++++++

More stuff, more stuff and more stuff

If you’ve been holding off joining the Beta then the time is now to jump in.  The Starhawk Beta ends on March 27th in preparation for the games launch.  Time is short so find out what you’ve been missing, the Starhawk Beta can be downloaded from PSN now.

Go get it while you can!

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Greatest Beta ever. They have listened to the feedback and tuned it accordingly. I just hope they’ve got rid of building whilst flying a Starhawk. Can’t wait for this game.

The new update looks awesome :)

Looks like an awesome update! Have you added sixaxis support?

When is the actuall game releasing? April?May? later?

Shifty_Geezer 08 March, 2012 @ 22:41

The 1 GB download is proving problematic. In typical fashion, evening internet access on TalkTalk’s 8 megabit broadband is down to about 100 Kbps, and this download is taking an age, but if I stop it now I can’t resume.

Please Sony, realise some of us have crap internet, there’s nothing we can do about it (there’s no cable option where I live at any price), and these sorts of patches are a PITA. Enable resume!

Other than that, looking forwards to the update. Starhawk has been refined into a very enjoyable game over the Beta.

Shifty_Geezer 08 March, 2012 @ 22:43

@ kivi95 : May 8th


now i am lost here i got 1.03 from a few days or weeks ago and just started downloading the update it says 1.05?

bodthekiller 09 March, 2012 @ 08:12

its great will be playing this in years to come but there is still no word on a uk collectors edition or and pre order bonus am holding off on the pre order till i know where i can get the best one from the usa know what there getting please could i get a responce to this so i can pre order

..uh. Right.

Anyway, please let me know if someone is making a game where the designers didn’t mistake “extremely simplistic gameplay”, for “accessible to people who struggle a bit with the controller”.

The two don’t actually have anything to do with each other. It’s possible to create something interesting – that isn’t extremely difficult to control.

Just fyi.

Now where’s the Planetside 2 and MAG 2 news? Oh, I know – nowhere to be seen. What a coincidence.


Might give it a try if the xp goes over to the real game, otherwise I’m not interested in beta’s. Got it pre ordered though, like most exclusives.


My time with the beta was hideous. Evey game, constantly spawn-camped by snipers, making all the bells and whistles useless.

RAIDERNATION133 19 March, 2012 @ 05:24

starhawker people if you love the beta say sweet

This is a great beta i really enjoy it cant stop playing it great job i cant wait till it comes defintely buying it.

Just wanted to say if anyones looking to join my starhawk clan its called Steel-Mercs

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