Before And After The Zombie Devastation In Yakuza: Dead Souls

When tragedy and devastation hit a place, even if it’s a place you’re very familiar with, it can be hard to remember what it used to look like. You may think you know every inch of a certain place, and then suddenly, it’s unrecognizable.

To see how much things can change once the zombie invasion hits, here are some comparison screens of Kamurocho as it used to be and as it is now in Yakuza: Dead Souls.

Before Zombies – a sunny day in Kamurocho.

Y4 1

After Zombies – yeah, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.


Before Zombies – what a nice vending machine!

Y4 2

After Zombies – OH GOD, IT’S ON FIRE! (At least the traffic cone survived.)


Before Zombies – I’m not sure that’s a very safe parking spot…

Y4 3

After Zombies – Uh, yeah. Sorry about your car, mister.


Yakuza: Dead Souls has all the crazy zombie-killing action you’re craving, with a distinct Yakuza twist.

A pre-order campaign is currently running. Trust me – you don’t want to miss out on the assets offered! Yakuza: Dead Souls hits shelves on March 13th in North America, March 16th in Europe, and is exclusive to the PS3.

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Noisepurge 12 March, 2012 @ 4:09 pm   1

no contest for me to win this time? ;D (pre-ordered)


After purchasing playing and completing Binary Domain (love the twist at the end by the way, very clever) I’m gonna look into this too.
I platted Yakuza 4 and almost platinum’d Yakuza 3 so another trip to Kamurocho wont hurt.

My only gripe with Yakuza games is the gun mechanics wasnt great so I’m a tiny bit worried about that but I’m sure it wont be that bad.

Noisepurge 12 March, 2012 @ 4:13 pm   3

oh the gun mechanics in this are still horrible, but it doesn’t really matter 😀 Binary Domain was excellent!

CassyChan 12 March, 2012 @ 4:37 pm   4

Awesome, looking forward to my pre-order arriving, though I started replaying Kenzan about a week ago so I probably won’t get round to Dead Souls for a while.

Definitely agree with KAP and Noisepurge too, Binary Domain was fantastic, the Yakuza studio did a great job, I hope it gets a sequel 🙂

kit-tiger 12 March, 2012 @ 6:43 pm   5

Can’t wait for friday !!!
Zombie apocalypse hit’s my favourite town, & Chiaki has come to help us take em out, you bet I’m there !
Can’t get enough of this series. One question: does the UK get the steelbook version ???

RemyX-1988 12 March, 2012 @ 7:25 pm   6

I’ve been playing this game for two days now, and even though I like it, it’s not the same YAKUZA I was hoping it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for SEGA for bringing this to Europe, but I would have rather seen YAKUZA Kenzan…

Let’s hope YAKUZA 5 will be more back to formula, if you will… 🙂

Dave2k10rulz 12 March, 2012 @ 7:36 pm   7

shall be getting this game this week, looking forward to it as always enjoyed the previous games, and enjoyed binary domain also. shows that the team are talented. .


I want it now. I want it so bad ! I really enjoyed the Japanese version of this game, so I look forward to play the localized version of Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of The End !

Thanks Sega ! Now we just need Kenzan !

zerolaff 12 March, 2012 @ 9:42 pm   9

This game is only £28 on SimplyGames!

Yakuza Kenzan next year, Sega!!


sega ever planning on releasing YAKUZA KENZAN over here cause i would love 2 play that one. and also is it possible 2 lower the amount off player required 2 start a match in binary domain? it’s hard getting 6 players 2 wait for a match 2 start.

offcoure i’ll be getting this game soon. just wanna platinum binary domain i’m so close 2 it.

o ya srry 2 more things are we getting the yakuza skins for binary domain or they only for japan? and some avatars be great.

CassyChan 13 March, 2012 @ 1:21 am   12

It sucks that they never brought Kenzan over, aside from the combat starting off a little clunky (dodging and blocking isn’t instant enough for my liking) it’s a brilliant game, I love the adventure feel of the story as opposed to how most Yakuza games take place almost entirely in Kamurocho over a short period of time. The graphics are still great even now about 5 years later, definitely on par with a lot of current games, so it’s not like it’s dated or too late to bring it over imo, not to be a bit cheeky as this is a Dead Souls post but Kenzan is far better than Dead Souls/Of the End.

@dgnfly I definitely agree, player count for multiplayer needs to be lowered, it’s 2 players minimum for private matches where you can’t rank up but for public matches 6 players is just asking too much, it’s too dead and some game modes never have games running. It’s terrible pre-ordering a game only to find you can’t play most of the game modes because it’s just not populated enough, not to mention 90% of players are Japanese and it ends up seriously laggy, it’d be nice to have a 2 or 4 player minimum.

VictorAnalogy 13 March, 2012 @ 11:25 am   13

So wait… they’ve taken a game *without* zombies… and then… They’ve put zombies *in* that game?

Wow! How come every other developer in the world hasn’t already done this? Several times.

This is such a creative industry it blows my mind.

dillusion 13 March, 2012 @ 12:13 pm   14

Cool photos! Also, when is a fix for ps plus minis on Vita coming?

CoolRichy008UK 13 March, 2012 @ 1:02 pm   15

boring game journey is better then all these (CENCORED) (BEEP)

spikkle 13 March, 2012 @ 1:56 pm   16

This looks very nice at the very least 😛 Love the captions for the pics too xD

aimeraya 13 March, 2012 @ 5:10 pm   17

Wait until the end of year this game will be only around 15 euros….