Live From Iceland – DUST 514 Keynote

Any EVE online player will be aware that this weekend, Reykjavík, Iceland, is host to the EVE Online Fan Fest. One difference to this year’s event is that DUST 514 – the free to play MMOFPS coming exclusively to PS3 – will be a big focus. CCP Games are about to share the latest on the game live on-stage at the Fan Fest, and you can watch a live stream right here from 5pm GMT / 6pm CET.

The event is now over.

I’m flying out to Reykjavík as this post goes live and will be back after the weekend to spill the beans on DUST 514 – see you then.

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Ravenblade86 22 March, 2012 @ 17:13

The Dust keynote has been delayed until 5:30pm GMT.

It’s great to see Sony supporting Eve Fanfest with the live stream here and in Home.

had to jump off the PS3 , maybe my feed but better thru this site


PS Home has way better image quality altough its still bad, but has a huge delay between voice and image :(


Have fun James :) bring us some photos :) and maybe some nice intreviews :)

I wish i had known that the keynote was on here earlier. I had to keep jumping out of the event space because of constant video freezes. What i did get to see looked very impressive though.


I hope to see the video offline.

The game continues to look excellent. I wonder if there has been any thought to making this available on the Vita?

About to watch on youtube,but the bits I watched yesterday looked great.

chrisandsheva 24 March, 2012 @ 00:43

Am sure that the game IS coming to vita as well. @post7.
Am another who didn’t know about this stream thing, but am sure i can catch it somehow. well i ‘guess’ there won’t be many, if any more blogs about 514 now, as surely everything has been written allready, so hopefully, not to far away there’ll be a announcement concerning ‘more’ beta testers needed.. then the game itself should arrive, looking forwards to then.

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