BioShock Infinite: Meet The Siren

Now that you’ve met the Motorized Patriot, Handyman, and the Boys of Silence, it’s now time to reveal the fourth and final installment of our Heavy Hitter series – and we’re taking the creepy factor up a notch. Imagine taking down a bunch of bad guys, only to realize that you’ve just created fuel for something far more terrifying. Backed into a corner, who gets the next bullet? You’ll be facing this decision in Columbia if you’re unfortunate enough to get discovered by the Siren.

Check out the clip below as Ken Levine, Nate Wells, and Shawn Robertson gives you a sneak peek…

So what do you think? Are you ready to face the Heavy Hitters? Either way, you’ll find out when BioShock Infinite launches October 19th, 2012

BioShock Infinite: Siren

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Well if my gaming experience has taught me anything it’s to always go after the mage/healer first. So I think I’ll be dealing with the Sirens first.

oh my these sirens look pretty bad ass lol
i cant wait

GOTY 2012

The game looks AMAZING but… what I REALLY want from Bioshock is the ability to have my “fire” buttons on the TOP triggers and NOT the bottom ones! This ruined Bioshock 1 for me… every time I got into a fight I’d end up bringing up the weapon wheel as every other game I play has shooting on the top buttons. Which is where my trigger finger is. I hardly got anywhere with Bioshock 1 as this annoyed the hell out of me, so I stopped playing it very early on in the game! PLEASE don’t bork the game by putting the fire buttons on the spongey bottom triggers!

I have the feeling there hardly will be any surprises left for me when I would play the game. I also don´t like how they explain everything about the world. I want to make my own story.

Can’t wait for this game. I will order it once the collector edition is announced.

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