BurgerTime World Tour And Arc The Lad II Debut Today

MonkeyPaw Games would like to pack two great games into this week’s release line-up. Many have been awaiting our retro retake on the classic Burgertime. Others would like to see the next version of Arc the Lad. We hope there are many fans of both! Read on and you’ll see what each game has to offer.


Retro games can transcend their original platform and evolve into the larger world of next-generation gaming. BurgerTime World Tour is a maturation of the arcade classic enhanced with an innovative 3D rotating cylindrical environment and elevated retro gameplay.

When we first started thinking about what to do with the Burgertime license, we laid out the framework for the game’s reinvention. We identified our users as old-school Burgertime fans and as well as a new generation of players, who may not have played the retro classic. Our intent was to add design and functionality, as if the game had been in perpetual development since its inception.

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First, we needed to expand the experience and broaden the playing field. By cylindrically rotating the field, we could amplify the world while also generating a 3D feel. The cylinder allowed us to implement 4-person multiplayer, online and local. Many companies don’t bother with online networking because it adds so much cost and complexity. But for us, multiplayer is a must when you consider how much more fun it is to play with friends. These improvements added layers of strategy and longevity.

We allowed Peter Pepper to jump and to throw enemies for additional points. By adding new features like platforming and rocket rides, we gave the player more complexity in navigating the rotational world. Boss characters and new enemies magnified the hurdles and spring new tactics in creating tasty burgers. By now the game is a 50-level monster with a completely new look but maintains the addictive AI of the original.

We think by evolving BurgerTime to today’s level of gameplay, graphics and functions, the franchise will grow and remain a favorite with even more users. Give in to your hunger and taste the difference that the new BurgerTime World Tour delivers!

Arc the Lad II

HD Cover

Japanese RPGs have a particular resonance with fans of the genre. Think of your favorite RPG and chances are it came from Japan.

But actually, not that many have really come at all. Most Japanese publishers couldn’t, wouldn’t, or just didn’t bring their RPGs to the West because the economics didn’t make sense. Only the best ones found their way through.

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So, MonkeyPaw Games is proud to bring you the diamond in our RPG portfolio, Arc the Lad II. We have already published Arc the Lad on the PlayStation Network Import section. Now, Arc the Lad II brings preeminence to the series.

It has bigger battles, more characters, harder bosses, and a deep and compelling story that will entwine your senses in a truly epic role-playing experience. And the tactical fighting that made the Arc series famous will keep you at your joypad for unending hours.

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Those that played and loved the series will be amazed at how well the PlayStation 3 system brings the game back to life. The localization was done by acclaimed publisher Working Design. There are ways in which the localized version actually improved on the original, so well did Working Design fulfill their vision of the game.

Arc the Lad II is a bellwether title true RPG fans will want to experience. We hope you enjoy this classic gem that we ourselves love so much. Once you start playing the Arc series, you’ll find yourself trapped by its compelling calling, asking for your time to play out its mysteries.

Look at what the comments are saying about Arc the Lad II. Or better yet, try it now on the PlayStation Network Import section.

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welcome back ray, i hope the games will be back on course every 2 weeks.

i get arc the lad 2 maybe tomorrow after i read the plus update post as i only got £3.87 approx not enough i know. :|


Thanks Skookie,
Always appreciate your support. We’re quiet for a while and then the gates open. We actually have a lot in the pipe, it just takes a while to get the emulations up. More to come!

And what will the prices be?

(BurgerTime looks fun)


finally some decent rpgs are coming to eu store we need suikoden 1,2 & 3 anyway good job monkeypaw


Suikodens have always been on our list. We are always pushing to get them but nothing to report yet. Let’s keep fingers crossed.

Lol have you checked that SCEE is gonna publish arc the Ladd with the correct language this time.


Guess that depends on what language you speak! I would have a kitten if it was wrong this time! Pretty sure we’re good to go. Enjoy!

If you can unlock a Mr.Wimpy ( skin I’m in!



I read a few months back here that you had the rights to publish Tombi, do you have any idea if we’ll be seeing that classic title? Much linked to this question, will you be bringing us Tombi 2?

I’ve been so tempted to buy the disc copies but knowing my luck they would have compatability issues with PS3. Best to get the download versions!


Hi Bealinator,
Well get to your favorite but can’t tell you exactly when. Release dates are an unknown science. But we’ll push as fast as we can. Please enjoy Burgertime and Arc in the meantime!

IF I could play Arc The Lad II on my Vita, I’d get it. But I suspect that Sony are holding off on Vita PS1 compatibility so that we buy more actual Vita games.

Conspiracy theory, anyone? I’ll say more once I get this tin-foil hat off my head.

I’m with you Bumblebee, I suspect the same thing! Please give us PS1 compatibility on VITA and also fix PS Plus Minis so that they work on it!

There gonna be a firmware update for both Vita & Ps3 possibly this week or next week april dylan from Q-games says there be 1 in april in his TWEET on twitter.


* Sony themselves confirm vita to get Ps1 on vita so don’t worry IT WILL COME IN TIME. ;)


I think you’re right. PSone will come to Vita in due time. Its complicated so they couldn’t launch with it but we’re thinking they will be pretty quick. It only makes sense as they would have more titles and gain momentum.

CoolRichy008UK 28 March, 2012 @ 11:38

Burgetime HD might be 7.99 or 9.99 all we need now is Boulderdash XL the remake then ps3 will rock ^^ i hope tombi 1&2 & rollcage & pacman 2 3 hits ps store and all crash bandicoot ps2 games too. look for a cancelled ps3 crash bandicoot game on internet that was gonna b out 2010. get idol minds 2 make it ^^

jonny_hart_digit 28 March, 2012 @ 11:40

these games look good for vita. not for my home use i am afraid

Huono_peleis 28 March, 2012 @ 11:41

@ Bumblebee, dillusion and everyone else begging for the PS1 compatibility:

It’s not gonna happen for a while because Sony wants you to buy Vita launch titles. It may take few months, a year or it might never happen since they are avoiding the whole topic.

But Vita is missing so much more like HTML 5 and Flash support or full PSP compatibility so…

CoolRichy008UK 28 March, 2012 @ 12:29

does burgertime come with a side dish LOL

When I young I so badly wanted Burgertime – was it on the original Intellivion or Colecovision many many moons ago – I remember the adverts and my parents wouldn’t buy me the system – their excuse was I didn’t play with the Merlin they had bought me years before and they didn’t pay tuition at a private school so I could learn to make burgers geesh

I downloaded the demo from the US store and nearly 30 years of waiting to play the game I kept saying ‘AVIT mum ‘AVIT


Hilarious! Love it. I’m old enough to remember playing the original in the arcades as well. Mum’s purse was a little light when that game came out. Its one of the reasons all the guys in the office were so hip to get the license. Its BURGERTIME, damn it! Sweet!!!!!


Hi ray

any news on getting Crash Bash on the store, do you have that liecence?


Hey Cheeky, no luck yet. We’ll keep working on it though.

Hi Ray. Not sure this has anyhing to do with you but I would love to see some Square Enix games on the import store like Chrono Cross!!


Hi, Sorry to say, any Square Enix title is a pretty tough nut to crack. Until now, they have been too wealthy to deal with outside licensing. If we can reach our goals and give our model some light, perhaps the biggies will see the benefit in bringing their old-school titles to the West. Help us by buying a few of our games. It helps the whole movement.


Lunar games & Alundra?

OK, thanks for the reply!


I’m always for imports you know that anyways yes SE are 100% hardnut i keep pester them about they not releaseing their imports not with this ID though lol.

anyways i & other have spoken out to them but if you go here voice your opinions saying “what titles we want” the more the better. :)


Yes, they definitely have a lot of JRPGs the fans want.

residentSteve 28 March, 2012 @ 18:57

What the heck are these games never heard of them in my life whens sonic 4 episode 2 coming out.


Definitely check the games out. BurgerTime World Tour has a demo and Arc the Lad II is a great that’s great if you like tactical RPGs, like Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics. All are in the same mold of spotlighting great classic games that are now downloadable.

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