Access Episode 27

Access TV Episode 27 hits YouTube today, with chilling survival horror Silent Hill: Downpour as Game of the Week. Check it out for loads of gruesome gameplay footage, plus see first-hand why downpour is a return to form for the classic series.

In a massively exciting feature, the Access TV crew head to Montreal for a first look at highly-anticipated sequel Assassin’s Creed III. Not only is there a wealth of tantlising footage from the game, you can also enjoy interviews with leading Ubisoft men Alex Hutchinson and Francois Pelland.

If you’re after a bit more glitz, make sure to check out coverage of the recent videogame BAFTA awards. Access chat to the winners, in addition to interrogating LA Noire leading man Aaron Staton. Don’t miss it.

As always, there’s PlayStation Store content and PS3 news abound, so get stuck in to another tasty episode.

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this can a day late on ps store, i was waiting all wendsday and it came thursday (same with my friend)

MusterBuster 30 March, 2012 @ 11:43

Sorry about that DAVIE – we learned that the video upload hadn’t gone as smoothly as usual toward the evening and didn’t get an opportunity to re-upload until Thursday.

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Nice episode .


I was looking on the playstation vita store on wednesday and only found episode 1 of access when I was searching. I havent checked since, but has this changed, is all the episodes now available?

I still managed to download it off the Store on Wednesday just by searching.



its fine MusterBuster have a great weekend mait :) oh and have fun playing DUST you lucky guy


On the subject of L.A. Noire, why isn’t a Jack Kelso avatar available from the PS store? He’s far cooler… and even more of an archetypal film noir character… than Phelps.

(My comment is quite a leap from your statement about Aaron Staton, but I’ve been meaning to ask for ages and you don’t mention L.A. Noire much anymore. :P)

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