Get Wrecked This Weekend!

We’re really excited that nearly three years after deciding to develop Wrecked it’s finally on release and available to play.

We wrote a small independently developed game called Mashed about 8 years ago. It was relatively quietly released by small independent UK publisher Empire. It’s been a real slow burner. We got great reviews for Mashed and whilst the sales were okay, it wasn’t what you’d call a mega hit.

Thing is though, over 7 years later, we’re getting more fan mail for that game now that when it was released. It’s become something of a cult classic. We get told of people throwing Mashed parties, and playing it literally every day (7 years later!).

About 3 years ago we thought it would be a great idea to bring the Mashed experience up to date and to bring something along those lines to the PS3.


Way back when Mashed was released (on PS2), it had to be on disc, in a box, in a shop and had to retail for about £30 / €40. We thought that digital distribution was perfect for the successor to Mashed (which was briefly called GAS, before the name Wrecked stuck). More game, less money, easy access – perfect!

We were very keen to keep the core insanely addictive multi-player game-play that made Mashed what it was. We were also keen to go a bit further, improve things, fine tune things, and add new features. We think we’ve achieved all of that.


We think Wrecked is the best multi-player game we’ve ever developed. It’s got a big single player strand and it’s got online multi-player, but at its heart, it’s about unashamedly 2/3/4 people crowded round one PS3, in one room, shouting at each other and having a laugh. That’s definitely where it’s at and we’re really hopeful it’ll be as well or better thought of than Mashed in that regard.

It’s so, so great to finally see it out…

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Carnivius_Prime 30 March, 2012 @ 12:07 pm   1

I had Mashed: Fully Loaded on PS2 (recommended by a friend who insisted it was the most fun 4 player game he’s had) and it was great and we’ve been waiting ages for you guys to bring it to PS3. Have just messaged him on PSN a couple days ago telling him that Wrecked IS Mashed and it’s great that it’s got online multiplayer (as these days it’s harder for me to find local gameplaying buddies where I moved) as well as offline. I’ve downloaded the trial and it feels and looks great though I’m low on cash at moment and waiting for a sizable refund cheque to arrive before I spend anything. But certainly looking forward to seeing if I can recapture those awesome nights of crazy Mashed multiplayer fun. 🙂

Think I babbled. Anyways nice work. 😀

This looks like fun, not really had a good combat micro racer on the PS3 imo so will be interesting to give it a go

Huono_peleis 30 March, 2012 @ 12:14 pm   3

Tried the demo which was horribly bugged. Will be avoiding this at all cost. How it managed to pass QA while Trine 2 didn’t is beyond me. 😀


Hi Peter, Could you guys fix the camera. It is a game costing bug that often pans out at the wrong time etc which then changes the direction of your vehicle. I really was excited for this title but having spent a few hours with it now I can’t help but wish you had just re-released ‘Mashed’ I loved that game. 🙁

Chunker76 30 March, 2012 @ 12:23 pm   5

Thought I’d try, as do kinda like these little multi player racers, but after several attempts to play was unable, doesn’t connect to a game, I know its nothing my end as all other games are fine and connection is hitting top whack (over 20mg), pretty duff if you ask me.

Why doesn’t someone re-do the classic Circuit Breakers, have the PS1 classic on disc still, but a new HD version would be great


I would have bought it if there was not a DAY ONE DLC. Sorry no buy from me as I won’t support that :).

Bumblebee 30 March, 2012 @ 12:56 pm   7

Kivi95, it’s your loss! Nobody will force you to buy day one DLC, it just breaks the payment down into manageable chunks. Ultimately if this was a PS2 game it would have been £20-£30, this is less than a tenner, and four quid for extra content is reasonable. It’s not like Day One DLC which is included on a disc, which is the reason people get annoyed. You’re just getting angry for the sake of it without understanding WHY people dislike “Day One DLC”!

Bumblebee 30 March, 2012 @ 1:03 pm   8

As for you lot at Supersonic… THANK YOU! For everything since Micro Machines! Personally I’d like to see Micro Maniacs released on PSN, any chance? Such a cool game! Anyway, back when Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament was released on the Megadrive, myself and my uni friends next door spent several hours a day for about two years playing it… and 90% of that time was on the one track, TURBO TURNS! Such a simple track, but OH the tactics! The “**** it” involved desperate attempts to drive at full pelt through the paint pots… mostly the second gap but sometimes, with luck and skill (and OH after years we had a LOT of skill); another tactic involved not braking on corners and instead shunting your opponent as THEY put on the brakes, slowing you enough to turn, while they flew off the end of the table… and, of course, flying full-pelt side-by-side in a battle of wits to see if someone DARED trying to barge the others off… often anticipation of this leading to a tap of the brake, which meant your opponent missed and would fly off themselves… my god it was addictive. Myself (Bob), Wayne-Bob, John-Bob and Graham-Jack-Bob thank you SO MUCH for all the fun we had with that one track in that one game!

Bumblebee 30 March, 2012 @ 1:04 pm   9

…snd post-Microm Machines, from there I got the games that followed including both Mashed games, but sadly the 4 Bobs lost contact with each other but I will think of them when I play Wrecked.

Thanks for the memories. And, PLEASE bring back Turbo Turns! Best track in any racing game ever! I’m currently at 260 hours in Skyrim but I’m quite sure I played more than that on Turbo Turns back in the day!

Bumblebee 30 March, 2012 @ 1:06 pm   10

Sorry for typos. The thought of Micro Machines makes me excited. And I’ve been waiting for Wrecked for ages. Things had gone so quiet I was worried it had been cancelled.

I wish you every success with it… you deserve it for all the hours of gaming fun you’ve given me and my friends!

Catkiller1 30 March, 2012 @ 1:18 pm   11

£9.49 for a broken & crappy multiplayer game! I was looking forward to this, after playing Mashed & Mashed: Fully Loaded on the PS2.

Terrible…..avoid at all costs! The £3.99 price that showed originally in error, should have remained, as it’s not worth the current price!

What a mess!

Bumblebee 30 March, 2012 @ 1:26 pm   12

I bought but have not played yet, please explain how it is broken Catkiller1!

Catkiller1 30 March, 2012 @ 1:44 pm   13

The Demo was glitchy, reaction times were out of synch & I couldn’t connect to one match, & before you say anything, no there wasn’t a problem my end! Boring! Don’t even get me started on the Camera, which needs a fix ASAP! Jerky controls & horrible physics!

TNT racers is better & that’s saying something!

I’m not the only one out there that thinks this, but enjoy it!

Catkiller1 30 March, 2012 @ 1:46 pm   14

Please release Mashed: Fully loaded as a PS2 Classic & i’ll happily part with £7.99! 😉

Ravenblade86 30 March, 2012 @ 1:49 pm   15

I had so many great memories of played Mashed: Fully Loaded while I at Uni with my mates. Many great sessions of four player multi-player 🙂

DanteofSmeg 30 March, 2012 @ 2:12 pm   16

looks great, wonder if it will get to the vita. would be cool on that.:)

Mikeytron 30 March, 2012 @ 3:13 pm   17

I loved Mashed and still regularly play it – Great news abut wrecked and had a good couple of games over the past few nights.
Overall the game is highly impressive and has great additions but,
I have noticed a few things however which would make the whole experience that much better, please here me out – i’m not alone on this!
These are:
•Please take out the box bit that breaks the corner up on the ice bridge level, it takes the flow out of the track and would make it better than Polar Wharf.
•The voice chat needs fixing its unclear and muffled (not just my headset!)
•Please allow us to change track quickly on multiplayer.
After these things are patched – this will be one superb game.

Opt1mus76 30 March, 2012 @ 4:09 pm   18

Hmmm. Really wanted to like this. A lot. But to be honest I’ve found the camera is a pain in the a*se as it often moves at the most inopportune time and cars feels slow, especially when compared to MS:RC which is half the price. Also the boost system of tap brake, double-tap accelerator feels clumsy. Whats wrong with simple button press? Maybe I’m just being over-critical but I’m not the only one who’s commenting on the camera problems at least

DAYDANNY666 30 March, 2012 @ 6:08 pm   19

I will


Catkiller1: Saying Tnt Racers is much better is you’re word, for me Wrecked is atleast 10x better, even with those “small” bugs wich I have not noticed that much afterall, and I’ve played it for some hours now, both online and offline…. For people complaining about dlc, remember you’re not required to buy dlc, the game works without aswell, but some of us might want more into the game, so let us get!, only a littel bit disappointed there was no additional thropies for the dlc thought!, but wery surprised that you could squeeze in a Platinium into the game, so that makes it up 🙂 I suppose the reason for day one dlc is that the game got so long delayed becouse of Simoulous release on some X-Box thing. Nice to see you spent you’re time well meanwhile! :), let there come more awesomeness, Not been laughning so well while playing this awesomness since mashed actually! But sure tastes for game is diffrent, but this is definetly my kind of game! 🙂

Catkiller1 31 March, 2012 @ 1:29 pm   21

@ mJ_mSv

Obviously it’s my word as I typed it!

Saying Wrecked is 10X better is yours! It’s called an opinion, which doesn’t make it wrong.

We’ll agree to disagree!

I wanted to like it so much but it has too many flaws & the camera is awful! Bring back MASHED!

Kambogeezer 4 April, 2012 @ 11:50 am   22

why is this game so broken, just deleted with out even playing every day – cannot connect, then kicked out, what a waste of time! dont bother

Bumblebee 6 April, 2012 @ 9:43 pm   23

Having played it for a bit now, I would say that it’s disappointing at first, but fun once you get into it.

Disappointing in that it needs polish… the UI is awful, with long waits between presses while the game saves/loads, and is generally long-winded (see Motorstorm RC for “how to make a good UI on a racing game”).

The camera, as people have said CAN be terrible. We really need a longer view ahead of the track. Having said that, if you get used to the track (e.g. play a level that is a simple loop), the close-in camera does make for some fun one-on-one battles… but still, sometimes it’s TOO close.

I think the game has a LOT of potential, but the front end desperately needs re-working, and the camera should be tweaked in my opinion (as a Micro Machines/Mashed veteran). At least, give us the option to have a far-out camera.

Bumblebee 7 April, 2012 @ 4:50 am   24

Oh, and the controls… I prefer to use d-pad for steering, X to accelerate and square to brake… anything else is a pain, particularly as I often play this type of game with “casual” gaming friends who “get confuses when controls are different”… so I’d like to see re-definable controls, to suit everyone. R2 to accelerate, L2 to brake? Not ideal for all, I’m sorry. I’m not over-keen on it but I can get used to it… not everyone can.

Overall, fun in offline multiplayer, but needs a bit of polish on the UI and options front.