Drake’s Deception Map Pack Available For Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

You camped out on your favorite ledges to earn the kickoff medal on the Highrise and Yemen maps. You’re a pro at sniping fools running carelessly through the Desert Village and Airstrip. You’ve perfected your master ninja stealth kills in the secluded nooks and crannies of the London Underground and City of Brass. Ok, maybe you truly haven’t perfected any of that yet, but perhaps you’re just looking for something different and new. Whether you’re a rugged Uncharted 3 multiplayer fortune hunter or a causal explorer this trailer should get you amped:

Four brand new Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps will be available for download on Wednesday, April 11 2012, on the PS Store. The Graveyard map sets you in motion as you fight among ships and shipping crates on rolling waves. Old Quarter seems like a lovely scene on a cool Yemen night, but it’s full of dangerous alleys and delicately lit rooms. The bar, the back alleys and the broadways of the London Streets map offer some prime spots for a knockdown, drag-out turf war, so be sure to stop by the Pelican Inn for some more brawling. The Oasis map used to provide respite for a Bedouin camp, but now serves as a sun-drenched battlefield for your multiplayer matches.

We put a lot of love and polish into each map and each map has a new dynamic event that occurs as the match progresses. A patrol boat will circle the border of Graveyard launching grenades over the map as it cruises along its path. In Oasis, a plane drops a shipping crate that can flatten you or your enemy if you don’t move out of its way in time. The crate contains a power weapon if you’re smart enough to stay out of the crate’s shadow. London Street and Old Quarter contain dynamic events as well but we want to leave you a couple big surprises now don’t we?

Standalone, this new map pack will cost €9.99/£7.99. If you’re already a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club this collection of maps cost you only the initial price of joining the club – just log into your PSN account and you can download the Drake’s Deception Map Pack for free.

If you still haven’t become a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club, you’ll have until the PS Store updates on April 17, 2012, to join in the action. In just 12 days, the Fortune Hunters’ Club will shut its doors.

U3_Drake's Deception Map Pack Available For Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

While the Fortune Hunters’ Club is shutting its doors, this doesn’t mean the DLC for Uncharted 3 will stop. For starters, for those of you itching for new play types and experimental modes, The Lab will make its return to Uncharted multiplayer. We’ll be talking with and polling you in our forums about various potential ideas we have for the future of Uncharted 3 multiplayer so be sure to join in our community and voice your opinion. Stay hungry as we will have additional news about future DLC and other plans for Uncharted 3 multiplayer in an upcoming blog post. For now let’s hit the new maps and see if your multiplayer chops sink or swim. See you online!

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LOL yes! I was soo bored and were just searching random stuff and this pops up

Carnivius_Prime 05 April, 2012 @ 15:12

Holy scherk! What an excellent, excellent bit of news! Can’t wait! Been craving some all-new maps as much as I’ve loved the revamped Uncharted 2 maps. :D


YES! I’ve been waiting for this.

Wish I could buy them,but didn’t like the MP experience or retail.Strange,because the july bete was amazing.
Think i’ll start playing 2 again for co-op with my brother.

Carnivius_Prime 05 April, 2012 @ 15:17

By the way I’ve said it before but I love Naughty Dog’s use of color and the various schemes they use for levels. In an age where most ‘realistic’ games seem to love using drab palettes full of millions of shades of gray or brown it’s just nice to see that a game can still use a wide range of hues without looking too cartoon-like. Gorgeous work by the graphical masters of the PS3.


awesome now fix the treasure drop please but overall awesome package and im happy that there will be more dlc too

when will we be getting the other 4 dlc map packs we where promised out of the 7 map packs and 7 skin packs.
we had 2 map packs so far, and 2 mp dlc’s that i would hardly call good, now this is the last dlc pack where getting so when are the other 2 coming? such a rip off FHC is

Carnivius_Prime 05 April, 2012 @ 15:29

@7 Actually I consider Fortune Hunter’s Club to have been of exceptional value. Especially when compared to the DLC prices of other games (particularly anything from EA)

Anyways I’d still quite like some multiplayer trophies but not essential. And, this may sound silly, but I would like to actually give my custom character some hair. I was hoping there would be DLC that had more customisation pieces but we’ve only had a tiny bit of Killzone 3 related items so far. A variety of hair styles and some new clothes would be appreciated. Despite that it’s still the only action game I enjoy playing online by far anyway. Been avoiding it recently though cos I’ve been getting through Sly Trilogy and also trying to find a new job. I won’t be able to resist new maps though. Now to try finish that immensely annoying Sly 2 level I was on in Canada (argh at twitchy grabby jumping bit in caves)

How to download them right NOW?
Please someone reply.
Can’t seem to find them in the store even after searching :/

Which of these maps will work in Co-op Arena?

@7: We were promised 4 Map Packs and 3 Skin Packs. We got the 3 skin packs on day one. Flashback 1, Flashback 2, Fort Co-op DLC and now Drake’s Deception counts as the 4 map packs. We’ve gotten more than we where promised.

@10 they said there would be 14 packs all together it even says it on the blog



Watch the video again, it says April 10th at the end.

@11: Read the title of the post. It says Fortune Hunter grows. It was originally 4 Map Packs and 3 Skin packs. 7 total. Then they increased it to 14 different packs. They have not said that 7 of those will be map packs.

That is a normal day in London Streets :D Looks FUN;)

Naughty Dog BRING BACK ELEMANATION! best part about uncharted 2.

Hell-Raiser-85 05 April, 2012 @ 16:19

New trophys?

NAUGHTY DOG I AM THE BEST AT U3 MULTIPLAYER! what? you dont belive me!? then check out this!



PLEASE fix the problem where it takes forever to find a lobby when in a party, also the problem when not all party members make it in the match.

im really sorry for all the comment i put :)

Cyberendpunk 05 April, 2012 @ 16:36

The co-op DLC was great and this will be the first map pack I get, loving dat Oasis!

I agree with Amy_Belgium. treasure drop rate are so annoying, those rare items are so hard to find, no matter how many hundreds of gameplay i play, still cant find the treasures for certain character costume. if only they could adjust it frequency. but apart from that, new dlc is cool. specially the oasis map.

at DAVIE222 yeah you’re the best especially when you threw grenades at your teammates.

residentSteve 05 April, 2012 @ 17:51

Cool new maps at last I wish people who are level 75 would stop playing it makes the game so boring i can only get 2or3 kills per map sometimes, took me over a month last time to see all the retro maps.

Connor_mufc_1985 05 April, 2012 @ 20:55

These maps might just get me playing again .. I rage quit from Uncharted 3 because of the low level cap a while back



What a dumb proposal… sure, level 75’s should stop playing the game just because you said so! LOL


I’m not a Fortune Hunters’ Club member but really like the look of these maps. How much will it be for just this map pack? The ‘London Streets’ looks amazing. Can’t wait to revisit the pub from the early chapter :D


…D’oh… £7.99 lol, I can’t believe I missed that…

Harvey-katieme 07 April, 2012 @ 20:05

do i have to own the disc to play this game if i download it from the playstation network or does the pack include the full game download aswell

chrisandsheva 08 April, 2012 @ 23:38

No it’s not like the recent Killzone3 multiplayer only game thats up on the store now, You will need the disc first to play any uncharted online… allthough that was a good (but late) idea by KZ devs, (can’t spell it, Gurilla?), Anyway IF your interested in playing Uncharted don’t forget that they charge for online pass, so will be cheaper buying a new disc.. seen it for £19.99ish in a few shops now…

OK will Somebody answer a question i asked back in Nov.. Can you spend any money earned in sp on your online character ?.. was on 28% (chatuoe) when i asked.. think i played another 2% since… and i believe i am missing a good game, but i just can’t seem to pick it back up again (properly) for some reason. Though am looking to start/finish something ‘new’ atm and will try again.


I bought the “online pass” on day one, & still it hasn’t once let me play any of the “Flash Back Map Packs”. & when I went into store it has a check mark next to “online pass” & then go into “Custom Game” to just explore the map & it says I have to purchase it from store!?
WTF, fix this!

terence-gales 11 April, 2012 @ 04:46

That sux, 11th Apr and no new maps in ps store.


Here’s hoping all those maps are available for co op too..

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