Ride, Die & Fly In Starhawk!

Hi All,

Hope you enjoyed the Beta and had the opportunity to wreak havoc on the battlefield in a variety of ways whether it was through the air, ground or using the variety of vehicles on offer!

For those that didn’t manage to experience it, don’t worry we thought we would share a quick glimpse of just some of the vehicles you can expect in the final game (more details to follow very soon on this. ;)


First up is the Sidewinder JetBike – basically a quick strike hover bike that’s VERY fast, perfect for crazy jumps, and a lot of fun to drive.

Next, the Razorback, which is similar to a buggy vehicle, a sturdy 4×4 that carries up to three players and comes with a mounted gun on the back, perfect for picking off Outcast enemies in a hurry.


The Ox Heavy Tank is one of my favourites. The name basically says it all, right? It’s a bruising vehicle that’s great for bombarding bases. It’s not the fastest in the garage, but it’s easily manoeuvrable and very powerful. It also carries up to two players. And last, but certainly not least is the Hawk, which is a transforming mech that can change into a flying jet instantaneously for those massive aerial battles – need I say more!

Keep tuned to the blog for further updates on Starhawk.


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xCh0z3n-0n3x 05 April, 2012 @ 17:27

That bike does wonders….will deff pick this up day one!! this game is REALLY fun.

btw LOVE the Blog layout…looks really good. good job!

ExtremeGamer1995 05 April, 2012 @ 17:46

I wasn’t going to buy this game, but watching this takes me back to star wars battlefront. I’m certainly tempted now.

I said last time i’ll probably pass on this now.I can’t stand the direction the hawks have gone.It’s easy avoiding everything with missile scrub,and made missiles feel useless.
Low B&B limit on large maps.
I loved the B&B idea for home bases,but you need a preset that doesn’t eat our B&B limit,or a base limit until you capture a rift mine or something.
Bases were you get 20 auto guns around the flag showed it was broken.

I loved the ground game though,but hawks are the main reason I went off this.

Nice trailer, I might pick this one up

Nice trailer, I might even pick it up


we want news on the LE plz we been asking for a long time

bodthekiller 06 April, 2012 @ 12:49

Hopefully that shot of the moving jet bike while firing pistol can be done in the game its just stupid that you cant shoot while riding the jet bike chasing who ever has the flag you have to stop and shoot and then they get away and yes where is the uk LE nothing has been released the usa gets theres through gamestop where is ours ?????

Was so excited for the BETA and loved warhawk and finally got to play it when released for plus members and played for about 2 hours before I stopped. I really disliked the game. It looked something new and special from trailers but in reality its just like every other shooter. It’s a shame really as this was one of my most anticipated games of the year and now I definitely won’t be picking it up. I died every 5 seconds from somebody half a mile away it was just no fun what so-ever. Thanks for the BETA though you saved me £40.

Can. Not. Wait.

I’m not much of vehicle user but I do love blowing them up. Watch out!

MOSHI_ABC851 07 April, 2012 @ 12:47

1. StarHawk has a great BETA and you should probably gat the game.
2. you had a great page layout for the blog. nice
3. And the hawks do wonders with the torpedo against the enemy team!!!
4. The vulture (Jet packs) are absolutley AMAZING!
Nice job man, Keep it up


Played the Beta for a little while but was turned off by the terrible controls and poor balancing. It’s no use having all that fancy gear when a couple of snipers can spawn-camp your base and prevent you from retaliating in any way. This happened to one team or the other in every match I played in the Beta.

Nice idea, but unless you’ve got a clan full of friends with the same game and a lot of patience this game isn’t going to be much fun. Lack of team communication when playing with strangers + bad game mechanics = clusterfudge


The game looks alright from what i have see but the reason I was so captivated about Warhawk before was the design and the way the aircraft played. Now in Starhawk you get a single one, even Warhark had two which clearly defined the teams and actually made you want to fight on one side apposed to another. I know this is nit picking but I figured a new game coming out would just improve on that. I know, you get a walker out of a aircraft but I much rather others and more vehicles in general.

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