VIDZONE UPDATE: Easter Party In Your House Tonight, LMFAO Will Make You Feel Alright

No egg puns this year, not even one, because Easter isn’t just a time for stomach hemorrhaging chocolate consumption and selfish egg gathering… it is a time to reflect, ponder and… PARTY until your bulging cocoa filled bellies allow you to no more!


Now who will to get the party started in the appropriate manner? Well apparently there is no party like an S-Club party… but someone told me they went to one once and it was pretty boring, mainly just Bradley and Hannah playing Jenga… anyway… Who else?  I’ll tell you using the amazing power of communal spelling! Can I get an L? Can I get an M? Can I get an F? Can I get an A? Can I get an O? That’s right our Party Zone has been officially rocked by RedFoo and SkyBlu aka “Love My Friends and Others” aka “Laugh my (deleted) off” aka LMFAO so take a look at what they and all our other party animals can help your Easter party schedule.

Check out below for all the highlights of the next couple of weeks.

Party Zone

As you well know LMFAO head up our party line up but we have a palette full of other party starters. We have…

LMFAO – VIP Playlist

A personally updated version of the boys’ original VIP playlist so you can literally party rock like LMFAO all Easter long.

Madonna & Friends TV


Proving she always will be the party queen with latest video ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Madonna is back amongst all her friends including P!nk, Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani in this TV channel.

Let The Bass Kick In TV

For those of you that love it down low… Bass I mean… Bass! Featuring new videos from Sub Focus, Nero & Far East Movement.

Funny Videos TV

The lighter side of the Easter break, laugh yourself thin again with the likes of Tenacious D & The Lonely Island.

Sunfly Karaoke

Listening is fun, singing along is better, we have 100’s more of your favourite Karaoke videos from classics like ‘Love Shack’ and ‘Mustang Sally‘ as well as more recent hits such as Coldplay ‘Paradise’ and Adele ‘Someone Like You’.

Artist Of The Week – NERO


Dubstep royalty Nero will burn down your eardrums with their new video ‘Must Be The Feeling’ plus all their other hits.


Not in the mood to party? Fair enough! We have loads more to keep you more than happy especially in the…

Hip Hop Zone
Artist Focus  – J. Cole


Not Joe… fortunately – Featuring new video ‘Nobody’s Perfect ft Missy Elliot’

One To Watch – Childish Gambino

Mr McKinley’s new venture – Featuring new video ‘Heartbeat’

Centre Stage – Mac Miller

Philly Rapper (place not cheese) is on centre stage – Featuring new video ‘Of The Soul’

Artist Spotlight – Young Jeezy

Young Jizzle in the spotlight – Featuring new video ‘Leave Me Alone’ Ft Ne-Yo

Greatest Hits – Kanye West

The biggest rapper in the (Kanye) West – Featuring collaborations with Jay-Z, Rihanna and Coldplay

Alternative Zone
Centre Stage – Lana Del Rey


On centre stage and not a Lama – Featuring her latest video ‘Blue Jeans’

Artist Focus – Metronomy

Brighton Electro-Poppers are in focus featuring the videos ‘Everything Goes My Way’ and ‘The Bay’

VidZone Recommends  -The Shins

We recommend long standing Indie rockers – Featuring the group’s videos ‘Simple Song’ and ‘Bait & Switch’

Greatest Hits – Kaiser Chiefs

The Leeds boys release their singles 2004 – 2012 album and we’ve got the brand new video ‘On The Run’ to check out

Latest Videos

  • Madonna – Girl Gone Wild (Pop)
  • Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way (Alternative)
  • Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Maximum Bass)
  • All Time Low- Dear Maria, Count Me In (Rock)
  • Bodyrox – Bow Wow Wow (Dance)
  • J Cole Ft. Missy Elliott – Nobody’s Perfect (Hip Hop)
  • Black Veil Brides – Rebel Love Song (Metal)


As always, please keep in touch with the following fun ways to communicate. We read everything and love your comments so don’t be shy!

I’m off to love my friends and others… then laugh my (deleted)…

2 Author replies

Why is VidZone not celebrating Orbital’s return (after an eight hiatus)?

…or even a VIP Playlist.

*eight year hiatus

This blog seriously needs an editt buton.


Hey Taurus

Would love to, the same old problem of label licensing restrictions i’m afraid. We are working on these constantly and rest assured we would certainly feature Orbital if we had license to do so. Exciting times for Orbital fans!

Will you be adding more Bollywood music videos? They haven’t been updated when I checked a few weeks back.


Hi Hjm50

We are certainly talking to more Bollywood labels but they can be little hard to source. Hopefully we will have some more for you soon though.

Great app. Would love to see more interviews and live concerts.

Would love to see the playlist cap raised because when I put vidzone on it will normally stay on for a few hours playing my favourites playlist.

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