Free Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City DLC Next Week

A complete campaign, featuring seven brand new missions for the US Spec Ops squad will be available for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City players to download from next week. Check out the new trailer we’ve just released:

The first DLC mission launches on PlayStation Store on April 11th and is completely free of charge. Players will take on the role of either Harley, Dee-Ay, Tweed, Willow, Shona or Party Girl and set about recovering evidence that reveals the truth behind the deadly virus outbreak. A further six missions will be available to purchase in the weeks to come.

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How about you fix the damn game first, so that i dont have to hard reset my PS3 every time i try to search for a game, which always loops >:(


Go back and try again Capcom. I said I want a Resident Evil 2 REmake or even the 1st RE REmake on PSN. You can’t trick real Resident Evil fans like me to buy a crappy game like this. I got a free promo copy and I use the disc to scrape the grime off my kitchen sink. Wow free DLC, so I get to play as more boring, faceless, uninspired, generic, badly animated characters, awesome. And its called Playstation not PLayStation

“or even the 1st RE REmake on PSN”

Been wanting that for years,still play the GC version every so often.It’s the best RE yet.If I remember correctly,Nintendo published it so I think they have a say in what it can be released on.Thats possibly why Wii had an exclusive port of REmake and 0.
I think it’s like the GoldenEye situation.Nintendo own the rights for Goldeneye 007,so acti had to do a different version.I believe Capcom would have to REmake the REmake.



REmake the REmake? —> REmakeCEPTION! :D

RedeyedRonin 07 April, 2012 @ 04:06

@ andrewsqual
you dont even wanna know what i use my copy of resident evil 5 for

as for this tripe though sure why not when its on a “fun for a fiver” sale im in! hey it may even be fixed by then and be somehow miraculously a good game! get dev’s who have a chance at doing resident evil good capcom say blue castle games or grasshopper not sub par shooter devs like slant six

For those stuck in matchmaking you do not need hard reset the PS3, for one thing the XMB still works so can shutdown from that menu, secondly signing out of PSN will just take you back to the ORC press start screen, much quicker.

AaronSOLDIER 07 April, 2012 @ 04:21

Put REmake on PSN, the Wii version sucks its not even widescreen.

residentSteve 07 April, 2012 @ 07:00

Iam a die hard re fan I even like 5 wesker saves it for me but I tryed to like this game and gave after up after an hour would love a port of 0 and remake or rer on ps vita would be nice.

I would rather have a patch for this game that corrects one of it’s many flaws really… New content is good though! The campaign was very short if you ask me, and not to mention the very cheesy ending xD

Well.. where ist the fun to buy an unlockable content, which should be a part of the game from begin? Capcam, stop cutting games into pieces! RE:ORC single player campaign is way to short, and your so called “dlc” is even bigger than the original content.. maybe cuz it WAS a part of the original content?

A mission for free? WOW! nice trap. But.. even when this game is fun, I wan’t buy this dlc until you release the finished version of this game (Complete Edition, Ultimate Edition, GotY Edition.. choise one). Why? Well, your free on-disc content was to short to have a chance to catch my attention and my need for extra content (dlc’s = downladable content, not unlockable content). Your game was incomplet in my eyes and this “dlc” is the proof.

I hope its not to late for you, as publisher, to change your way of marketing.


As a Resident Evil fan since the first time I saw RE1 back more than 15 years ago now I’m sad to see this glitchy, bug filled mess of a game full of horrid design choices and terrible AI bears the Resident Evil name.

Chopping half the campaign out so you can release it so shortly after launch (for free, as some sort of goodwill gesture) in order to keep people playing it and not trading it in while the game is still in print and Capcom are still making money off new copies isn’t going to impress anyone with half a brain.

Capcom would’ve been far better off working on a remaster of Outbreak File #2 that plays online. Shame this game turned out so badly as it was a promising concept, but it’s not even worth the rent for those unsure about it. This game should’ve been a homage to the earlier RE games, instead it takes a dump on them :(

I never comment on whether a game is good or bad as its down to people’s personal opinions…


As a die hard Resident Evil fan (just this year I’ve played through 1-5 again inc. Veronica), this is a complete farce of a game. Rubbish game play, poor graphics, botched controls, no atmosphere, too short, poor menu layout regarding the characters, poor characters and poor item handling.

Please Capcom, listen. Resident Evil 6 really needs to SAVE this series now. 4 & 5 divided opinion (I personally loved them), but 6 needs to pull it back into line. It needs to be pure fan service – get us all excited again playing the game.

But get this abomination of a game fixed so it can at least be enjoyable. A well thought out and cared for patch would fix so many problems!

chrisandsheva 07 April, 2012 @ 17:45

Man am i glad i get on well with the guys in my games shop.. ie one hour of this ‘game’ and i thought i was going mad, i mean what is it with the sticky walls, though thats least of it’s problems.. ok i didn’t do my research before buying it, Well i really don’t with many of my games, but this just shocked me. in a bad way… i would love to claim to have been a hardcore RE fan, but truth is i never got ‘bitten’ till i grew tired of ww2 games on my ps2, just seen too many real stories to keep enjoying them, so i thought ‘shooting zombies, great’ after spotting RE4, played it (a lot) and decided i Had to spend £400 to play RE5, (hence the hastily chosen psn id) and for me it was best value for money i have had.. But orc just doesn’t do the series Any justice at all.


Regardless of the majorities view it’ll keep me occupied slightly while I wait for Resident Evil 6. That way I wont b [EDITED] online about the game like some people with no lives :)

It’s made by Slant Six, NOT CAPCOM! The IP only belongs to Capcom but they didn’t develop this game.

Thedemonnero 10 April, 2012 @ 06:34

its Good game


It’s a great shame that this game is awful, the trailers sold it well. It was also pretty good at the Game expo. I bought and sold within 3days.

Not sure you can butter gamers up with more of the same rubbish

Connor_mufc_1985 10 April, 2012 @ 13:11

Id rate this game as a 6/10 it’s nowhere near as good as it should of been and theirs more than a few flaws yet it’s still fun in co-op … I flat out hate the dumb Ai they never revive anyone this should of been fixed long before release …


70% like L4dead

carter_the_gr8 10 April, 2012 @ 14:38

I agree, I really wish Slant 6 would just take time and patch all of the things that the game needs. The game is good, but you need to play with friends not with the AI. The game is actually fun, but Slant 6 please patch your game, dont give up because of what IGN and gamespot rated your game…FIGHT BACK with PATCHES!!!!

Slant 6 dont forget to ask the game community what is wrong with the game so you can get more ideas, thanks!


Fair enough to the two posters who actually enjoyed it (especially the one who wasn’t a jerk about it), but I think we should all be in agreement that this game needs a hefty patch more than having some removed single player content shoved back in.

ORC was an awesome concept and it has the potential to be a lot more fun with some work, I really hope some improvements are made.

devildante2013 11 April, 2012 @ 09:27

its not on play staion store


@devildante2013 it’s only 10:30 GMT, the store usually updates late afternoon so you’re best off trying again in several hours dude :)

billymanchester 11 April, 2012 @ 11:50

its 11:49 GMT where is it? been dying to download it!!!


@24 Wait until about 4/5PM. :)

Where is it guys??Does anyone knows?

Mr_Santana25 12 April, 2012 @ 02:03

i want to get that four eyes avatar


And Your Welcome Capcom and the makers of this game

EatMyNutsZombies 19 April, 2012 @ 18:08

Guys really? I’ve been playing this game off and on and I think it’s really good. Yes it has bugs but so did skyrim which got of the year? This game isn’t ground breaking and it’s really short. As long as they keep dlc coming in onboard. Stop bashing this game just for its flaws and embrace the game for what it is and stop comparing it to other resident evil games. It’s a completely different game only connection is the characters,green herbs, and zombies.

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