One Bullet Can Change History In Sniper Elite V2

It’s been seven years since the first Sniper Elite came out, so it’s a really exciting time for us this week – we’ll be showing gamers how amazing the reboot is shaping up in the demo we’re releasing on the PlayStation Store.All the previews for the game have been immense and the media have really been loving it and understanding what we’ve tried to do. It’s only fair that gamers now get the chance to play, ahead of the full game’s launch on May 4th.

The game definitely isn’t ‘run and gun’, it’s much more of a thinking man’s shooter. You literally don’t know what’s around the next corner, so you have to think ahead and live by the mantra – Observe. Plan. Execute.

The demo is of a level early in the game where you have to hijack an armored convoy and assassinate a leading V2 rocket engine specialist. We really want people to experiment with the different ways you can play through the level. It’s not always about shooting – sometimes it’s more advantageous to slip by unnoticed. Rather than take out one soldier at a time, how about shooting the grenade on a soldier’s webbing to take out the whole group? Setting explosives and trip wires ahead of time can also pay dividends later down the line.

We also hope that you will be mesmerized by our kill-cam – that shows, in graphic X-Ray detail, the bullet’s path through the body. They are totally dynamic and not pre-canned – and really add to the realism we are trying to permeate throughout the title. We’ve worked with a historian who specializes in the history of sniping called Martin Pegler to ensure that we have the most authentic sniper experience possible, from ballistics to using real weapons of the era.

Hope you enjoy it – and remember at many retailers we are offering the ‘Assassinate the Fuhrer’ DLC as a free incentive to pre-order.

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So the demo releases tomorrow, right? There really aren’t any stealth based FPS games on the PS3 so I’m curious to see how this game plays.

Also, the game looks real pretty!


Hmm a Rebellion game that doesn’t look abysmal, count me in. Worth a look then me thinks :)

Looking forward to the demo and i’ve already pre-ordered ;-)

Blimey, a developer releasing a proper demo in advance of the full game??? That’s virtually unknown these days, publishers are usually afraid of spoiling their preorder-a-turkey sales…

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while as I’m sick of sniping being synonymous with quick-scoping and dual sidearms. I’m guessing this demo signifies Rebellion are ahead of schedule and hoping that means this game is well polished!

Looks good. I never played Sniper Elite 1 so I will give this one ago.


can someone get hold of James Gallagher for me, i have something to discuss with him. Thank you signed Maggie4life.

FLACO_FUERTE183 10 April, 2012 @ 16:15

Been waiting for this game since i heard of it being in development. i loved the first Sniper elite which i had for the ps2 and i still play it till this day. pre-ordered SEV2 the first day added to the list of pre-orders available. downloading the demo the minute i get home from work. get hype people. > <

How do physics like wind and gravity play a part in the game?Is it randomly generated per play,difficulty.Or can it it be user set.
How open are the missions?Lets say a target is in position for a kill,and the wind randomly picks up,and the target the goes indoors.Is the map open enough for us to scout the surrounding area find another spot and kill the target on the toilet?
Can killcams be disabled?
How does bullet damage work seeing as you calculate the internal damage.Can we full metal jacket,and purposefully down enemies and attempt to draw them out?


I will not buy any game that is over £30 or has an online pass becauce 2 active systems is not enough her you go brother would you like to play my new video game on your ps3 you can`t go online as you need to pay for an online pass.

(If no buys the games while there at high prices they will be forced to come down like duke nuckem)

We had the same problem with ps2 £50 well $49.99 games if you don`t buy them they will soon learn to drop the price.

Your letting them get to greedy


Its the same with KFC why pay for over priced food you order it and when she tells you the price you say hold on why I go take out a loan and drive off and make sure she knows your angry and wave at here with one finger to say good buy forever.

Can you please confirm if Sharpshooter is supported for this game. Please say: yes!!!!!

When will this Demo be Available to download for people in Australia?
Im in newcastle and hearing that the demo will be released on the Wednesday the 11th but I am unable to find any demo to play.
Please dont tell me I have to wait another day for the demo release when Xbox360 has already released their demo of the game.


When does it come out in the UK what time as well? because ive checked on psn store and it isnt there yet :(

XxToXiiC_pEaRxX 11 April, 2012 @ 23:44

this game looks sick!

CoolRichy008UK 15 April, 2012 @ 21:23

lol @ daydanny good point . 8 months time i gettin a hdtv 2 finally see all of ps3s graphics to its fullest & il deffo might get this if its added to store

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