Resistance: Burning Skies, Multiplayer Details Revealed

We at Nihilistic Software are excited to finally be able to pull the wraps off Multiplayer for Resistance: Burning Skies, coming 30 May for PlayStation Vita.

In addition to its all new single player campaign, Burning Skies features an online (via Wi-Fi) multiplayer in which you and up to seven of your friends can compete over the PlayStation Network! We know you’ve all been asking about multiplayer in Burning Skies, so please enjoy the first look at it in this new trailer.

When designing Resistance: Burning Skies, our goal was to bring the high-quality console experience to a handheld, and thanks to the power of the Vita, we’ve ended up with an unprecedented mobile FPS experience. Experience the Dual Analog Sticks for precision aiming, Touch screen interactivity for precise and quick Secondary Weapon fires, and portable Online connectivity.


We’ve just featured something in NYC event showing off some of the cool things we’re doing with online:

  • 8 player multiplayer – small games feature intense 2 vs. 2 combat and large games going all the way up to 4 on 4 action. Choose between Quick Match: a fast and easy way to get up and playing immediately or Party with Friends: use the Vita’s cross-game Party application and Party up with friends to join private matches and take advantage of Party with voice chat.
  • Rank Up! – Killing enemies and winning matches is the easiest way to earn XP and Rank Up. Be rewarded with bonus XP for your daring feats of skill. For Example, you may find yourself well rewarded for killing multiple enemies with a skilled grenade toss. Unlock all your favorite weapons and upgrades from the story campaign as you Rank up.
  • Modify & customize your weapons – Upgrades you purchase can be slotted and unslotted from weapons at will, with some even giving your weapons a distinctive visual look. Purchase upgrades for weapons that best suit your personal playstyle. For example, the fan favorite Bullseye can be upgraded with Explosive Tag – which gives your Bullseye Tags and extra explosive kick. But keep in mind if you’re killed, your enemies may pick up your upgraded weapons and use them against you.


Online play in Resistance: Burning Skies will feature three game modes – Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and a very unique third mode which we’ll be revealing next week. There will be six playable maps, taking you everywhere from the streets of Staten Island to the docks of Bayonne. You’ll be able to vote prior to each match, allowing you to take the battle between the humans and Chimera to a variety of locales from the game.

Connect with the PlayStation community via Wi-Fi and 3G through social features including leaderboards and “near”, PlayStation Vita’s location based service. Through “near”, Resistance: Burning Skies introduces a new social perk awarding players valuable XP multipliers to carry into multiplayer battle.

Stay tuned for more details.

Resistance: Burning Skies will be available from 30 May. See you online!

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Assuming that there’ll be any Online Multiplayer trophies, i would be touching the MP at all. I don’t like the resistance series MP as people sponge bullets like hell

Game looks great. Will be getting on may 30th.


Nice StuDevo, see you online!

Game looks great will be getting a copy on may 39th

Looks really good. Can’t wait to get it.


Glad you like it Pesico, see you online on the 30th

You betcha. I have always been looking forward to the Campaign, but was in doubt about how MP would work on a handheld. Not in doubt anymore. That’s for sure.


won’t* dammit i hate it when i type too fast and don’t look at what i typed [¬_¬]

but please, no MP trophies


Hi LAClennel,

I’ll be putting up a trophy post in May, you’ll have to wait and see.

I appreciate your honesty on Resistance MP, however like I said on the story trailer post…

…I really like the multiplayer of Resistance, it’s great fun and the weapons are varied. More importantly, I’m genuinely excited to be working on the first portable FPS that has dual analog control and multiplayer!


is going to be a brutality dlc for this?


Keep an eye on the blog for more details coming soon bazer


and most importantly, NO SPONGING! :D

chrisandsheva 12 April, 2012 @ 17:31

Looking forwards to this, wasn’t expecting the multi to be quite so polished, it looks/sounds like it’ll play very well.. But am very much interested in story/sp experience mostly, as long as That side of it lives up to expectation the multi is a welcome bonus, but as 1st comment said we hope the (if any ?) trophies aren’t going to be harder to get than the sp ones.. for me it takes the enjoyment out of it (multi etc), But obviously others will have exact opposite views… but will see for myself on 30th May..


We’ll release a trophy list closer to launch, but I’m glad you’re a fan of the trailer.

The story is really strong, I love the fact that Riley is a Firefighter who’s looking for his wife & daughter and I’m delighted that it’s set in a “during apocalypse” timeline, it gives so much more for the writers to work with.

day 1 purchase for me, have loved all 3 resistance games on ps3


You and me both nukester, I’m a big fan of Resistance too! I really liked Retribution on PSP as well.


looming foward to this hame.


Not sure if that’s a spelling mistake or you’re towering over either of the two curved bars holding the traces of the harness on a horse

jonny_hart_digit 12 April, 2012 @ 18:36

Freaking yasssss .


Glad you approve jonny_hart


Looks great! Will be pre ordering my copy this month :) See you on the MP field 30.5.!


See you there sasukeluffy!

i really hope that there’s gonna be a demo


Time will tell TOMBOY


@LAClennell you must really suck at shooters. You probably ONLY play CoD because of the easy kills you can get.
This game just looks amazing. Been hyped ever since the first gameplay.
Will there be digital copy for this game?
I like to keep all my favourite games in one place: My 16gb


Hi Phala, glad you like it! Yes we will be producing a digital version which is planned to release at the same time as the game card!

wardragon989 12 April, 2012 @ 20:25

Looks alright but the multiplayer looks a bit iffy. I’m still going to be getting it as I’ve always liked the Resistance universe.

I must inquire I think I may have asked about this but is there any chance of Retribution coming to Vita? And could Nihilistic Software possibly do a single player only trophy patch for Fall of Man?

shall we play online with 3G? cuz i havent wireless network :/


Hi Mirkann, unfortunately 3G doesn’t have the bandwidth to manage Resistance on multiplayer. You can only play multiplayer over wifi.

Looking great!! But please patch in Chain Reaction mode!!!

Oh do NEVER EVER make new modes cost money because that will just split the community. Maps is okey but NOT modes.

Oh and please try to improve the framrate before the game releases!!


Will Resistance: Restribution be going onto the store aswell?
I’d love to buy and play it on my Vita, I’ve only played the Console games.


First day purchase. I can’t wait..

first i was “naaaah”. but then i saw 2vs2 in small maps. this is a winner for me. intimate fights is awesome. and you get to know your “enemy”.


Glad to hear we won you over Rytteren. I agree, small maps are cool as they add suspense to the multiplayer experience.

willbillbill 13 April, 2012 @ 08:36

Looks fantastic, heading on holidays May 11th any chance of an early copy?


Sorry willbillbill, no can do. But there are loads of PS VITA games out now that you can take on the holidays. My personal picks would be (in no particular order), MotorStorm RC, Unit 13 and Uncharted Golden Abyss.

RunningManUK 13 April, 2012 @ 08:59

Is there offline multi-player with bots?


Hi RunningMan, Nihilistic have worked hard to create the best possible competitive multiplayer experience first & foremost and so there are currently no plans to have a bot mode.

RunningManUK 13 April, 2012 @ 14:06

Thanks for the response. Best of luck with the launch.

thestorminator 14 April, 2012 @ 02:16


StolenDiagram 14 April, 2012 @ 12:06

Looking forward to my first FPS on Vita after deciding against Unit 13 and its technical issues. Big Resistance fan too of course :)

One slight criticism however. I’m not sure I’d have picked that second screenshot to stick up on here – hopefully it won’t be representative of the actual game ie no anti-aliasing and blocky shadows.

To be honest i dont really care about resistance. I just want to know what sony are going to do about this complete waste of money that people have spent on the vita. more than two months have passed and everyone is still waiting for something that isnt a port or something we can get for free on the android market. And as usual europe is once again stuck at the back end of everything just like always when dealing with sony. no doubt by this time next year we( europe ) will still be waiting for games that asia and america have been playing for six months. we will get the same stuipd excuse that we will always get from sony. Dissapointed in sony and in the vita.


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