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PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM BST on Wednesday 18th April for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

Novus Prime gets its newest shipment of game-enhancing outfits and virtual items this week! Suit up as the new Obsidian Bladewalker foot soldier with four custom animations, holographic weapon, and a 5% experience boost in Novus Prime!

NovusPrime_blogpost_image2_640x360 NovusPrime_blogpost_image1_640x360

Gain the golden touch with the new gold-plated Midas Reactive Defense System and get a 25% Nebulon collection bonus when you own the entire outfit! Power up your avatar with the sleek new Ion Stream Power Armour, and don’t forget to show off your deadly side with the newest Obsidian technology available to the Earth Fleet: the Obsidian Throwing Star. Warp to the Novus Prime space station today to check out all the new gear and Join the Fight!

Lockwood_Kubwa_180412_1280x720 Lockwood_Kiboko_180412_1280x720

Very few Safaris give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants, hippos and gorillas in one trip, but that’s exactly what a trip to the Lockwood store can do for you today!

Tembo returns and this time he’s brought some friends along. Kubwa is an impressively huge gorilla. He’ll pound his chest and the ground to show his dominance, and when he thinks no one’s watching, he has some rather unsavoury habits… Kiboko is an unbelievably cute baby hippo who sometimes gets tired out playing all day. He’ll follow you around as much as his little legs can carry him, but when he gets too tired, he’ll plop down on the floor and yawn! Open up your home and your heart to some exotic wildlife!

Two racers have returned to Sodium’s Project Velocity, forgotten heroes of this high octane sport, intending to regain notoriety once more. Already it’s happening – these Legendary Racers are gaining a following of keen young sportsmen and women eager to follow in their death-defying footsteps by racing and dressing just like them. Only the finest racers can expect to don the Legendary Pilot outfit though. The Legendary Racers don’t let just anyone copy their style. If you want to dress like a winner, you have to BE a winner. Reach level 40 to unlock the complete Legendary Pilot Outfit.

Granzella bring us more Edo-themed content this week with Feudal Lord clothing and armour to help battle the evil spirits besieging the city. There’s also some new furniture to help deck out your Edo Row Houses in the finest classical Japanese style.


In the Shopping Centre, the Furniture store has a new range of bright, animated furniture; or head to Threads to choose from the Hollywood Celebrity or Pop Diva outfits to show off your star status.


Konami brings the Raver line of clothing to PlayStation Home. You will stick out in the crowds with this brightly coloured and often glowing collection. Support Peace, Love, Unity and Respect with these new pieces of clothing.

Due in no small part to the actions of the armed fruit militia, Diesel Island will be sinking from sight in PlayStation Home on Wednesday the 25th of April. You’ve got one week left to rescue some of the Island stock from the Diesel store – such as The Luxurious Tropical Paradise Beach Crib, A.I.- B.O.T. or Aunt Mildred. Coming soon – more news on what’s next in PS Home for Diesel.

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Oh HOME, I thought you would have something special for my birthday! lol OK, I’ll take the gorilla! :D

James Gallagher 18 April, 2012 @ 10:11

Happy birthday!

not a good update, but the last 2 updates were awesome so….ya that gurilla looks huge! defently a buy

PS Vita version, please!


Is this Free?
Playstation where everything is over priced and most games are unfished and don`t run smooth.


Just visit the us blog and there blog is way better designed then this one, they make this blog look simple and boring, but they don`t have a cool James Gallagher writing there posts.

Can you guys keep your arguments off the blog? Every week I see the same old comments in the Home post.

Dark-Twisted 17 April, 2012 @ 22:46

I don’t wanna be “that” guy, but I’m gonna have to be.
There are people on home, freezing and corrupting systems en masse, so why haven’t you fixed the exploit? It’s even sadder that it happens more rarely in NA because the moderators are actually efficient there.

James Gallagher 18 April, 2012 @ 10:16

The team is always working on stability and this should improve in the next and subsequent firmware updates.


You really need to make it so people you meet in home show up on players met… I hate when you’re talking to someone then you get disconnected or it freezes… you cant find them again.

James Gallagher 18 April, 2012 @ 10:15

That’s a great suggestion and I have passed it on to the Home team. I think that, if it were to add every single person you encountered in a space, your Players Met feed might get a bit bogged down, but it certainly some food for though. Thank you.

I seem to have lost all data and all games on my playstation not happy. what has happend?

James Gallagher 18 April, 2012 @ 10:09

Oh no, that’s not good news. Could you provide a detailed description of what happened over at the technical support forums:

One of our moderators will look into it for you.


Oooh S2 update ^^ Also if anyone is a big fan of the sodium series please add me, I try to get all the sodium merchandise.


Thanks for reply and yea I’m guessing thats why it didn’t happen in the first place. Maybe have a players met built into home or something.

Dark-Twisted 18 April, 2012 @ 11:46

Thanks for the reply James and sorry for my tone, I’m just frustrated with the crashes. Bloody children.

James Gallagher 18 April, 2012 @ 11:47

That’s OK, there’s not much more frustrating than a crash; we’re sorry for the inconvenience.


hello when does the maintenance end or has it already ended?

James Gallagher 18 April, 2012 @ 12:07

Yep, all done – enjoy!

No we really do not need moderation, well not the intrusive moderation à la NA model. The controlling commenting mods there give me the 1984 George Orwell Big Brother heebie jeebies. As I said last week, sure we have the odd uhappy sailor in our Home, but if some one comes up to me with enflaming trollery in mind, I take my queue from the glorious Desirée Devere from Little Britain in seeing off this unhappy rabble. Quote: “HOW DARE YE MAKE PERSONAL REMARKS ABOUT MAH AYHOLD BABBY”. I think most of us in EU Home go there with the idea of having fun with friends and strangers alike therein, not thumbing each other down. That’s why we loves it in Home…
nice hobbitses….

btw Tembo my gay elephant has an unfortunate complementary problem… ahem how do I put this with sounding crass: Tembo likes to stand himself up on his hind legs and let out an apparantly loud albeit dudded trumpeting, as elephants are wont to do, especially uphill gardening ones(Q KALAH from TV’s The Elephant Boy). Problem is Tembo, in his camp exuberance sometimes forgets he’s running along the ground wally-nally when he goes to broadcast his deadened trump. So the running along combined with the uphill on hind legs trumpeting at the same instant ends up making him look like he is running his festive battocks along the floor with an itchy worm problem :( Actually it makes it look like I do not care for him enough to make sure he is dewormed :( Get my point. Poor Tembo and his flamboyant run-it-along trumpet move.

SirJake_Brookes 18 April, 2012 @ 15:12

I rate this 10/10 because it’s exactly what lockwood & Royal Sodium needs. Zoo pets I especially like & S2 update as well also a castle at hub would smarter up Sodium & stately manor house to. It’s a thought but anyway Great update James send my Royal thanks to PSH Team. Yours Faithfully HRH Prince of Sodium Prince Jake.

flasheart456 18 April, 2012 @ 16:27

good to see some more stuff for novus prime it would be good if we could get our ships to follow us around on psn home I got the kunai class with the cloaking ability :)

SirJake_Brookes 19 April, 2012 @ 10:40

I really don’t see any point in X7 club for us. my reasons. 1. It’s plus members only. 2. Not everyone will buy PS + 3. It will ruin PSH became it will separate plus members to non-members. When it does come to EU I think we should have a trail became club is getting mixed views from american server. I also think as your monarch & Royal House of Sodium should have free entry to X7 club. I really like idea but it needs work & I’m sure you all agree with me.

SirJake_Brookes 19 April, 2012 @ 11:37

because* I wrote post on FB on my PS3 sorry if I missed because out.

can anyone tell me y all weekend i keep getting network error on ps home i got 15000 chips 4 the casino and cant get back there 2 spend them

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