‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update 18th April

Hey, hey!

Out of the gates today we have The House of the Dead 4 (move compatible) with a Plus discount of 30%, Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time (mmm, sandwich) and NHL 12.


We’ve got a new app for the Vita today. A little art based app with the simple name of Paint Park. Using the touch screen controls, you’re able to draw, doodle, sketch and scribble whatever you’re able to think of. Feel like getting creative with photos taken with your Vita? You can do that, too! I wonder what amazing drawings users will manage to produce with this. Oh, before I forget, the app is also free. Colour me excited!

CoD_Black Box - Wing Defense

On Thursday, April 19 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #1 will release on PSN, the first of four Content Collections available for purchase to CoD players. MW3 Collection #1 includes an unprecedented breadth and variety of content for Call of Duty downloadable release – four brand new multiplayer maps Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch and Black Box along with new Special Ops Missions Black Ice and Negotiator, marking the first time Special Ops has been made downloadable online in franchise history.

I know a whole host of players will be excited for this so to avoid overloading the servers please consider topping up your store wallet today in preparation for tomorrow’s release. This will hopefully relax the strain on our servers somewhat.

Of course, let’s not forget other DLC content ranging from more Motorstorm RC content, more Soul Calibur V costumes and a new level pack for Disney Universe. See below for this week’s list of DLC.

Also worth special mention, FIFA Euro 2012 trial and the full release will happen on Tuesday, April 24th so mark your calendars for that. Please note FIFA 12 is required for this content.

PlayStation Network New Content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only:

PlayStation Plus

  • House of the Dead 4: Extended Cut – 30% Discount
  • House of the Dead 4 Dynamic Theme – 100% Discount
  • House of the Dead 4 James, Kate and Goldman Avatars – 100% Discount
  • Sonic CD – 40% Discount
  • Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing Ryo Forklift Pack – 60% Discount
  • Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing Metal Sonic and Death Egg – 60% Discount
  • Sonic Unleashed Apatos and Shamar Adventure Pack – 60% Discount
  • Sonic Unleashed Chunnan Adventure Pack – 60% Discount
  • Sonic Unleashed Empire City and Adabat Adventure Pack – 60% Discount
  • Sonic Unleashed Holoska Adventure Pack – 60% Discount

PS3 Games

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time

Fallen off a cliff? Burning in lava? Just had your latest invention crushed by a frozen polar bear? Avoid all this with Doc Clock’s amazing Time Slider. Enjoy the first Doc Clock time travelling adventure! Invent almost anything out of everything you find, from catapults to incredible flying machines.


Not availability in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine
File Size:

NHL 12

Experience the glory of becoming a legend with NHL 12 by shattering the records of some of the greatest to ever play the game, including Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe, and more.


Not available in Qatar, India, Hungary, Bulgaria
File Size:

House of the Dead 4

Kill evil creatures to save the world from nuclear disaster in this intense shooting game with PlayStation Move motion controller compatibility.



Not available in Germany
File Size:

Renegade Ops – The Complete Edition

This complete edition of RENEGADE OPS gives you access to the full game, Reinforcements Vehicle pack and the expansion pack Cold Strike (all of which are available separately).


All Locales
File Size:


Pure Chess

Experience the game of chess like you’ve never seen it before. Download Pure Chess to see how stunning and beautiful chess can really be, and find out if you are a Grandmaster in the making.


All Locales
File Size:

PSVita Apps

Paint Park
All Locales
File Size:




Dragon’s Lair (Compatible with PSP, PS3 and Vita)

Dragon’s Lair is a fully animated classic arcade game from legendary animator Don Bluth. You’ll make your way through the castle and caverns below by using your PSP (PlayStation Portable) system to move and wield your sword. Beware of your foes, as they are numerous!

Prices: £6.49,€7.99,AU$12.95

Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary and Qatar
File Size:

PS3 Demos (Free)

  • Birds Of Steel
    Not available in Germany
    File Size:


  • Deadly Strike
    Not available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden, Ukraine
    File Size:
  • Dirt Track Devils
    Not available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden, Ukraine
    File Size:
  • International Tennis Pro
    Not available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden, Ukraine
    File Size:
  • Red Faction
    All Locales
    File Size:
  • Stuntman: Ignition
    All Locales
    File Size:


  • Defenders Of The Mystic Garden
    All Locales
  • Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims
    All Locales
  • Knight Fortix 2
    All Locales
  • Ikari III: The Rescue
    All Locales
  • Sar – Search And Rescue
    All Locales


  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Collection Pack 1 (Releasing on Thursday 19/4/2012)
    All Locales
  • Disney Universe – Neverland Level Pack
    All Locales
  • Dungeon Defenders: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part II
    All Locales

Eyepet & Friends

  • Insects Kit
  • Insect Costume Pack
  • Insects Patterns Pack
  • Insects Soft Play Blocks Pack
  • Insects Stickers Pack

All Locales

FIFA 12 – Uefa Euro 2012 (Releasing on Tuesday 24/4/2012)
Prices: £15.99,€19.99,AU$29.95
All Locales

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2

  • Netherworld Messenger
  • Cave And Colonel Longhena Set
  • Falcom’s Royal Jenis Academy Set
  • Dream Resident
  • Way Of Saburai
  • Game Hero Legend
  • The Cpu Dances Alone
  • Goddess Of Misery
  • Trinity Steppe
  • Christmas Voice Set
  • Concocted Goddesses
  • New Year’s Eve Voice Set
  • New Year’s Voice Set
  • Cpu…Candidate?
  • Gamindustri Memories
  • Valentine’s Day Voice Set

PEGI: 16
Not available in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and Sweden

Ninja Gaiden 3

  • Acolyte Trials Pack 2
  • Ninja Pack 2
  • Leader Pack 2
  • Master Trials Pack 2
  • Mentor Trials Pack 2
  • Weapon: Scythe
  • Ninja Customisation Pack 2

PEGI: 18
All Locales

Motorstorm RC (Vita compatible)

  • Motorstorm RC – Special Race Truck: Monarch Decker
  • Motorstorm RC – Special Muscle Car: Patriot Stretch
    (FREE for first 7 days of release)
  • Motorstorm RC – Veteran Buggy: Jester Super BXR

All Locales

Renegade Ops – DLC Bundle
Prices: £3.69,€4.49,AU$6.25
All Locales

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City – Spec Ops DLC Missions 2-4
Prices: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
Not available in Germany

Ridge Racer

  • Silver pass

Prices: £3.99,€4.99,AU$8.45

  • MUSIC PACK 20 : ‘PAC-MAN #1’

All Locales

Rock Band 3

  • Far Away From Heaven – Free Spirit
  • Paced Energy – Magnus ‘SoulEye’ Pålsson
  • Preacher Man – Free Spirit
  • The Cascade Effect – Chaotrope

PEGI: 12
Not available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Poland, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine and UAE

Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle – Seadragon Kanon
Prices: £3.99,€4.99,AU$8.45
All Locales

Shoot Many Robots

  • Small Sack
  • Average Sack
  • Huge Sack
  • Uncomfortably Massive Sack

PEGI: 16
All Locales

Soul Calibur V

  • Ancient Armor 1
  • Cepheus Compatibility Pack 2
  • Modern Costumes 1
  • Tekken Costumes 1

PEGI: 16
All Locales

Ufc Undisputed 3

  • UFC 3 Fighter Pack: International Pack
  • Ultimate Compilation Pack

PEGI: 16
All Locales


Dynasty Warriors NEXT

  • Original Officer Card Set (Shu) Bundle

Original Officer Cards:
Bao Sanniang
Guan Ping
Guan Suo
Guan Yu
Huang Zhong
Jiang Wei
Liu Bei
Liu Shan
Ma Chao
Ma Dai
Pang Tong
Wei Yan
Zhang Fei
Zhao Yun
Zhuge Liang

Prices: Each available at £0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75
Not available in New Zealand

Motorstorm RC (PS3 Compatible)

  • Special Race Truck: Monarch Decker
  • Special Muscle Car: Patriot Stretch
    (FREE for first 7 days of release)
  • Veteran Buggy: Jester Super BXR

All Locales

Pure Chess – Park Vita
All Locales

Touch My Katamari

  • Fan Damacy X 10 Pieces
  • Fan Damacy X 20 Pieces

All Locales


87 Author replies

Hi Jawad

Please read and answer

Content that the Playstation Store doesn’t have but Xbox live has:

Streets of Rage 1 and 3 (SEGA)

Sonic the hedgehog 3 and Knuckles (SEGA)

Golden Axe 2 (SEGA)

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand adventures (TELLTALE GAMES)

Speaking of Wallace and gromit, are there any further updates on this as I have tried contacting the publisher but have not had a single reply from them.

Thanks Jawad

Show full comment

Hi Jawad

Please read and answer

Content that the Playstation Store doesn’t have but Xbox live has:

Streets of Rage 1 and 3 (SEGA)

Sonic the hedgehog 3 and Knuckles (SEGA)

Golden Axe 2 (SEGA)

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand adventures (TELLTALE GAMES)

Speaking of Wallace and gromit, are there any further updates on this as I have tried contacting the publisher but have not had a single reply from them.

Thanks Jawad

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:11

I’ll see what I can find out about that lot…

FrostScythe1 18 April, 2012 @ 14:07

Yes! House of the dead 4 here i come!!!!

Hello Jawad

Are there more PSP compatible games in the store today for VITA?

dont plus members get ghost recon beta ???

dont plus members get the ghost recon beta ???

windsorblue01 18 April, 2012 @ 14:08

anyone wanting to play Ghost Recon : Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta contact me on psn and you can have my code from april the 19th you can download it got a key from ubisoft


Hi Jawad your probably going to ignore this but anyway,

Are there any updates on Crash Bash, how far along are we with it, has it passed Q&A yet?

Please give us a hint at least, we have been waiting far too long for this and it is turning into a joke.


WHEN health. machinarium? you in the classic gta ps2?

EternalChaos72 18 April, 2012 @ 14:09

garbage update wheres the mvc3 avatars, also how come this is posted one hour late?! SCEE are garbage nothin else to say!

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:20

Since it involves Marvel, it’s a lot tougher release. Capcom are still working on getting these out.


YEAH! pure chess for PS VITA! is this a Get the vita one get the PS3 one deal?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:20

It’s not, sadly.

Hell-Raiser-85 18 April, 2012 @ 14:10

Any news on Closure and Sumioni Demon Arts?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:20

Still not a word.

AaronSOLDIER 18 April, 2012 @ 14:11

Farewell PSone Classics.

I got a little excited when I saw the FIFA 12 DLC but then I realised it’s still 6 days away.

Hi! Is there any info for the EU store about the Legend of Dragoon PSone Classic, that was announced for the NA store the other week?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:21

I am strongly looking at this right now but at the moment it’s quite far off. That’s about all the information I have.


I am getting the house of the dead 4 thats for sure :)

So will we get Disgaea 3 for vita on store on friday?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:23

It’ll be in the coming weeks for EU – possibly next week.

Pinball on vita? Any word on it at all?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:22

Not yet, no.

Griever_Zero 18 April, 2012 @ 14:12

What!? Again!?

Why doesn’t Neptunia 2 DLC have scandinavian release?
Who holds ’em back?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:22

This is a decision they make.

Is there an email address to send a query about something related to the store/redemption codes, etc?? In the middle of a bizarre situation and it really needs to be with the Store team to provide me with more clarity on the issue as opposed to my local support centre who wouldn’t have any of the info on hand.

Where the heck is Disgaea 3?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:26

It is coming hopefully next week.

Aussie_Blade 18 April, 2012 @ 14:13

Whats the deal with Disgaea 3 guys? It should be mentioned as being on the store Friday as thats the EU release date. Please tell me there isn’t a delay…

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:26

Hopefully next week though I have queried if it’s possibly getting a day and date release on Friday.

Where is Disgaea 3 for Vita?

crackalakaling 18 April, 2012 @ 14:13

nothing for me this week, sadly. Anyway a quick question, and idea when we ps plus subs get any sort of discount for the jack and daxter collection? Like the other collections that have arrived!

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:27

Not planned yet but perhaps later down the line.

BusterMachine19 18 April, 2012 @ 14:13

No mention of Disgaea 3? I’m hoping this is an oversight and it’s out Friday with the retail release, otherwise I’ll be an unhappy bunny…

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:30

It is coming next week.

k1ll1ng5pr33-NL 18 April, 2012 @ 14:14

Where’s the Kingdoms of Amalur’s “Teeth of Naros” DLC?

yup guys check your emails i got a code for both ps3 and 360 for ghost recon and i wont be using either.

just going to give them away on facebook :)

Hey Jawad,

Any update on why Neptunia Mk2 dlc is not available in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and Sweden?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:28

It’s a decisiont he publisher has taken.

Cool some more PS2 games :P + Hopefully ‘Red Faction 2’ will come to PSN to 1 day then(amazing game that was especially the 4 player split-screen mode) :P

+ You should stick all the PS2 games in one section on PSN i.e the PS2 HD updated with the normal PS2(Classics)games(only because it would make the PS2 collection look like a real Classic collection with GOW1&2 & J&D & SLY games etc etc all in the same place) ;)

Could you please make Ghost of Sparta available on the Vita as I currently don’t have access to the PS3.

almighty-slayer 18 April, 2012 @ 14:15

Nothing good at all

Hello Jawad

Last week i posted that i enjoyed the
Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Trial and was going to purchase the game but it is missing off the store.
you responded with:
“I’ll find out about this.”
so do you have any update? because i would love to get this game.


Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:29

This should be back up sometime next week. That’s the plan. Hope that helps.


So yeah, uh, Disgaea 3 guys? Where is it? :<

FortyPercent 18 April, 2012 @ 14:15

Oh man, Sonic CD on 100% Discount? I was going to buy it within the next two weeks, this is fantastic.

I’ll definitely pick up Paint Park too, as well as the other Vita Apps that were mentioned a few blog posts ago once they’re out. And as usual, I’ll pick up all the free Neptunia 2 DLC.

Don’t even need to spend a penny this update and I already have a whole load of new stuff. Brilliant. Thanks guys.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:56

So sorry, that is a typo. How utterly embarrassing!

It’s actually 40% off and the blog is being updated to reflect this.

Once again, super sorry for that typo!


A few weeks ago the US got a Resistance Burning Skies AR Monument Viewer, will we ever get that?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:30

No plans to release that outside of the US. Sorry.

HEY JAWAD not a bad update any chance of seeing spyro on the store as i know tones of people have been asking make sence to get that for us lol also for ps2 classics MOH games ??? best fps title on the ps2 by far

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:31

Every week I am trying to push this further but still there isn’t an update on it.

TheFamousKevin 18 April, 2012 @ 14:16

I’m desperate for Disgaea 3 for my Vita. I really hope this is a typo.

Please say it’s a typo.

Hi, thanks for the Ridge Racer Silver Pass, but we’re still missing a few Gold Pass cars and a track. When are those coming?

May have to get House of the Dead 4 as well.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:32

I’ve been told these are coming but I haven’t been told an exact date.

So why we don’t have in this update Disgaea 3 for Vita ?


FortyPercent 18 April, 2012 @ 14:17

Oh and I forgot. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention. Will it be showing up on the store this week on it’s release date (20th, I believe), or is it physical release only over here? I’d personally rather get it as a download, so I’d like to see it on the store.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:39

The plan is to release it next week for store. I am currently finding out if this is maybe an oversight.

Not a bad update.

Just 2 quick question to you Jawad:

Legend of the Dragoon, do you know if there is any plan to get it on the EU store, since the US Store is getting it soon?

And also, is there any reason why Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
dont get Disgaea, Hyperdimension dlc? Bit anoying, since my PSN account is danish, but I live in the UK now :(

Thanks for your great work!

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:41

I’m hoping Dragoon does make it’s way but it might take a while.

NIS decide themselves whether to release or not release content in particular regions. This was a decision they have made.


Pretty weak update for me, this week. I probably will only get the free Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 DLC and the free Plus-things, except Sonic CD, since I bought it at launch.

Any news on any discounts on Dynasty Warriors 7(: Xtreme Legends) DLC? I’ve bought quite a lot of it alrady, but it’s just too much! I’d love a discount on that…


no pinball arcade or Disgea 3 digital version for psvita? Also when in zen piball 2 update being released?

A free Vita app and House of the Dead 4 with a 30% discount?

RadioactiveGimp 18 April, 2012 @ 14:17

Any news on skullgirls? Thanks

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:41

Very soon. I haven’t got a set date but I’m hoping soon as possible.

Time to dust of my PS move for HOTD 4!

TheBigBoss0001 18 April, 2012 @ 14:17

I would also like to know when we will get Crash Bash?

More PSOne Classics btw!

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:43


Once I get a shareable status update I will let everyone know. Once I get it that is…

MaikelSteneker 18 April, 2012 @ 14:17

The Sonic content is a bit disappointing, to be honest. It’s great that we get Sonic CD for free, but why is there no discount for PSN games like Sonic Adventure, Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Sonic Generations? For that last one, I especially expected something, since you actually raised the price a few weeks ago!

Will the Sonic Generations price go down to 25 euros again any time soon? I waited a bit to see if there was going to be a sale on it, but now it’s gotten more expensive (40 euros)!


I’m going to jump in here, seeing as I’m a SEGA representative and I arrange the pricing for our titles – the price on Sonic Generations is actually a mistake and I have asked the store team to revert to the correct pricing asap.

Thanks for pointing this out, had I not of seen your comment I would not have realised the error! :)

I’d like someone to contact apart from a blog poster who can give me the proper reasoning why Microsoft, Valve (Steam) and even the US store are able to release DIGITAL games all at the same time, but for some reason, in Europe, the only time we get anything when the rest of the world does, is when it releases on a disc. I’m tired of the excuses. Sorry, as a developer I’d be trying to release my product EVERYWHERE and if its to do with it being Europe then how come Microsoft can release software like say Skullgirls but we dont get it.

Its a joke. Tired of the lies when all I want to do is support great devs. So please, give me a contact of someone who knows WHY or I will start purchasing stuff from the US region which seems to be the only time you people ever LISTEN is when you think you will lose money.

GenocideHeart 18 April, 2012 @ 14:18

Hi Jawad,

Any idea when more Warriors Orochi 3 DLC will show up?

Also, any chances of seeing Crimson Sea 2, Nightshade and The Oneechanbara/Zombie Hunters in the PS2 classics?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:45

There’s some Warrior’s Orochi DLC coming in the next week or so.

I’ve already got Disgaea 3 for my vita :3


Need to know if Disgaea 3 aint gonna be on store on friday then sucsk and im just buy it cheaper online any way then from store.

This is seriously beyond a joke now. We still haven’t got all of the content from the Ridge Racer Gold Pass and they’re trying to sell us the Silver Pass … HAHAHAHAHA, good luck with that.

What is the use of adding the PS2 classics if there’s hardly any region where you can buy it? This really makes no sense.


Any chance of some Arkham City DLC discounts in the future? I’ve got Catwoman and the Challenge Map Pack, but Robin and Nightwing are a touch on the expensive side…



Than you SO MUCH for bringing Red Faction to the PSN store! I am so happy about this! This gives me hope I will soon see more of my old favourites come to PS3. Red Faction II next please :}

DarKnLiTeX_X 18 April, 2012 @ 14:20

Any news on skulldate release date?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:48

Soooooooon! Within a few weeks. Sounds longer than it is but I’m hoping super soon.


hmm feel we are ignored but have to ask again ..
So will we get Disgaea 3 for vita on store on friday?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:54

Lots of Disgaea 3 mentions today….

It’ll hopefully be out next week.


no avatars ? this is the second week with no avatars and vita content is really scarse we need more content also please release suikoden 2on the store and some mass effect 3 avatars won’t hurt either

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 15:57

There are some avatars, themes and videos. Sadly (or not), I’ve been coughing my guts out so in order to meet today’s deadline I’ve had to trim the blog post a bit but you will see new avatars on the store.

I’ve not asked this for awhile but, Are we getting any new PS3 music visualisation

When do we get Auditorium HD? It’s been almost 2 years since it was released on the US Store.


So much missing content compared to US!

Where’s our promised content from February that the US had above us pathetic SCEE Plus members!

Poor show week after week!

Getting fed up now :(

Pixeljunk Monsters for Vita. Please! (just hoping the message might filter through to the right people ;))

Anyway…great update. Sonic CD free for PSN+? Nice.
Might pick up HOTD4 as well.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:01

Sonic CD is 40%. Super sorry for that typo.

FortyPercent 18 April, 2012 @ 14:22

Go ask the Skullgirls publishing team. The game’s release date has been a mess because of their lack of being able to keep to schedule. The PC release doesn’t even have a release date, let alone international releases of the game. This is NOT the fault of the EU PSN staff.

will we ever get any of the rpgs that were on the ps2 – there were loads of them

the US got Odin Sphere and Persona 3 FES not to mention Grim Grimoire and we get dated tennis games? – whats next the same old FIFA titles clogging up the shelves in charity shops? even Playboy Mansion would be an improvement over the supposed classics we have been offered

or what about adding some of the more offbeat games published in low numbers like Mr. Moskeeto


Cyberendpunk 18 April, 2012 @ 14:24

I can understand 3rd party titles being difficult to get on store but what’s the reason why Sony can’t release their own PS1 games like Legend of Dragoon, PaRappa the Rappa, Bushido Blade and Ape Escape?

And can you please tell Namco to hurry up with Tekken 3, I know Gon is causing some issues but surely they can release a version without him like in T5.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:03

Usually still difficult if the developer was a special case or the like. I’m waiting to hear back on Dragoon’s status though.

Tekken 3 without Gon would be a new game for them. A minor change but still a new product. I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. I’d hold my breath for Tekken Tag 2 though. Oh my…hype!


OMG… cheeky4life… they already gave you the answer, you’re getting no further replies because there’s nothing more to say. If it ever passes QA they’ll announce it, what more do you want? They already said they’re working on it. Think about how long Resident Evil took and how little they were able to say about it, then consider that Crash Bash is a relatively insignificant title that about 3 people will buy. If anything, no news is good news.

Jawad, can we have download list sorted like ps store main menu? we can’t find easly past downloads

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:04

Yep, it’s a known concern but I’m not aware of when it’ll get fixed.

where is Resident Evil: ORC DLC?

ryannumber3gamer 18 April, 2012 @ 14:25

Will Ratchet Gladator be coming to the ps2 classics since it won’t be on the Ratchet & Clank trilogy also will Jak x be on the store too?

I know this is off topic and im late on this but a few weeks ago there was a weekend debate where you could challenge James and i forgot to make a challenge and now i got one. Beat All the Jak and Daxter games (only the main trilogy) Then get all the platinum trophies then beat hero mode and you can’t use cheats.


Is disgaea doing a Ben 10 racing and skipping psn release I thought every title was getting a digital release I did post last week and the week before but it seems to get ignored?
Is pure chess a cross over for ps3/vita???

Any news on dr who release date
Super putty squad that was meant to be launch but two months of silence????it seems not a lot is being said having money say on my account and actually credit because store limit is £100 sucks any chance we will have any limits extended like friends list as 100 is nowhere near enough and are we going to have pre orders back on store would be good to do discounts for pre orders can help a product sell much more with early access :)

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:08

Disgaea is penned for next week. Hoping I can get this pushed earlier though.

Ben 10 is also for next week.

No news on Dr.Who. It’s been postponed for now with no announced date.

Come on give us Disgaea 3 info please.


While the Disgaea 4 dlc got fixed last week, the Atelier Totori DLC is still all over the place without its own section on the Dutch PSN stores.

Please ask them to fix this.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:15

Asked I have.


Meh, not much for me. I would quite happily pay for more Motorstorm:RC festival DLC but I can’t justify buying any more cars as I’ve done all of the tracks. I’m glad I didn’t buy Sonic CD after all, PS+ actually discourages me from making purchases because I know it’ll end up free.

Luckily I got a GR:FS beta invite, it’s all downloaded and ready to go tomorrow evening. Should be interesting as long as it’s more accessible and less cliquey than the previous games.

lRussellstrifel 18 April, 2012 @ 14:27

if we do not get the ghost recon beta that’s bull we should get it the same as the us y do we get left out all the time sick to death of it

@FortyPercent its not just that game, its a tonne of stuff that has been released on other platforms. i have bought over 250 psn games alone, only 3 of those are from the US store. MK Arcade Kollection, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD and Twisted Metal 2 psone. I WANT to buy games every week, I can afford to. But its hard to when it seems Europe are the last to the show. You know this feeling is just how it used to be back in the PS1 days when the rest of the world would get retail games 5 to 6 months before Europe even got them. How can ‘digital’ games be delayed yet a physical disc isnt now? sorry, theres some cow manure going on and people arent being upfront about it.



Definitely grabbing HOTD4! Yet to properly play HOTD3, Move on its own was quite stressful to use but I got a sharpshooter and let me tell you that it makes a massive difference!

Heard any word on Tombi? And do you have any idea if Peace Walker will get a price cut in a near future sale? Getting a Vita soon and it would be nice to get this at a killer price, currently playing it on my PS3.

And Cheeky4life – I believe he, his predecessor, and the predecessor before him have answered your question. NO!!! Take a hint, and if you want an answer you should not begin with “You are probably going to ignore this anyway”.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:25

Not a word on Tombi though it has been submitted.

Not sure about Peace Walker though. A lot of PSP games were reduced recently so if this wasn’t one of them then then perhaps it may be later on.

No SkullGirls again? Why are SCEE so slow when it comes to games? Does Sony just have Europe? Castle Crashers was another game I had to wait a month for due to SCEE being slow. I really don’t see the point in me having a Playstation if stuff in Europe is always going to be released late for no reason.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:26

Skullgirls is coming sooner than 5 – 6 months. At least that is the impression I am under.

The first time I tried to rate this post (5/5, as usual), I got the message: You Had Already Rated This Post. A site bug?
I just saw a free game for PS+: Sonic CD. Why not mention this in the intro?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:26

Apologies, that was an error that has since been updated.

I think the ratings system is a bit off today.


Oh, and nice surprise with Red Faction! I’m tempted to get it now that I’ve finished the 3rd and 4th installments. RF2 is probably on its way too, right?

Why didn’t they wait one week with chess on the PS3 & have it as a multi download ?
I’m far more likely to play it on the Vita & feel a bit of a tit for getting it on the PS3 last week.
Cheers Sony.

prycestation3 18 April, 2012 @ 14:31

hi Jawad is there any news regarding the Playstation App coming to the Vita?


Will get HOTD4 at some point.

Two questions.

Jawad,Tokyo Jungle was said to have a digital version for SCEE.Is this still the case?

I’m sure last week you wrote that PS+ man (is it ross?) would be writing a post regarding ghost recon beta.Have I made that up,or are SCEE PS3 users not getting the beta?.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:37

That is still the plan.

I’ll ask about Ghost Recon once I get a hold of Ross.

MonsterRacer 18 April, 2012 @ 14:33

Hi Jawad,

Is Pure Chess buy one get both for PS3 & Vita?

I will only get it when we get both. I will not pay twice for the same game.

Also is there any chance to get Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks on the store?

Greetings MonsterRacer

chrisandsheva 18 April, 2012 @ 14:34

Why no Kingdoms of Amalar dlc ?.. the US got 2nd one yesterday, also, though i wouldn’t of played it will you or get Ross to explain the Ghost econ beta, again US plus got this, why not us ?, And does House of Dead come with a demo ?.. Again US plus got this, (last week), i was going to buy it as soon as store updated, But IF sce think that EU plus subscribers aren’t ‘worthy’ enough for similar plus content, Then i guess i must not be ‘worthy’ enough to pay actual money and buy this game.. also while i am (yet again) comparing the differences in EU to US plus VALUE for MONEY.. i notice that US got Another TWO little mid month freebies yesterday, i am not happy (obviously), But i am more upset with our EU store team for just ‘allowing’ this to happen, btw IF you say it’s a publishers (blah blah etc) then ‘simply’ find us alternative content.. or is that much even beyond your store/plus team..

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:59

Demos are not a requirement for us; they are a requirement for XBox.

There will always be a discrepency but we are tryin to minimise these over time.

The US store has much more content than the EU/UK store this week, why Sony?
Why can’t we have the same treatment?

windsorblue01 18 April, 2012 @ 14:38

ok people the beta code has gone no more msgs


Still no Pinball Arcade and Skullgirls. I loaded money on my account for those games. Ah well. Vita goes back in the drawer until something comes out for it (don’t say Paint Park).

Good thing I still have great PS3 games left to play.

Chess for the Vita this week? and for 20p more and no plus discount.hmmmmmmm
Last week there were several posts asking if Pure Chess was cross compatible.

post 10 on last weks update
Posted on 11 April, 2012 at 1:37 pm by La_Mangouste
“If I purchase Pure Chess on Vita, will I be able to play it also on PS3 (like for Motorstorm RC) ?”
Posted on 11 April, 2012 at 2:46 pm by Jawad Ashraf
PS3 Only

Surly it would have been helpfull to advise the Vita owners that they would get the release the following week.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 17:00

I wasn’t made aware of the Vita release then.

why didn’t we get the dead rising 2: off the record full game trial?
the us got it.

No Ghost Recon beta is a big disappointment, it really is. Is there any chance of this in the future?
Please though, STOP putting Sonic games on PS+, its repetitive at best and downright annoying for anyone sensible enough to see that Sonic is rubbish in the first place

Hi Jawad,

Any news on a price cut for Catherine? Failing that, any chance of getting the trial / unlock version that the US store has got?

I’m interested in this game but £40 is a bit too much for a game that I’m not sure whether I’d like or not and surely Atlus would rather have my money than some random ebay seller.

TheBigBoss0001 18 April, 2012 @ 14:48

Bealinator – I believe he, his predecessor, and the predecessor before him have answered your question. NO TOMBI!!!

Hypocrite, telling cheeky to give up Crash Bash and yet you ask about Tombi every time yourself.

flashfumoLIVE 18 April, 2012 @ 14:51

I guess I’ll get the Neptunia mk2 DLC and… nothing else.
Skullgirls when? ;_;


NHL 12 Prices:£49.99,€69.99,AU$109.00. Seriously developers are missing a trick here aren’t they? If a digital copy is bought they make a lot more money as there’s a lot less channels to go through and there’s no trading to worry about. Yet they still charge more for a digital copy than a physical copy.. Hint.. Charge less for digital and more for physical to reap in the profits.. How developers cannot see this is beyond me.. They are just trying to be greedy and get more money this way and it clearly doesn’t work as I doubt many buy digital compared to physical.

where is Reckoning’s second DLC Teeth of Naros dont it come to eu this update ?


Jawad, Can you PLEASE *puppy eyes* ask NISA why they are leaving out some countries for the DLC suddenly? I find it rather frustrating.


Any update on the Marvel vs Capcom 3, Asura’s Wrath and Resident Evil 5 avatars?
I would still like to have them (especially since RE4 av’s eventually surfaced on EU PSN as well)

For those wondering about Skullgirls.
Konami (the publisher) is yet to announce a release date for EU/AU PSN (the downside for localized PSN stores)
You would be best of getting it from the US store if you have the means.

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 16:44

I’ve been informed they’ll do a submission for a bunch of avatars soon. It’s take a bit of time but they have assured me it’ll be done. Marvel avatars are a problem though as this involved more work.

Skullgirls is coming soon. Like, real soon from what I can tell.

Hi Jawad

Been asking this question for 3 weeks but since never seem get an answer will try again in the hopes of getting one this time.

When RE4 HD was announced in Europe,Sony promised free avatars for those of us who bought the game.For months Sony said was Capcom fault for the delay and lack of the avatars in the store.Some weeks ago those avatars finally appeared in the store and aren´t free for those that bought RE4 HD.Are we ever going to get them or even we who bought the game,have to pay for them?

AmethystSword 18 April, 2012 @ 14:57

Nothing for me this week but that is fine :3

Sooo what has happened to PSone classics? Not much (read that as a couple of releases) since PS2 classics was added, why is that?

Looking forward to next week regardless!


I thought that the american plus users got house of the dead 4 for free???h

Last_Gen_fan 18 April, 2012 @ 15:00

When are we going to get some quality PS2 Classics, there are so many awesome PS2 games that should get released 1st, instead we get more lame titles for yet another week. Give us games like Onimusha, Tenchu, Digital Devil Saga, Nightshade, Contra Shattered Soldier, Grandia II, Valkyrie Profile 2, Gradius V & Rogue Galaxy.

the download list the way it is right now its just a mess,it is so difficult to make folders like,games,demos,dlc ? i have 305 downloads and its really annoying trying to find past downloads

supersmith2500 18 April, 2012 @ 15:01

Not a shabby update, I’ll pick up Paint Park from here but btw Jawad, I bought Dragon’s Lair before the Vita came out but will my copy of Dragon’s Lair work on there or only PS3?

Good to see some PS2 games but Jawad, Spyro 2 was going to be EU Store so what happened to it? is it cancelled or on hold?

Sonic Adventure had already had a discount sale and it’s DX add-on was free remember?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 17:07

On hold is probably the best way to put but not exactly. It’s being worked on.


@ Jawad:

Hi there! Just a quick question this time.

AaronSOLDIER commented in the comments’ first page, “Farewell PSOne Classics”. Have we really seen the last of them, as I feared?

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 17:09

They’ll still be coming but there aren’t any titles on the immediate horizon.

chrisandsheva 18 April, 2012 @ 15:03

Big LOL at the Chess game for VITA, i asked/wrote in the games blog (erm about 9 (yeah 9!) days ago that i would like to see this for Vita, Along with a Lot of other people, but we got either zero replies, or was ignorned about this, So now 9 days later a VITA version Magicaly appears for sale.. OBviously it isn’t going to be buy this get ps3 vers too.. No it’s a MASSIVE insult that this games devs And our blog team decided to hide All info around this release, Seriously ?.. do you think for one second that a avarage, nay even learner Chess playing person would Not see straight through this attempted ‘highway robbery’ strategy of getting us to buy Both versions of the game.. Shame on Everyone involved/knew about this.. obviously IF after popular demand resulted in devs producing the Vita vers, in 9 days then i Will Have to swollow the above.. Your Move.


Will only check PSP discounts today after work :)

But I do want to express my feelings about the situation in which EU has found itself. This isn’t really a rant towards EU PSN but an overall “damn, something is wrong here” kind of thing…

People whine about prices, well I say they have right to. VAT and TAX are totally different in how they work, Poland has 23% VAT… average salary here is way lower than in US or Western EU Countries yet we get same or higher prices almost on everything that is released here. Its silly to the point where importing from US/UK is cheaper than buying it from Polish Store.

Europe is the biggest market for PS3, yet publishers treat us like garbage… Maybe it’s time to grow up :)


Forgot to ask…

Any chance we could get a wish list or something at the PS Store? and better download list with some more options like rate/go to the store page etc…



Jawad could you answer these questions:

1) Do you have a relase date for WWE Wrestlefest
2) No videos? what about Access episode 30
3) Will Euro 2012 show on store before 24th

Jawad Ashraf 18 April, 2012 @ 17:16

1. I don’t have one, no.
2. Videos are on the store (as are avatars and themes). The blog had a trim today but should return next week.
3. Planned for 24th.


LOL at £50 for NHL12. Who pays these prices ?

Also to mods, is their any plans to raise the amount of cloud space for saves games for PSN+ members.

It really isn’t enough when you have games like Skyrim with their big save files!

Last_Gen_fan 18 April, 2012 @ 15:08

Also US PSN Store is getting The Legend of Dragoon for the PS one Classics on May 1st, are we getting this aswell?.


PS2 games are WAY too expensive! Considering they’re not even HD’d up, and I own the ones I want already.

£4.99 I MIGHT pay for an old favourite like Red Faction.

£7.99? Not a chance!

Sort your prices out Sony. And while you’re at it, stop charging me multiple times for game I own on one system. If I have it on PS3 and you release a PSP/Vita version, you should AT LEAST give me some discount for the other platform’s version. For example: Dragon’s Lair.

As has been said before… Sony makes GREAT hardware. Shame they can’t support it properly with the software.

Hi Jawad, any news on when the Doctor Who game is coming to the Store? thanks

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:00

No update from the publisher on this yet.

Salam Jawad,

why theres no kingdom of Amalur DLC Teeth of Naros ?

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:00


This should be coming out today instead but I am awaiting confirmation.


Oh wowie! This is amazing… disappointing once again.

I remember this feeling from when i purchased the GO and stupidly didn’t learn from it. I remember checking week after week for an indication that Sony had finally hired some people that understand digital distribution.

Some apple AppStore stats: – Numbers of app submissions:
This Month (Games): 2,176 ( 136 / day )
This Month (Non-Games): 11,836 ( 740 / day )
This Month (Total): 14,012 ( 876 / day )

PS Vita:
How many apps?
How many games?
How much news about upcoming stuff?
What incentives are there for supporting developers?


Show full comment

Oh wowie! This is amazing… disappointing once again.

I remember this feeling from when i purchased the GO and stupidly didn’t learn from it. I remember checking week after week for an indication that Sony had finally hired some people that understand digital distribution.

Some apple AppStore stats: – Numbers of app submissions:
This Month (Games): 2,176 ( 136 / day )
This Month (Non-Games): 11,836 ( 740 / day )
This Month (Total): 14,012 ( 876 / day )

PS Vita:
How many apps?
How many games?
How much news about upcoming stuff?
What incentives are there for supporting developers?


JediDragon05 18 April, 2012 @ 15:14

Hi, I’m not sure of this is the right place to ask but my question is psn related.

Will we be getting new colours on our psn name as I’ve noticed that vita owners have a nice jet black on theirs.

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:02

I’ve not been told about any plans for this.

RustySanderke 18 April, 2012 @ 15:21

Where is Disgaea 3 for Vita? I did not buy a 16 GB card to juggle cartridges around.
If I had known Pure Chess was coming to Vita, I would not have bothered with the PS3 version, but you knew that.

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:03

Disgaea should be out on Friday now.

Page 3 Lets Hope For a Reply ;) …

Where is The Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning – Teeth Of Naros DLC ?

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:03

Today hopefully.

Soliduss_hun 18 April, 2012 @ 15:23


Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:07

Sadly we will not be getting the Beta.


Hi Jawad,

Do you know anything about the Monster Hunter avatars coming to the EU Store?

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:07

Capcom have a batch of avatars that will submit soon, hopefully.

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:08

To add, I’m not sure if this includes MH avatars, though.

Hi Jawad,

Gonna try again on this question, is Alundra and breath of fire 4 coming to the eu psn as imports? if so is it soon or later in the year?

PLZ reply to this


Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:09

Alundra is a possibility.

BoF4 is also a possibilty.

None have immediate dates but are in consideration.


Will there ever be a netflix app for the Vita? Also when can we xpect PSOne compatibility on the vita?

AND Sony Says the Vita is just as Powerful as the PS3 if this is true can we ever expect PS2 compatibility in the future??


[Deleted]…. well done sony…

So will we get Disgaea 3 for vita on store on friday?

Posted on 18 April, 2012 at 3:23 pm by Jawad Ashraf

It’ll be in the coming weeks for EU – possibly next week.

So no on the day of launch then……[Deleted]

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:11

It should be am awaiting confirmation.

So if Disgaea 3 is coming ‘in the next few weeks’ does that mean we’re not going to be getting simultaneous physical and digital releases of Vita games after all?

Would have been handy to know that it was no longer the case earlier. ;)

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:12

I’m hoping it’ll be out on Friday but I’m still chasing a confirmation on this.


What’s happening with the Rock Band 3 and RBN 2.0 content?

Last I heard, Harmonix said there wasn’t going to be anything released on the PS3 (except for the US) until July/August.

If there’s anything you guys can do to ensure we get the same content the US does, that would be much appreciated!

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:15

It really comes down to what a publisher decides. Sorry about that.

Sonic CD – 100% Discount – IT Isnt FREE FOR PLUS – IT’s reduced to £2.15


wat a pish update when we gettin the same kind of updates as the americans well my plus ends on my birthday so looks like i wont be renewing my uk plus prob get a american ps plus since we get screwed froms us

I know this probably isn’t the place to ask but any chance we’ll see comics coming to the Vita?

AaronSOLDIER 18 April, 2012 @ 15:49

When do we get Sonic 3 & Knuckles it’s on XBL and Wiiware…

chrisandsheva 18 April, 2012 @ 15:50

@ Jawad.. Could you ask Ross, or answer yourself, Will we plus members Ever get more game trials, most of them i am nlot that bothered over, except for the principal, ie we/EU have around 40 (ish) Less than US, But i stumbled across one of my most fav games via the trial (Borderlands), and if i hadn’t of decided to try it, then i would never of had the countless hours immersed in that class title, now atm i would like to see the Dead Rising off Record, as i want to see how it compares to Dead Rising 2.. if i decide it looks different/varied then i’d prob buy… Also if theres Any chance of adding Dead Island to ‘price drops’ or ‘special offers’ for a week or so then i would be very happy, it is now poss to pick this up (new) for below £20.00, thnx.

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:19

We try to get the same trials and content offered that the US do but in some the publishers may decide against it e.g. in Ghost Recon’s case.

Huono_peleis 18 April, 2012 @ 15:50

Sonic CD isn’t free for plussies, just discounted.

Mistake or another shameless lie?

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:20

The mention of 100% Discount was a mistake and had been fixed yesterday. It is a 40% discount.


p.s fix the sonic cd price ment 2 be 100% off that means its ment 2 be free wat a joke sony

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:20

It is 40%, not 100% as mistakenly mentioned. The blog has been updated since.


Urgh, pretty poor update – i don’t know why I look at the US store update for an idea and get a bit excited by what they’re getting then we get pap. Frogger? Closure? Anything worth playing? Ghost recon beta? Hmmmm not impressed, might play altered beast yeahhh poo


the update is not up yet

Pandadosmares 18 April, 2012 @ 15:56

Any news on the release of Choplifter for Portugal?

liortttttttttttt 18 April, 2012 @ 15:56

Tom Clancy future soldier beta for ps plus?


Wow no surprise EA release NHL 12 for €69.99 that a crazy price for a downloadable version of that game. :(


Just Paint Park for me today! :)

Sonic CD 2.15 not 100% discount


I want Frogger Returns SCEE!


I’ll ask this again, and get ignored again:


It’s been 7 weeks since we were told ‘soon’ and 3 weeks since we were told ‘it’s nearly finalised’

For gods sake, at least communicate with your customers.

Jawad Ashraf 19 April, 2012 @ 10:27

Right, so I spoke with Ross and a Plus update is coming (hopefully Monday or Tuesday) to go through a bunch of games secured for next month’s update. So hopefully this will include a bunch of stuff we’ve missed out on.


Looks like •Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention ($39.99) is available on the Us store, I would liek to know why its not out this friday in line with the launch seems like you are encouraging people not to buy item from you. chame i cant refund my money i have in my PSN wallet and take it to the shop. Please get this out for friday.

dangerousbrian0 18 April, 2012 @ 16:06

hi Jawad could you please read this and answer when is the last car and track coming out for the gold pass for ridge racer on vita i have been checking every wednesday and im sure america and japan has got them i know its free yet i think namco should get the free stuff for the gold pass out before asking for more money on the silver pass


haha sony so from sonic cd ment to be 100% off now its 40% ken wat sony cancel my ps plus subscription fed up would be gd if w got frogger or sumthin havent played that since the ps1 days

Darlo-Richie 18 April, 2012 @ 16:07

Jawad, I know that the European process is different but does Legend of Dragoon really have to take any time at all?

Its YOUR companies property, surely this alone should mean we should get this quicker, if its down to emulation USE the US version, which you don’t seem to want to do if Syphon Filter 2 and Spyro is anything to go by!

FortyPercent 18 April, 2012 @ 16:08

For those of you calling the Sonic CD 100% Discount a ‘shameless lie’, it’s either a type or a mistake on the store. Stop acting like they’ve offended your very being just because they might not be giving you a free game.

CoolRichy008UK 18 April, 2012 @ 16:08

jawad plz see about adding the spyro dragon collection at a ps plus discount or free because loads of people are still asking for it

oh and if possable plz add the following ps2 games asap

Canis canem edit
the warriors
all ps2 crash bandicoot games

to the people asking about the ghost recon beta check your email Ubisoft gave me one

Could we possibly get Some batman or Sonic avatars please? Any word on those?

BusterMachine19 18 April, 2012 @ 16:11

Hugely disappointing news about Disgaea 3 – the US have it already! Not as disappointing as the lack of respect for your customers though, surely it would have made sense for you to at least mention in this blog post it was being delayed?

flasheart456 18 April, 2012 @ 16:13

hope house of the dead 4 has a better ending than house of the dead overkill that one stayed in the memory a long time!


I agree with BusterMachine19 (152) hope they will sort it out and get it dropped on friday .


Any word on how much Disgaea 3 AoD will be when it arrives on the store?

It costs 40USD(~£25) and 248HKD(~£20) on the US and HK PSN Stores respectively, so I hope we get it for £25.
Any higher then I’ll buy it from the HK PSN as it’ll still be way cheaper after paying the premium on import sites for the PSN cards.

TheKillerSnowman 18 April, 2012 @ 16:14

every week we have a crapy update no good games.

ShutenDoji23 18 April, 2012 @ 16:16

I’m really disappointed on a weekly basis with the UK PSN compared to the USA counterpart ! I understand that they get different offers and stuff but here in the UK I feel my £39.99 a year PS+ is a waste, and so is PSN in general. Releasing games weeks after USA’s PSN and even XBLA is terrible for us here in the UK and the constant delays in the delivery of PSN products to UK gamers is really starting to get to me. Especially as I’ve spend too much money on Playstation 3/PSN to count over the years. We need some type of Unified Store.

Nice reminder of why it sucks so much to have a German PSN account… any news on PS1 Classics on Vita? That was one of my main reasons to purchase a Vita… :S

DeividHasselhoff 18 April, 2012 @ 16:18

Even though i shouldn’t i feel bit ripped off by US Store receiving more + freebies for the same price.
Still, playing FC2 you gave for free on february and haven’t finished Shift 2 either yet so you will have my money next year as well.
However would be even happier with + if you made EU have same amount of + content each month as US.


no ghost recon beta email, what? I never get invited to these betas


Why has filmy been removed from the PSN store?
Was reccomended by a friend and had trouble getting it to download and now it has disappeared.
About time us PSN Plus customers got treated better.
I might just let my PSN Plus account expire because we don’t get regular, early enough updates and we get poor offers compared to elsewhere.
Sony is slowly losing my patience, which has already cost them a Vita sale, and may lead to me refusing to buy more Sony products in the future.
Don’t make me turn to the dark side and trade my console in for that other one.!/ photo.php?fbid=437454939601872&set=a.182096918471010.52777.1270311-20644257&type=3&theater – well it will be a limated release?


Update is up but where is the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Teeth of Naros dlc arrgg sony you slacker

FortyPercent 18 April, 2012 @ 16:27

Err, sorry to add another complaint, but I just bought the Desco Avatar out of the Disgaea 4 avatars. The store then told me what I’d bought was the Valvatorez one… then when I downloaded it, it was the Flonne one. What’s with that?


Who’s in charge of localization ?
NO ONE is going to buy any of those stupid Basketball avatars.

After all the free stuff the US plus got last month and the prommisses made by EU it´s very disapointing we don´t get one ffing game for free, again. This sucks mayor! Incompentent EU!