Skype Coming To PlayStation Vita On 25 April

Skype is happy to announce that the Skype Video and Voice calling app for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) will be available for free from the “Media & AppsSocial” category of the PlayStation Store from 25 April.

From then, you can enjoy Skype calls on PS Vita. Now you can keep in touch with gamers around the globe while you’re on-the-go as Skype video calling is available for both the 3G and Wi-Fi models.

The Skype app includes free Skype-to-Skype voice calling, as well as high quality video calling that utilizes PS Vita’s front and rear cameras. The Skype app for PS Vita also features a “background mode,” which allows you to run Skype while you are playing a game or using other apps, so you never miss a call.* Plus, with a little Skype credit you can make low-cost calls to landlines and mobile directly from your PS Vita.


Additionally, PS Vita is equipped with a 5″ OLED touchscreen, dual analog sticks, precise rear multi-touch screen, two cameras and a built-in microphone that can be used with any Skype-certified headset.

Want to learn more? Check out what our friend, fellow game enthusiast, Fatal1ty thinks about the new Skype app.

Please visit for more information on Skype features for PlayStation Vita. For feedback or questions please visit Skype Support. Happy Gaming!

*Certain games will shut off network connectivity during use, which will stop incoming Skype calls. Voice and video calls will require a Wi-Fi connection in some countries.

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Awesome news,I take it this will still work on games like uncharted that turn off network features?Doubt it but il chuck it out there.

James Gallagher 24 April, 2012 @ 15:52

Uncharted Golden Abyss is one of the games that disables network features so you will not be able to run Skype in the background in this instance, I’m afraid.


If your vita is on standby, will it listen for calls?

Any chance of Skype coming to PS3?

Awesome news, great job!!

chrisandsheva 24 April, 2012 @ 14:20

This is a good bit of news, also considering it’s only 2 months into it’s launch date i am now feeling more hopefull for further apps.. esp netflix seeing as US allready have it, in theory we shouldn’t have to wait much longer.
But about skype, i haven’t used it b4 but will certainly take advantage of it now, Unless i need to buy some kind of skype headset, as i was a tad concerned with the posts ‘small’ mention of that detail.. So it Will still work Without the headset ?… only ask as i’d of got the camera for my (smart) tv.. But really expensive.. ie bout £100… Why not be able to use normal webcam i no clue..

James Gallagher 24 April, 2012 @ 15:53

There’s no need to buy a separated headset to use Skype on PS Vita – it uses the built-in cameras and microphone. Enjoy!

Awesome Skype is always a good app and very useful and the best think is, with Vita you can have it active when play games, something the ps3 can’t do it :) :) !

Good new feature, now not to sound ungrateful but how about netflix? I want the vita to rival android and iPhone for apps as I’m sure everyone does.

jonny_hart_digit 24 April, 2012 @ 14:28

I have UK vita and have netflix. ;)

Will I be able to send SMS?

Will I be able to receive calls when then phone is in sleep mode?

Basically, can the skype app be enough to replace my regular mobile phone?

James Gallagher 25 April, 2012 @ 09:28

The PS Vita app. doesn’t support SMS but it will work and alert you of incoming calls while the PS Vita is in sleep mode, providing you still have the app. running in the background.

Shame we won’t be able to chat WHILST playing a game. We’ll have to pause the game and load up Skype, then when we’ve finished chatting return to the game.

What would be cool is if it worked just like Party Chat, and used all the same hooks. Then I could chat to everyone on every platform that uses Skype without having to pause my games.

As it is, I probably won’t leave it active on account of Skype calls being a nuisance when I’m trying to play.


I’d like to see Skype come to PS3 too!


Thank you, I was waiting for this!

Please answer some of the questions the members above have posted. Thanks!

James Gallagher 24 April, 2012 @ 15:54

I’ll try and answer as many as I can, I’m just waiting for someone to get back to me with some of the answers.

Skype for PS3 please

Any idea if the app will support the text chat features of Skype? My Android phone supports text chat so I had hoped the Vita version would too. Very cool that it supports the front and rear cameras of the Vita ^^.

It will available since the Store will update ?


Without wanting to come across as Internet Angry, what exactly is going on here?

Can anyone explain why a way over the hill, PC-centric ‘FPS gaming celebrity’ is endorsing Skype for a platform that doesn’t have a single competitive multiplayer shooter released for it, in a video that has a glaring spelling error in the first five seconds.

Get it together please. This kind of aimless pandering is the kind of thing that cost Sony their premium brand image over the last few years, and if the Vita tanks it’ll have nothing to do with a brilliantly designed console and everything to do with embarrassing nonsense like this.


great news!any idea when the netflix app will be coming to the uk.& any news on a youtube app?


Video calling and background operation on day one, very impressed! Good work.

“Can anyone explain why a way over the hill, PC-centric ‘FPS gaming celebrity’ is endorsing Skype”

Pretty much what I thought

Artemisthemp 24 April, 2012 @ 15:22

Now I just wait for Google+ app

I deleted Skype on my Computer when Micro$oft bought Skype :D (i know my hate for M$ is very strong) :D

great news but will we ever get atobe flash?


FINALLY!!! My PSP phone dreams have come true, the fact it runs in the background is even better!


(Having read the comments fully now, letting it wake the Vita out of sleep would be great too :) )


would pref to be able to play ps one games on my vita like i could on my psp…

European_Gamer 24 April, 2012 @ 16:26

In which countries will you require a Wi-Fi connection?

Is it possible to call over 3G network but not WiFi only?


This is the second add sony makes with this guy no wonder he got a new place -_- instead of spend thousands on ads like these, this guy being a pro game surely isn’t a low cost guy for ads, why not spend it improving the Vita and the PS3? I’m referring to firmware. I think it’s not asking too much.


How about Skype on PS3 ? Any change to get it there ?


Great news. Looking forward to chatting so some friends who live abroad.
+ 1 for Skype on PS3 too.
Why has this never appeared?!
Seems an obvious thing to do to me.
While you are at it, open up the chat system to be compatible with other popular chat programs.
MSN AOL Skype ICQ Facebook chat Google+ hangouts etc. Make the PS Vita and PS3 a really universal communication device.
I cant see what the problem is, apart from corporate politics.

Titchy_Penguin 24 April, 2012 @ 18:47

Give us an option to play games like uncharted while chatting!


I thought it was out today, because it says its already out on the skype website but at least its not sometime like next week!

JOHNY--BRAVO 24 April, 2012 @ 20:54

so let me get this right the ps vita is getting skype so you can stay connected to your friends and communicate but it doesn’t work while playing some games because the games disable your network features, is this a major flaw that management didn’t take into consideration when developing the ps vita and its online features?your expected to not play games and leave the device on just incase you recieve a call or determine a pre defined time to communicate with each other in advance?

Wraith_Bringer 24 April, 2012 @ 21:05

Hi James,

Let me understand this, so we’re getting Skype when you have a party system to perform cross game chat and stuff.

Plus isn’t Skype now a Microsoft owned property?

Please get back to me as I’m really confused.



Why are people MOANING about not being able to Skype while gaming?

Why the hell would you want to be distracted chatting to some [DELETED] while you’re playing Uncharted? Surely this will detract from the enjoyment of the game, and/or you won’t be properly listening to whoever it is you’re chatting to?

Focus on ONE THING AT A TIME, people. You’ll enjoy both more then. And perhaps you won’t crash your bicycle.


@34: Yes Vita has a Party System but without Video.

@James: Finally its there! 2 Months after release….
Now a PS3 Version please!

Don´t forget PSOne Compatibility!

I want Sony to fix the existing problems before adding more

Sony fix what you have first


Was it a joke?
There’s no Skype in Russian store yet…

DanteDMCLady 25 April, 2012 @ 11:26

SKYPE is still not available in store Netherlands?
It’s very confusing… all websites: “SKYPE is available”
…it is misleading yes? ….and HTML5 support plz


Same here, Turkey…


skype will be released later this afternoon.


no skype in uk!!!!!


no skype in uk

KnightTemplar_D 25 April, 2012 @ 15:39

Will later versions of Skype support text chat?

Optimistic2099 25 April, 2012 @ 15:48

What about Germany?

DanteDMCLady 25 April, 2012 @ 16:20

I just got SKYPE on my PSVITA…. looking nice, works fine… BUT
….where’s the chat-function? seriously add chat fast !?

DanteDMCLady 25 April, 2012 @ 16:24



please add chat!!!!!!

KnightTemplar_D 25 April, 2012 @ 16:37

Some problems which require solution:

0. No text chat.
1. After pressing PS Button call is not continued.
2. While talking, user have no access to the contact list, profile and so on.
3. Contact list doesn’t show contacts in order of their status, all of the contacts are in the chaotic list.

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